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How to Develop Succesful Partnership with a Temp Agency in Portland


As the pandemic has brought about a massive disruption for several companies across the world, joining hands with a staffing agency can be a good choice. If you can relate to the situation of experiencing a disruption in your company and you are established in a city like Portland, we would suggest you opt for recruitment through staffing agencies.

You can search for a temp agency in Portland that hires staff in industries similar to your niche. Developing a partnership with a temp agency can help you in a variety of ways. In this blog, we have discussed how you can get the most benefit from partnering with a renowned staffing agency.

Tips to have a successful partnership with your temp agency in Portland

Provide them detailed job descriptions

Even if you are looking for a temporary employee for now and are looking forward to making them permanent on the basis of their performance, you still need to provide the detailed job requirements. We would suggest you create a job description and revise it a couple of times before sending it to your partnered temp agency Portland. It is because giving out the exact details is most essentials to get the most suitable employee for your company. What is the use of an employee with less or no skills relevant to the job profile?

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Develop a partnership of trust with the staffing provider

Make them understand the details about your business and discuss your requirements clearly. You can also invite them to meet your managers and supervisors and see what job will their employees be performing for you. Rather than sharing your business details with multiple agencies, build a bond of trust with one, and see the benefits you get with the most fruitful recruitment process.

Respond immediately

In the candidate-driven market that we work in, it is crucial to respond quickly when you find a candidate of your interest. If you take too long to reply to a candidate that has been presented to you, you could possibly lose out on a great match for the job vacancy. Considering a worse situation, they could join in the company of one of your competitors! That’s the last thing you would want after already losing a good candidate.

Develop an open line of communication

The best way to maintain a healthy relationship is communication and it’s no different in case of staffing. Successful partnerships are a result of frequent communication, regular check-ins and consistent feedback. You can also practice giving and receiving feedback. You can check the past records of the staffing/temp agency by checking out the reviews online and brainstorm together to implement new things as necessary for your business.

Be an active partner

Staffing agencies are an extension of your business in a way and it is important that you stay connected and active while they are recruiting for you. If you want to have a successful and fruitful partnership, it is necessary to check-in and have better engagement in the hiring process. In case you leave your staffing providers in dark, you will be the one in loss with lower quality candidates. Let them know any amendments your company is making, like adding another shift, downsizing or adding a new product to the list. Keep them in the loop with the strategies you prepare for your business. Doing this may also help you get valuable insight. Help them to assist you better!

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In a Nutshell

Developing a  partnership with a staffing or temp agency in Portland can help you get access to top-quality employees at a feasible and faster rate. The above-mentioned tips are the key to having a  successful partnership in order to create a positive impact on your company. There are times when in-house recruitment gets tougher due to a lack of staff or other disruptions. These are the times when a renowned and trusted staffing agency can come to help. We hope you find one soon and fill your positions successfully.

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