How Much is White Boy Rick Worth?

How Much is White Boy Rick Worth?


Richard Wershe Jr. is a known name in the crime world. He is called White Boy Rick as he became an FBI agent when he was only a boy of 14. A criminal by occupation, if you know how much is white boy Rick worth, it will blow your mind.

So, who is Richard Wershe and how did he end up becoming a celebrity? If you are curious to discover how rich he is, you are at the right place. Therefore, without further ado, let’s explore White Boy Rick’s net worth, sources of income, relationships, and rise to fame.

Richard Wershe bio

NameRichard Wershe
ProfessionWhite Boy Rick
DOBJuly 18, 1969
Place of birthDetroit, Michigan, the United States of America
ParentsRichard Wershe Sr, (father) and Darlene McCormick (mother)
SiblingsDawn Wershe
ChildrenRichard Williams
Zodiac SignCancer
Net Worth$5 million

How much is White Boy Rick worth?

Richard Wershe Jr. is among the wealthiest drug traffickers in the United States. As per Wikipedia, Business Insider, and Forbes, Rick Wershe Jr net worth is $5 million. How did he end up becoming a multi-millionaire? Stay tuned to have a look at the earning wheels of Richard Wershe Jr.

The early life of Richard Wershe Jr.

One of the world’s wealthiest drug traffickers, Richard Wershe Jr. was born in 1969. His birth date is July 18 and he is from Michigan, the United States. His parents, Richard Wershe Sr and Darlene McCormick, were of humble origin. The lower middle-class boy lived with his parents in a quiet neighborhood in the east of Detroit, nearly 7 miles away from downtown.

Violence and crime increased in the period between the late 1980s and the early 1990s in most American cities. The influx of drugs like cocaine became an epidemic in several big cities. Wershe Jr. was a teenager then and he grew up observing all these. His father too was an FBI informant and he reported to the federal agency as well.

White Boy Rick wife

Richard Wershe Jr. is single at present and he is enjoying his bachelor life in his Michigan estate. He was never engaged to anyone and he is not dating anybody. There is no record of his past relationships. However, he has a son named Richard Williams who does not live with him.

How did the FBI recruit Wershe Jr?

Was it by choice or fate that an ordinary boy got involved with the FBI? It was by chance that White Boy Rick became an asset to the FBI. His father played a key role in shaping his extraordinary career. His father asked for his help as his only sister was enamored of a drug dealer. She herself became an addict and that’s how Richard Wershe Jr. got exposed to this world.

Richard Jr. was desperate to help his sister recover from the addiction. He knew that the only way of achieving it was by getting her lover arrested. So, the young boy started spending a lot of time with his sister’s boyfriend and his friends. Nobody could doubt that he was secretly collecting information for the FBI.

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The FBI was impressed by his ability to collect crucial information simply by mingling with peers on the streets. He was shrewd and he was aware of the gang activities going on in his area. However, in a shocking incident, he himself was found guilty of committing the same crime after 3 years.

White Boy Rick’s income

Richard Wershe Jr. has accumulated his wealth through various sources over the years. Two of his biggest income streams are drug dealing and working as an FBI informant.

Richard Wershe Jr.’s income as an FBI informant

Richard Wershe Jr. followed in the footsteps of his father and chose to become an F.B.I. informant. He worked with the FBI actively for two years between 1984 and 1986. So, how much did the FBI pay the 14-year-old boy?

As per sources, informants of F.B.I. get $100k each fiscal year. However, just like other jobs, the range may vary based on the person’s skills and network. So, Richard Wershe Jr. probably earned more than $100k/ fiscal year for proving his worth as a vital informant. Both the U.S. police department and the F.B.I relied on him as he provided accurate information.

The F.B.I. considered Richard Wershe Jr. as a useful resource and looked after him well. He collected astonishing data related to a secret contract between a Detroit detective inspector and a notorious drug dealer. So, he was already earning six digits as an FBI informant,

However, he failed to resist the temptation of getting wealthier within a short span of time. So, he used his links and gathered information to step into the world of crime.

Making money from drug dealing

1987 was the year when Richard Wershe Jr. had to go to jail. According to the police, the reason behind his arrest was that he committed grave crimes. There was evidence that proved he was involved with drug dealing. When the police arrested him, they found as much as 9000 grams of a dangerous drug: cocaine.

The police learned that before that White Boy Rick had distributed nearly 650 grams of cocaine. The price for 1 gram of cocaine in the United States can be $96 approx. At the time of his arrest, the amount of cocaine he had was $864000. By then, he had already made several millions as a drug dealer.

Although the exact numbers are unknown, it is safe to conclude that a significant part of the man’s net worth was an outcome of drug dealing. However, according to the law, drug dealing is a criminal act. After he got caught, White Boy Rick had to remain three decades in jail.

Why did White Boy Rick go to jail?

The judge sentenced life imprisonment to Richard Wershe Jr. after finding him guilty of possessing a lot of cocaine. He served 27 years for this reason. He served another five years for stealing a car, a theft he executed while being behind bars.

Interesting facts about Richard Wershe

Now that you know how much is White Boy Rick worth, have a look at these lesser-known facts:

Richard Wershe Jr. is the youngest FBI informant to date

How can a person who spent 33 years behind bars be a distinguished personality? Well, not everyone is clever and daring enough to work with the FBI at the age of 14. While the minimum age for FBI special agents is 23 years, White Boy Rick joined the bureau when he was 14.

At an age when most kids go to school and lead a carefree life, Wershe Jr. was a working professional. His job, however, was no ordinary 9-5 job. He was mature enough to assist FBI agents in resolving crimes and arresting disgraced gangsters. His years of service with the FBI were from 1983 to 1985.

Nelson’s task was to gather sufficient evidence against notorious criminals to prove they were guilty. So, the job was risky and he had to proceed with caution to protect himself. Therefore, the Federal Bureau of Investigation paid him satisfactorily.

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Enrique Camarena Salazar, Lauren Regucci, and Robert J. Lamphere are some other young FBI informants. However, none of them aged less than 18 years.

His biopic was released in 2018

White Boy Rick, a crime drama released on 14th Sept 2018, narrates the life story of Richard Wershe Jr. Yann Demange directed the film and Logan Miller, Noah Miller, and Andy Weiss have written the storyline.

The movie was released worldwide and it managed to earn well in the box office. It was because of this movie that Richard Wershe Jr. came into the limelight.

Richard Wershe Jr. is among the most famous humans born in the US

Nelson was a drug trafficker and he has been a prisoner for 30+ years. Despite his unusual life choices, he is a well-known person in the United States. He has made his place on the list of the most famous people in the US.

Now that you know how much is White Boy Rick worth, you can fathom why he is so popular. However, another reason behind his fame is the movie, White Boy Rick. Whoever has watched the film has felt curious to search the man and his whereabouts on the Internet.

Did White Boy Rick get any money from the movie?

The movie based on the life of Richard Wershe Jr. became a hit for its unique theme. So, it is natural to wonder if the filmmakers gave any money to the man who served as their inspiration.

In 2018’s August, Richard Jr. came out of the prison. Many prominent media houses conducted multiple interviews with him. Besides, he also signed a contract with the director of the movie. As far as the film’s earnings are concerned, it garnered $8,860,431 in the first weekend. Afterward, the film made $25,947,983 in the global market.

The fun part is that Richard Wershe Jr. appeared in the film. Generally, in the United States, a storyteller’s average pay is $51k. Hence, there’s no denying that Wershe got a handsome amount from the makers. He has not given any statement and therefore, the exact amount he received is not clear.

Other than Richard, Jonathan Majors is present in the film. He has portrayed the character of Johnny Curry, who was the boss of the Curry Trafficking Ring. Curry was a drug dealer operating in Detroit and White Boy Rick assisted the FBI in arresting the miscreant.

Current status of White Boy Rick

Of all the non-violent juvenile offenders in the history of Michigan, Wershe Jr. is the longest-serving. Spending 33 years of his life behind bars, he finally bid adieu to prison in 2018.

The prison administrators observed that he was exceptionally well-mannered and had no disputes with the other prisoners. Presently he is a free citizen and he resides in Michigan.

White Boy Rick: mansion and vehicles

After Richard Wershe Jr. was out of Florida Prison, he went to his house. He owns a house in Michigan and that’s where he wishes to spend the rest of his days. He succeeded in claiming multiple stolen vehicles when he was imprisoned.

According to him, his sister brokered 4 cars stolen by him for $6k approx. People have spotted him driving a BMW X5 on the streets of Michigan after his release from jail.

Richard Wershe Jr. filed a lawsuit

In 2020’s July, White Boy Rick made the bold move of filing a federal lawsuit against several law enforcement agents. Why did he do this just one year after bidding adieu to prison life?

Richard’s lawsuit was against FBI agents, attorneys, law enforcement members, and the city of Detroit. He demanded $100 million in exchange for the damages he suffered for being in prison for 33 long years.

Final thoughts

So, Richard Wershe Jr.’s life is no less interesting than sensational crime fiction. No wonder Yann Demange decided to immortalize White Boy Rick’s adventurous journey by transforming it into a work of art.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does White Boy Rick have siblings?

Richard Wershe Jr. is the only son of Richard Wershe Sr. and Darlene McCormick. While he has no brothers, he has a sister named Dawn Wershe.

2. How much is White Boy Rick worth?

The net worth of White Boy Rick, aka Richard Wershe Jr., is $5 million in 2023. He has accumulated this amount through drug dealing and working as an informant for the FBI.

3. Why did Richard Wershe Jr. go to prison?

White Boy Rick was sentenced to prison after committing a crime of a serious nature. The police searched his home and arrested him for possession of cocaine. His age was 17 years at that time and he remained in jail for 33 years.

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