Essay Writing Style

Essay Writing Style: How to Improve It


First of all, we want to admire and congratulate you. It is very unusual for students these days to be interested in improving their essay writing style. Most of them are first of all interested in submitting papers and forgetting about them. If you want to improve your writing style, there is a chance you have a writer’s potential in you, which waits to be discovered. Who knows? 

Here are some tips, before we actually start on improving an essay writing style:

  • Don’t expect your style to become much better, very fast. You can learn some tricks in several days, but it takes months to improve your writing style significantly.
  • Ask someone to assess your progress from time to time. It is very hard to analyze the development of writing style on your own.
  • Don’t try to get into every writing challenge on your way. One online writing marathon is enough for a month or more. You need time to deal with tasks, analyze them, etc. Participating in any challenge you see will just exhaust you.

Imitate your favorite writers

Do you know why people have different literary tastes? It’s easy: only those authors who resonate in the heart become truly close writers to you. It turns out that the author’s presentation of the material is very close to your idea of the ideal text. And this is not all: you yourself have the rudiments of the same style, otherwise, it would not have just generated such a storm of reciprocal emotions in you.

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If so, and you are already endowed with some sparks of your style, it remains only to inflate it to a good forest fire. The usual imitation will help us with this. Do not be ashamed to imitate your favorite writers. We assure you that you will not write worse from this. And there is nothing shameful in this. At the beginning of their careers, even those whom we call geniuses today imitated others. Another useful practice is to imitate academic writers because, first of all, you need to improve your academic writing style. Choose a reliable cheap writing essay service such as CheapWritingHelp, order several papers to be written based on your requirements, and use them for your further works.

Analyze your old texts 

Essay writing style development is a continuous process. Ideally, you need to get to a situation where articles written a year ago make you smile. Go back to your old work, and be sure to figure out how you would write today. It is highly desirable to have a constant connection between yesterday and the present. This approach will greatly simplify the understanding of your current level. Plus, you will clearly see that the process of style development does not stand still; you are really progressing. Since motivation is important to all of us, visible achievements will be a great incentive.

Analyze your work today, every day

Any material can be improved. This is just as true as kangaroos living in Australia. Text monitoring is important. Every time you cut off some extra moments or add new introductory ones, the sense of style is enhanced by one micron. A fresh look at the text (proofreading) is akin to training. It would seem that your text is ready – everything you need has already been written. No, no! After analysis and editing, the material only becomes brighter, respectively, the skills of mastery of letters improve.

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Yes, we know that this advice is given to everyone and always. And yet there is no getting away from it: if you do not recharge with new impulses of a high syllable, degradation will begin. Style is not just the ability to write somehow, especially recognizable. Style is a constant supply of necessary words and learning from books. If you limit yourself only to a diet from your own knowledge and feelings, then very soon, the diet will turn into a hunger strike. It is important to feed on other people’s texts, assimilating (even unconsciously) something that can come in handy to improve your own style.

Develop several styles at once

For example, someone likes to write in a somewhat ironic style. If you throw all your strength exclusively on its development, your essays will be too much alike and a bit too obvious and predictable. It will be funny and ridiculous. You need to think of 3-4 styles that you think are necessary now for your essay writing. Obviously, the first one is academic, but we would also recommend adding at least a publicist one. 

Improving essay writing style is a work that will take weeks, maybe months, but the good news is, once you see an improvement and understand what really worked for you, you will speed up. Good luck!

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