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Mel Gibson net worth is valued at a whopping $425 million. If that’s all you wanted to know, you have it. But hold on, we have some more things to tell you about actor.

It is evident to know Mel Gibson if you’re a Hollywood buff, but even if not, Mad Max is a movie we all remember. Do you know about his on-and-off relationship with the big screen? No?

Well, let us dive deep into all things related to Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson movies

We all know that Mel Gibson was phenomenon back when Mad Max was released for the first time. Even before that, people liked Mel Gibson for various reasons.

The thing about Mel Gibson is that he was able to win the audience over, and the critics also praised him for his performances.

No other actors could be a match for him during his reigning era.

The Mad Max franchise might be the best reason people still admire him for. But we should never forget that he produced and directed Braveheart, which eventually won two Academy Awards.

But those days are long gone. People now prefer younger actors and wait for them to create an impact. Did that die down the craze Gibson had? Let us find out!

Mel Gibson net worth

Mel Gibson net worth

Mel is an all-rounder. He is an actor, producer, and director, not to mention he is also a screenwriter. It looks like Mel Gibson should make decent money even now.

It will not be an exaggeration if we tell you that this famous Hollywood actor’s net worth is more or less $430 million.

But how exactly did he go on to earn this vast amount of money? Well, here’s how.

The early life of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s full name is Mel Columicille Gerard Gibson, born on Jan 3, 1956, in Peekskill, New York. His father’s name was Hutton Gibson, and his mother was Anne Patricia, from whom he got his Irish origin.

Mel has five sisters and five brothers.

Most people know Mel Gibson as an Australian actor. That is because his family moved to New South Wales when Gibson was twelve. That is where he learned his signature Australian accent, which he used significantly in Mad Max.

Due of the Vietnam war, Mel Gibson’s father was worried about his children. So, he moved to Australia with his family.

How Mel Gibson began acting

He went to St Leo’s Catholic College and Asquith Boys High School. After his graduation, he wanted to choose a different career. But fate had very different plans for him.

He never intended to enroll himself in an acting school. Eventually, he got himself into the National Institute of Dramatic Art. That’s when the incredible turnaround in his life happened.

After taking acting classes, Mel Gibson chose acting as his permanent career option. Soon he started doing theater when he was included in the Southern Australian Theater company.

Before finding his first breakthrough in cinema, Mel Gibson started acting in a TV series called The Sullivans.

But then he got into the big screens. Later, he never had to look back.

So, let us look at how slowly but steadily Mel Gibson became so famous!

Mel Gibson acting career

We must admit that no matter what kind of person Mel Gibson is, we can never doubt his acting skills. His versatility in choosing the perfect roles is a gift.

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Before getting recognized in the United States, he became famous in Australian cinema.

It was the year 1977 when he acted in his very first movie, “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden”. Then in the same year, he did another movie named “Summer City”.

But then he got his first big break when director George Miller selected him as the main character for his post-apocalyptic film “Mad Max”.

Without this film, we wouldn’t be able to know him at all! This film brought him immense popularity all over the world.

Mel Gibson net worth

What changed after Mad Max

Mad Max helped him to step out of Australia and look forward to more significant opportunities. An opportunity came in 1984 with his first Hollywood movie named “The River”. Then in 1987 came “Lethal Weapon”, a tremendous hit.

He acted in “Lethal Weapon” as Martin Riggs with Danny Glover and in the sequels. Then he worked on William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” in 1990.

Ransom was released in 1996.

“What Women Want”came in 2000, followed by “Signs” in 2002.

Mel Gibson indeed started his acting career as an action hero. But he never hesitated to come out of his comfort zone. Movies like Braveheart, Hamlet, and The Man Without A Face show us that Mel Gibson has a lot of variety in acting.

Mel Gibson as a producer and a director

Along with his acting career, Mel Gibson never hesitated to experiment with what he could do behind the cameras.

The movie “Braveheart”, which was released in 1995, brought immense fame to Mel Gibson as a director.

In this film, he acted as Sir William Wallace, a national hero of Scotland. The movie has a high IMDB rating and is still considered one of the best films in Hollywood.

This film, too, was not entirely devoid of controversies. The main character, Mel Gibson played, was accused of being homophobic.

The Passion of the Christ movie, which he directed in 2004, is a totally different film with a sensitive topic. This movie briefly shows the end of Jesus Christ’s life before being brutally crucified.

This film was a huge commercial success too. Mel Gibson invested money in it and got more than enough from profit.

Apocalypto came in 2006, and this film depicted the Mayan culture.

Hacksaw Ridge, which is a biopic, was released in 2016. This film was a huge success and contributed a lot to redeem the bad boy image of Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson’s personal life

This discussion would only be complete if we told you about Mel Gibson’s personal life.

What’s most astonishing about Mel Gibson is that he chose an ex-dental assistant Robyn Moore as his life partner!

He married her when he was in his prime. He could’ve easily chosen some Hollywood diva as his spouse. But he married Robyn Moore and married her for more than 25 years!

He has seven children with her. They are Hannah, Christian, Edward, Will, Louis, Milo, and Thomas.

Sadly, their marriage did not last forever, and the couple quit after being with each other for three decades. His current girlfriend is Rosalind Ross, with whom he has another baby too!

Mel Gibson net worth

The controversial life of Mel Gibson

Few Hollywood actors of Hollywood have an eventful life, like Mel Gibson has. He leads a controversial life, and because of that, he often becomes the first talk of the town.

To know Mel Gibson net worth, one must know exactly how his career went.

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When it comes to controversies, the Braveheart actor has plenty:

  • Mel Gibson was arrested in 2006 for drunk driving.
  • He was in rehab and on probation for 3 years.
  • He and his wife separated in 2006, and in 2009 they filed for divorce
  • His next partner was a Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva but it ended due to toxicity
  • In 2010 when the couple filed a restraining order against each other
  • A leaked audio reflected physical abuse and rash behavior
  • He is also accused of racism and homophobia
  • Some people also think that he is Anti-Semitic

The film “The Passion of the Christ”, which he directed, is still at the center of the debate. The film was an immense box-office success, surprising a movie like The Lord of the Rings.

Still, the film was criticized mainly because of its violent nature and anti-eemitic traits. His racist comments towards people have often got him into trouble. He admitted that he should not have said such things.

Because of the continuation of accusations and various controversies, Mel Gibson’s acting career took a toll, and he was suddenly seen nowhere.

Since the year 2006, Mel Gibson has restrained himself from social activities.

But somehow, he found a way to bounce back in style. Now he does most of his work as a director and producer.

Mel Gibson net worth 2021

To know the exact details of Mel Gibson net worth 2021, we must look into the list of his properties.

His properties are all over the world. He has his own house from Los Angeles to Fiji, Costa Rica to Australia. In Costa Rica, he has a ranch that he bought in 2007.

You could be one of them who doesn’t actually like Mel Gibson as a person. But you can never deny that he is a powerful man regarding net worth. He even has residences in New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

When Mel Gibson’s career was at its peak, he used to earn around $850 million. This is a lot of money for any actor in the world.

Rumor has it that Mel Gibson net worth would be much higher just in case he hadn’t divorced Robyn Moore. He had to pay Moore $425 million, the highest anyone had ever paid.

Mel Gibson net worth 2022

First of all, you should know that Mel Gibson is one of the elite actors in Hollywood. He is right up there with the most famous actors in Hollywood.

If we talk about Mel Gibson net worth 2022, his bank balance is quite heavy. In 2022 he earned $425 million.

The funny thing is Mel Gibson got very little money for his role in Mad Max. But the fact that he later became one of the world’s wealthiest actors is indeed an outstanding achievement.

These days we don’t see him that much in front of the camera. But that hasn’t stopped him from earning big bucks!

His colossal popularity somehow decreased rapidly due to some controversies in his life. But Hacksaw Ridge got him right back on track.

That being said, Mel Gibson is an investor in real life. As we wrote before, he has properties in various locations. He has also sold some of them to get a decent amount of money.

Final thoughts

Before ending this article about Mel Gibson net worth, we should share our final thoughts.

No matter how controversial their entire filming career has been, Mel Gibson’s net worth tells you something about his outstanding acting ability.

It’s no wonder that even today, the man earns more than regular folks could ever imagine!

We can’t say he is still the famous Mel Gibson people knew twenty years ago. But it’s also true that he is still one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood. Mel Gibson net worth indeed tells you a lot more about his life and career.

In case you have never watched a Mel Gibson movie in your entire life, go watch one right now!

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