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It’s easy to disregard laziness as a lame excuse for not working. It sounds absurd, hearing that someone didn’t complete their work just because they didn’t feel like it. But be as it may, laziness is a real and valid excuse. 

It’s not a mental illness per se, but it is a symptom of a few including depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and schizophrenia. Another reason you may develop this trait could be due to long periods of intense work or stress; your body may just be responding to the ‘overdoing’ bout by being idle simply so that you catch up on the much-needed rest.

When it comes to school though, you cannot afford to be lazy. There just isn’t enough time! And, though you may not want to hear this, you have to toughen up.

Hold on, we won’t leave you hanging with an abstract piece of advice sure to stress you out rather than helping you. Here are a few tips bound to get you back on track and through the school year. 

Let your syllabus guide the way

You get this magical paper at the start of each semester and like most people out there you probably stick it in your binder and forget about it. Just don’t. It’s there for a reason and it holds the key to acing the course! It tells you what to focus on, what you’ll be expected to learn and ways in which you’ll have to demonstrate your knowledge. It highlights all the key dates for tests and exams as well as deadlines for all your assignments. All you need to do is read it.

Use Visual Boards

Keeping yourself motivated can be hard. Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to pump yourself up, especially when something in life is just not going right. For times like these, vision boards are key. 

Picture your goals and write them down, make the ultimate vision board. Break down your goals into short term ones and celebrate achieving each along the way. For example, if you want all A’s visualize them and plan. What percentage of the final grade was the assignment, the tests, make a list and keep track of your scores. See where you’re lagging and what your strong points are and strategize keeping that in mind.

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Declutter your workspace

A clear working space makes wonders happen. Remove clutter from your desk and also from your life. Whether it’s your room, your computer, your mind or even the company of people you keep. Declutter it ASAP! Remove the negativity from your life and focus on the good. Stop the could-be and would-be attitude and focus on what you have right now, allowing yourself to make the most of it. Watch motivational videos so you don’t lose your steam.

Also, act from a sense of self-love. Meditate, do art, sleep, eat whatever it is that makes you happy.

Trick your mind into working

Sometimes thinking about how much work you have can be overwhelming. Thinking about it so much just creates dreariness in your mind, prompting you to avoid it, procrastinate over it and seek distractions, which is the worst thing you can do.

To escape from this trap we’d suggest you lie to yourself and fool yourself for the sake of productivity. Don’t think that you’re going to do this whole thing next, just tell yourself you need to look up a small thing, or that you’ll just do a little reading. 

Reading is fun and easy. It doesn’t require active involvement as such and that is what you’ll use to lure yourself into doing the actual work. Once you’re busy reading, you might want to grab a pen to make a small note, then another small pointer till you are making full-fledged detailed notes. By the end of the year you’ll have a ton of material to study from just because you did not miss out on reading.

Befriend your teacher

Establishing a good relationship with your teacher is not a bad thing. You won’t become a teacher’s pet and if people are calling you one, ignore them. Befriending your teacher does not mean they are your friend-friend. It does mean however when they get to know you and see how serious you’re about work, they’ll be rooting for your success. Sometimes it might just mean an extended deadline or extra help with certain topics. 

Get a Study Buddy

While you work on forming a relationship with your teachers, don’t forget your fellow classmates. You’re all in this together and can help each other out. Also, sometimes it’s just better when you have someone with you. Stuck on a math problem, they can help you out. Planning a study schedule, plan it together. You can hold each other accountable which is sure to prove productive for both of you. 

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Socializing is time-consuming so why not do both together? You’ll look forward to meeting them, talking to them and all the work you’re doing will just be more fun.

Use apps

With the kind of technology at your disposal, why not use it to your advantage? Make notes online using apps like Evernote and Google Keep. You can even collaborate with your class and share notes, everyone goes home happy. 

Apps like Quizlet are great for flashcards and if you’re studying for the SAT, there are a ton of apps to help you with that too. 

Using apps also means you’ll have all your study material at the tip of your fingers. You can read up while commuting or simply as you wait. No time will be wasted and your productivity will soar. Since you’re lazy and we’re sure you love to make excuses, this will leave you with none.

Be sure to get a good internet connection though. It’s an investment that rewards in heaps when you look back. You can easily call Spectrum Customer Service to find out about offers. Their internet plans include access to Wi-Fi hotspots so no matter where you are, you’ll probably have internet and that too for less!

When in doubt, Sleep!

You might think pulling all-nighters will help you ace the class, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Nighttime is meant for sleeping and you should follow this rule too. Catch up on your sleep, it helps you retain information better. There’s no point going to class if you’re not fully awake. You’d just be wasting time. Having Firmest mattress will help you to have better sleep quality as a study says. Replace your old mattress with a new and firm one. You deserved it after a whole day in school.

And, for the lazy person that you are, know this: The more you’re focused in class, the less you’ll have to study at home and before exams. This is the ultimate hack. Study in class so you don’t have to study later.

Now you know

If you’re lazy, there’s not much wrong with you. A lot of people suffer from this. It’s not the end of the world. However, you must persevere through it. So now that you know what to do, own this year!

Author Bio:
Baldwin Jackson is a content marketing expert who loves to write about the latest technology innovations and trends. When he is not working you can find him gaming or reading ancient cultivation history and culture. 

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