New Technologies Help Beauty Ecommerce

How New Technologies Help Beauty Ecommerce to Thrive


Technology is always emerging and evolving, and the appropriate use of technology allows eCommerce to thrive and accelerate online sales. Among many recent developments, some methods like augmented reality and artificial intelligence now exist, both of which can give consumers a more interactive and dynamic buying experience.

For the beauty industry, new technologies can encourage customers to make informed purchasing decisions by giving them an idea of how the product may look like on them. When you find a reliable eCommerce supplier such as the internationally-recognized Asian Beauty Wholesale, it makes up for not being able to test these products in physical stores. Click here to see their assortment of products.

Check the details of how these new technologies help beauty ecommerce below and see which ones are best suited for your needs:

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) helps consumers engage with your brand through an interactive experience. It simulates the real-world environment using computer-generated perceptual information across multiple sensory modalities. 

In short, AR can help shoppers get a more lifelike experience when choosing beauty products. For instance, a brand may utilize it to virtually show customers different facial views when a particular beauty product is applied. This method would help in picking out the perfect shade of foundations and concealers, or show how a lip color would look on a specific skin tone.

The technology isn’t quite perfect yet, and the beauty industry has yet to learn more about incorporating AR to their marketing strategies, although the possibilities are endless. The future looks very promising, so you have to keep yourself abreast of AR solutions to create an edge and thrive.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is made possible with the help of software automation. One way you can optimize this technology these days is the use of chatbots, which can be installed on your website to direct consumers to the right beauty products or answer inquiries on an eCommerce website in a conversational way.

Voice search is made possible with Artificial Intelligence. AI-powered search solutions make searching and shopping more accessible and more informative than doing a manual search, which is vital for customers who want to make informed decisions. Whether a customer is driving or doing household chores, using smart speakers like the Echo or Google Home, and engaging with virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, you can make shopping for beauty products more convenient and exciting.

Search Recommendations

Like Amazon, you can update your beauty eCommerce site to provide search recommendations to your customers tailored to their buying patterns. It utilizes a combination of AI and learning technology. Every time a customer searches for or buys a product, your website picks up those details and make in-depth buying behavior analysis and suggest products based on previous searches. 

Here are the benefits of search recommendations: 

  • It helps consumers find relevant beauty products easily.
  • It saves time and effort searching across a variety of beauty products available on your website. 
  • It improves the user experience because of the provided suggestions, encouraging customers to purchase more products.

If your customer purchases a foundation, it may include an eyeshadow palette from the same brand. Similarly, when someone buys a cleanser, your website may recommend moisturizers from various brands. Talk to your web developer on how to apply this feature on your eCommerce website.

Beauty Apps 

Gaming mobile apps are popular, and these days, this kind of app technology is useful for eCommerce marketing. Beauty apps are rising in popularity, specifically in the beauty eCommerce industry. (Cymbalta)

Beauty apps act as a virtual mirror, enabling customers to see their close-to-actual look using your beauty products. With face-mapping technology, you can upload a photo of yourself and experiment with a virtual full face of makeup, from foundation, eyeshadows, mascara, blush, and lipsticks to see the looks that suit you best. 

Without being able to test these products in person, beauty apps, like AR, can also assist in helping customers pick the right shade of foundations and concealers, or determining if a particular shade of blush or lipstick looks good on a specific skin tone. It can also put together a complete look so customers can see what works and what doesn’t work.


Beauty eCommerce will thrive further with the advancement of digital technology, as well as the convenience that online shopping provides to customers. While there is the challenge of not being able to test or swatch products in person, digital solutions such as AI, AR, beauty apps, and search recommendations can help out in the decision-making process. These experiences end up with a positive, informative, and engaging buying experience for the customer, which can encourage repeat sales in the future.

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