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Looking for Auto Parts Near Me? AutoZone to the Rescue


Endless scenarios exist that make good sense to stop by your favorite neighborhood auto store. Perhaps you just came from your mechanic shop and they wanted to charge you too much for new wipers or for fluids for your vehicle. No doubt you can get the item for a better price at the auto store and maybe even get better quality. From OEM and aftermarket auto parts to tools and supplies, the quality items you need to keep your machine running are probably on the shelf at your parts connection.

From Engine Heaters

No matter where you drive, you experience cold weather, making heating products for your vehicle or support equipment a priority. To make cold mornings better, you can use a quality engine heater to warm up vital fluids for your car or farm equipment. These devices warm the engine and fluids before starting, leading to ideal operating conditions even in the bitter cold. Choose from a large selection of Kat’s engine heaters priced below $200:

  • The 300-watt handi-heat magnum magnetic heater
  • The 200-watt handi-heat magnetic heater
  • The 1000-watt freeze plug diesel heater
  • The 1500-watt freeze plug diesel engine heater

You can also find a large selection of heating accessories to make life easier for you and your equipment. An oil dipstick heater by Five Star heats the oil and air in the crankcase, leading to better starts. Thermal battery wraps give you a long list of advantages: better fuel economy, quicker starts, enhanced performance and reduced engine wear.

Whatever cold-weather accessories you need, you can find a large selection at your auto store. It is a smart way to handle freezing temperatures without harming equipment. On super cold mornings, the right heater can improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

To Truck Bed Covers To Fit Your Make & Model

For best results, your new auto purchase should fit your vehicle like a glove. To make things easy, just enter your vehicle information online and the products suitable for your car or truck will populate the screen. This leads to a perfect fit and greater satisfaction while avoiding mistakes and frustrations. Use this approach to find the optimal Honda Ridgeline tonneau cover.

You will find quality covers by top brands such as BAK Industries, Extang and Tonno Pro. A soft cover by Tonno Pro offers a high-value option at a low price and comes with many features, including a vinyl cover that grants you full access to the truck bed. The tonneau also provides ample security to deter thieves and nasty weather. (ultram)

A more expensive option such as BAK’s FiberMax hard tri-fold cover comes with enhanced function and durability. The fiberglass-reinforced polymer surface makes the cover dent and ding resistant and gives it a cooler touch. A tough aluminum substructure and superior hinge design and latch system result in greater dependability over the long run. This made-in-the-USA product features a no-drill clamp-on installation for your Honda Ridgeline.

Better products make for a better driving experience. Shop your neighborhood auto parts store to upgrade your vehicle today.

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