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Lori Harvey Net Worth, Height, Weight, Age, and Career


Lori Harvey is a name synonymous with elegance, flair, and a rapidly expanding empire. She’s not only the stepdaughter of an all-time entertainer, but she’s also a budding talent in her own right. She has not only conquered the fashion world but also accumulated the staggering Lori Harvey net worth thanks to her enigmatic appeal and sharp commercial aura.

Lori’s youthful appearance and attractiveness drew the attention of prominent modeling agencies, and she has secured contracts with LA Model Management and Select Model Management in Europe.

Lori began her modeling career at the age of three. As the daughter of famed comedian Steve Harvey, it was easy for her to step into the limelight. Since then, she gained a lot of attention and established herself as one of the best models in the fashion industry.

Lori is also quite active on social media, with over 4 million Instagram fan followers and millions of fans on other platforms. Today we will discuss Lori Harvey net worth, salary, income sources, and profession.

But first, let us see what a quick bio has to reflect about her life.

NameLori Harvey
ProfessionModel, Entrepreneur, Instagrammer, YouTuber and Social Media Personality
Age26 years old
Height5 ft 5 in (1.67 m)
BirthplaceMemphis, Tennessee, United States
EducationPlatte Valley Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States
D.O.BJan 13, 1997
Zodiac signCapricorn
Years active2017-Present
ParentsMarjorie Elaine Harvey and Steve Harvey

What is Lori Harvey net worth

In 2023, Lori Harvey will have a net worth of $43 million.

Model, businesswoman, and socialite Lori Harvey hails from the US. She is the step-child of Steve Harvey. The identity of Lori Harvey’s biological father was a secret. But we uncovered all about the real father of Lori Harvey.

Memphis Depay, a soccer player, dated Lori Harvey The couple got engaged but broke up later that year. Famous model Lori Harvey also runs a successful media and cosmetics business.

Thanks to her special talent and perseverance, she has been a member of the modeling world since small, and she has already made thousands of dollars growing up. Her modeling contracts across Europe and the US are her major income sources.

The amount of money Lori Harvey owns keeps rising with each photoshoot, Instagram post, appearance, and more. Lori already enjoys a high standard of living because of her father Steve Harvey’s 200-million-dollar fortune. But the yearly salary of Lori Harvey is no less than $500,000. The girl was not born with a golden spoon, but fate her its own plans.

Lori Harvey Net Worth 2023$43 million
Lori Harvey Net Worth 2022$35 million
Lori Harvey Net Worth 2021$30 million
Lori Harvey Net Worth 2020$26 million
Lori Harvey Net Worth 2019$22 million

Childhood and Early Life

On January 13, 1997, Lori Harvey was born in the United States. Prior to her marriage to Steve Harvey, her mother, Marjorie Harvey, had a turbulent life.

According to ‘Radar Online,’ Marjorie was previously married to drug lord Jim L. Townsend, and he fathered her two elder children, Morgan (born 1987) and Jason (born 1991).

Townsend was imprisoned for 26 years until being pardoned by former US President Barack Obama in 2017. Marjorie was also being examined for her involvement with Townsend.

Marjorie decided to divorce him five years after he was jailed. She did not, however, abandon the criminal world entirely, as she maintained a relationship with Lori’s father, Donnell Woods, who is also a drug lord.

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Steve Harvey had previously been married twice. He was married to Marcia from 1980 till 1994. They are the parents of three children; twin girls Brandi and Karli (born 1982) and son Broderick Harvey Jr. (born 1991).

In 1996, Steve married his second wife, Mary Shackelford. Wynton, their son, was born in 1997. Shackelford said Steve had an illicit affair with Marjorie while they were married. They divorced in 2005, and Steve and Marjorie married on June 25, 2007.

Even though they do not have children together, they have assisted each other in raising their step children. Lori and Wynton are the same age and went to the same university.

Harvey was a father figure in Marjorie’s three children’s lives. In turn, they took his surname.

Lori Harvey Career

Lori has had a fascination for horseback riding since she was a child. She used to be a competitive horseback rider with Olympic dreams. She competed throughout high school and even while attending college in Florida. However, she ended up seriously injuring her back and was forced to withdraw from the competition. As a result, she dropped out of college and started attending online classes.

Lori opted to pursue modeling after realizing she had little chance of becoming a competitive horseback rider. While she had a distinct advantage over other aspiring models due to her famous stepfather, she had her own problems in the fashion industry.

Lori has walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana, among other labels, multiple times at the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks. During one such event in September 2017, she and Justin Combs’ brother, Christian Combs, were photographed together on the runway.

Lori has over a million followers on Instagram and uses it to promote businesses such as Hermès and Chanel. She does not appear to be a normal model. She has a curvy figure and stands only 5 feet 3 inches (161.5 cm) tall.

The girl acknowledged in an interview with BET that she is not a conventional model. Also, she has spoken out on the lack of diversity in the fashion industry, stating,

“I think I was one of five girls backstage at the (fashion) show that was African-American.”


Lori gradually lost interest in school because writing was no longer a big component, and she eventually returned home to Atlanta and completed her studies via online programs. She fell in love with the runway when she was 11 years old and began visiting fashion shows in Paris with her mother.

Lori’s mother also used to walk for Dolce & Gabbana, and Lori characterized her mother’s closet as “living in a Mall.” When she was 13, she became increasingly interested in makeup and beauty after watching her mother get ready for events.

Lori began modeling for prominent designer houses such as Dolce & Gabbana when she was 20 years old, and she remarked at the time that she was not a standard model.

In one of her interviews, she expressed her gratitude for the experience and stated that Dolce & Gabbana has requested her to return multiple times to model for them, despite her belief that she isn’t made to walk the runway, let alone a high fashion runway.


Lori made her first appearance as an actor in the chat show Steve Harvey in 2014. Lori also made an appearance at the Met Gala in New York in 2017. She not only walked for Dolce & Gabbana during Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, but she also appeared in Normani’s music video for “Motivation.”

Lori was also featured on the cover of the British magazine Wonderland. The supermodel is represented by LA Models, Select Model Management, and Alex Avant, an industry producer and the son of music and entertainment star Clarence Avant. In 2019, she appeared in several episodes of the reality game show Hip Hop Squares.

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Real Estate

Lori Harvey is the joyful owner of a new home. She cooped herself up in a luxury Beverly Hills rental house and quickly turned to Instagram to share her first housewarming gift with the world.

According to reports, Lori moved into a big property with over 9,500 square feet, seven bedrooms, and over a dozen baths for roughly $80,000 per month.


Lori owns various exotic vehicles, including a Rolls Royce Cullinan, which has luxury features such as full interior leather, 22-inch wheels, a panoramic roof, and other significant features.

The beauty costs approximately $330,000. Lori also has a Silver Mercedes Benz G Wagon, which costs around $148,977. She owns one of the most powerful SUVs, the Lamborghini Urus, which costs $331,600. Her most recent purchase is a Bentley Flying Spur, which cost her approximately $219,425.

Other Businesses

She has a long number of endorsement relationships with various products, including TRESemmé and NyQuil & DayQuil. Lori came up with the idea to create her skincare company, SKN by LH, in 2021. That same year, she collaborated on a clothing collection with the firm Nak*d Wardrobe.

Lori Harvey Personal Life

Steve and Marjorie Elaine Harvey are Lori Harvey’s parents. Lori Harvey’s stepfather’s name is Steve Harvey, and he is a comedian, actor, and television personality.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey, Lori Harvey’s mother, is a TV actor, social media celebrity, fashion designer, and blogger.

Lori Harvey siblings

Her two elder brothers’ names are Morgan Harvey and Jason Harvey, her first and second elder step-sisters’ names are Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey, her elder step-brother’s name is Broderick Harvey, and Wynton Harvey is her younger step brother’s name.


Lori Harvey began dating Dutch professional footballer Memphis Depay in early 2016, after Depay uploaded a photo of them cuddling with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop in Paris. However, the couple called it quits in March 2018 after she was sighted without her engagement ring. Memphis even released a song called No Love, which is said to be about Lori.

Lori Harvey began dating Trey Songz towards the end of 2018, however the relationship was short-lived. She was then seen kissing race car driver Lewis Hamilton, and it was reported that she was seeing Sean Combs. Lori made headlines again in 2019 when she began dating rapper Future. They had been dating for around eight months.

According to recent sources, Lori Harvey began dating prominent actor Michael B Jordan in November 2020. Michael confirmed their romance on Instagram in early 2021. Lori and Michael announced their split in June 2023.

Lori Harvey was arrested in October 2019 for fleeing the scene of a collision, according to sources from the Beverly Hills Police Department. It created a huge stir in the media. But the matter eventually died down.

Things you don’t know about Lori Harvey

  • She was particularly interested in horseback riding up till 2015
  • It makes natural that she has a sizable following on social media
  • She is currently in her early 20s
  • Lori really likes to travel
  • Since the seventh grade, she has been homeschooled
  • Compared to many models, Lori is petite
  • Funny enough, her stepfather had her fiancé, as of now, followed to make sure he was okay
  • She appears in the music video for Normani’s song “Motivation”

FAQs about Lori Harvey

1. How much is Lori Harvey net worth?

Lori Harvey net worth right now is $43 million.

2. What is Lori Harvey’s age?

Lori Harvey, who became 26 years old on January 13, 1997, was born

3. What is Lori Harvey’s height?

The height of Lori Harvey is 1.60 m, or 5 ft 3 in.

Final Thoughts

Before having a horse-riding accident, American model Lori Harvey was an ardent equestrian who started modeling at the age of three. She participated in Dolce & Gabbana’s runway shows in Milan and Paris. In 2019, she appeared as a guest on episodes of Hip Hop Squares.

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