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Lyrica 300mg Works Quickly to Treat Pain


Lyrica works relatively quickly to treat symptoms of pain. Research shows that for patients, suffering from fibromyalgia, and neuropathic pain as a result of diabetes, spinal cord injury and shingles, effective pain relief can be experienced from as little as one week of treatment. Although these results may seem longer than the average painkiller, it is important to note that these are not the typical pain symptoms. Neuropathic pain is often more intense than other types of pains, such as migraines or muscle pains. 

The duration of time it takes for pregabalin 300mg to work may vary for patients. The body is not designed in one specific way, but rather each individual is created with unique aspects of design, ranging from their fingerprints to their metabolism. This is the same for the way in which the body processes medications. For some, the therapeutic effects may be experienced sooner than a week of taking the tablets, for others, it may be longer.

Can You Use Any Form of Lyrica?

  •         There are different forms of this medication available. Most of the formulations of Lyrica 300mg are intended for oral consumption. That includes conventional tablets, which are to be taken with a drink of water, compared to the sublingual tablets which are to be administered by dissolving the medicine on the tongue.
  •         The oral spray is a solution which is to be sprayed directly into the mouth, over the tongue.
  •         The type of formulation a patient uses depends on the condition they are treating. The immediate-release tablets work rapidly to bring about the therapeutic benefits, and it is this aspect of the formulation which makes it appropriate for disorders, such as epilepsy, where swift relief from seizures is required.
  •         In 2017, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approved the use of the extended-release formulation of Lyrica, but the use of this form of the medicine is restricted to conditions other than fibromyalgia and partial onset seizures. In comparison to the immediate-release formulation, these slow-acting tablets are not approved for a wide range of medical uses.
  •         The controlled-release form is also not suited to the elderly as this formulation may enhance the side effects of the medicine. Moreover, senior people are more likely to have limited renal functioning, and this could affect the elimination of the therapeutic from the body.
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How Should I take Lyrica 300mg?

  •         Pregabalin 300mg may be administered with or without food, if using the immediate-release form. These tablets are to be administered in whole form, without chewing, crushing or breaking the tablets.
  •         The controlled-release form of this medication should be taken after an evening meal. The ingredients in the medicine may cause harm to the stomach, and therefore administering this therapeutic after a meal can help minimise this side effect.
  •         If you are using the oral solution of this medicine, it is important to using the correct measuring device to determine your dose. This measuring spoon is included in the packaging of the medication but can also be purchased online, if you require one. A standard household spoon cannot be used for administration of the liquid solution because this can lead to an inaccurate dosage being measured out and subsequently administered.
  •         Before treatment begins, you should also educate yourself on the necessary information pertaining to the use of Lyrica.  This information can be found in the medication guide, which comes along with the therapeutic, when you buy Lyrica online.

How Much Pregabalin Should I Take?

There are certain factors which affect how much of this medication you should take and these include:

  •         Your age
  •         Your gender
  •         Your body chemistry
  •         The condition you are treating
  •         Other medications you are taking in concordance with pregabalin

Your age can influence the most appropriate dose advised to you as in general, senior people are recommended lower dosages. This is because the elderly typically experience heightened side effects and a low dose would be the most appropriate to minimise this risk. Furthermore, those who are relatively young may also not have much experience with using medications and are therefore also advised to take a lower dose so as to minimise the risk of adverse events.

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Gender plays a role in determining how much of the medicine you should use as well. Women are typically at risk for enhanced side effects due to lower body weights and other factors too. The medicines you use concomitantly with Lyrica 300mg can also affect the dosage recommended for you.

The dose you use depends on the condition you are treating:

  •         Neuropathic pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN):  300mg per day, taken in three divided dosages
  •       Adjunctive therapy for partial-onset seizures: 600mg per day, taken in two to three divided dosages
  •         Fibromyalgia: 300mg per day, taken in two divided dosages
  •         Neuropathic pain associated with spinal cord injury: 300mg per day, taken in two divided dosages
  •         Postherpetic neuralgia: 300mg per day, taken in two to three divided dosages

Is it Safe to Take Lyrica 300mg?

Pregabalin 300mg is considered a safe medication, especially when used within the advised guidelines. If you take these tablets exactly as directed, the risk of side effects is minimal. However, when taking dosages greater than those which are recommended, you stand the risk of developing tolerance to the therapeutic. Tolerance occurs when the body becomes accustomed to having the ingredients of the medicine present, such that it requires the therapeutic for proper functioning.  

In the event of tolerance and dependence, a gradual tapering off the medication is best. This includes a regular reduction of the administered doses in the treatment schedule over a specific period of time, rather than an abrupt discontinuation of the medicine.

If you suddenly stop using Lyrica 300mg, you can experience undesirable withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range from mild to severe, but often occur a few days after treatment persists. Withdrawal symptoms can become life-threatening if it interferes with the respiratory system.

For further information regarding withdrawal symptoms and other possible precautions when using pregabalin, you can consult our website when you buy pregabalin online. 






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