how much is a forever stamp worth

How Much Is a Forever Stamp Worth?


The United States Postal Service issued a Forever stamp that is also known as first-class stamps. They are non-denominational, that is what makes them unique. It means that if the price rises in the future, it remains valid. 

However, the United States postal service announces the first forever stamp. Moreover, you can buy first-class stamps if you purchase five hundred stamps.

The change in the first-class stamp is the good news for those who enter mail-in sweepstakes. If you are assuming that posts rates always rise and never sink, then investing in forever stamps is a better choice. The prices rise according to a Wikipedia article on the history of US postage rates. 

Below we are going to show some more exciting facts about Forever stamps. Keep your eyes until the end of this article to enhance your knowledge in the field of labels.

How Forever Stamps Work

They are easy to use. You can buy the current first-class rate and not worry about sending a standard letter costs. Firstly, paste a forever stamp on your envelope and put the letter in the mailbox.

The rate of each forever stamp is the same as the first-class rate. Moreover, it will also help you to send letters abroad. You have to divide the amount by the current first-class rate to know how many forever stamps you need to calculate international papers’ price.

You can save the money by getting the exact postage rather than using only forever stamps. Also, on the USPS website, make sure to use the same postage to save your money. The working of Forever stamps can help us to save a lot of cash.

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How much USPS forever stamps worth

A question comes in everyone’s mind: How much will a forever stamp worth in 2020? The US postal service announced new prices in 2020, but there is no change in the pricing of Forever stamps. However, forever labels do not have any dollar printed on them. 

It is the same as the rate of first-class postage on any given day. Therefore, it means that not bothering about the current cost. You can send a first-class envelope with a forever stamp tomorrow or next year from now. Shipping Services prices vary from product to product. 

The main reason behind the increase in mailing services price is on the Consumer Price Index. According to market conditions, the rates of the shipping services sets. The governor started believing that the rise in rates will maintain the postal service competition.

However, the rates of first-class Forever stamp and single-piece letter remain the same. Moreover, the rates of postcard stamps remain at 35 cents. They also offer great value in shipping. The Postal Service is not like other shippers. However, the postal service does not add charges to regular Saturday or Sunday season delivery. 

You can see all the products under the PRC site’s listing section with complete postal service price fillings. The website of the postal service explorer is available with all pricing. 

Why Forever stamp is best for sweepstakes

Rising postage stamp costs can be protested by buying Forever Stamps if you enter mail-in sweepstakes. 

For example, today, it might cost you $0.55 for mailing an envelope with your entry form. In the future, it might cost you $0.60 or more to post the same letter. That’s low cost per stamp, but when you send notes in bulk or sweepstakes entries every month, that amount would be high. 

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As long as postage costs keep rising, it indicates that you won’t overspend on your sweepstakes entries. It will not be a better decision if you decide to purchase the Forever stamp, thinking that it will rise in the future. So in this way, the Forever stamp is better for sweepstakes.

Where you can buy Forever stamp

Nowadays, Forever stamps are available online and at your local post office or United States postal service. You can also buy Forever stamps through telephone or some stores that carry labels like grocery stores and gift shops. 

Who is living in other regions can buy a permanent stamp. Many versions of Forever Stamps are also available in many European Countries. If you want more details, you can contact your nearby or local post office. 

Saving your money on Forever stamp

If you want to buy your Forever Stamp at lower prices, you can get them with some creativity. To buy stamps on the low-cost search for the label, sales on eBay. And be sure to avoid counterfeit stamps.

You can crack cashback deals from your credit card, an online site like eBates, or eBay Bucks to save money. Sometimes you can get small discount offers from club stores like Costco. Go for buying your Forever Stamps in some discount season. 

You can try to win that gift card to save your money. These methods can help you preserve your money and help you find a discount. Moreover, they are helpful to bring your cost of entering mail-in sweepstakes down even farther. Therefore, in this way, you can give relief to your pocket.


So here is the complete guide for the forever stamp. You will get everything here that you want to know about the forever stamps. However, we have also shown you how you can save money through a forever stamp and from where you can purchase it. So we hope that this guide will be helpful for you to enhance your knowledge.

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