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Roblox Bedwars Commands You Need to Use


Are you looking forward to knowing some Roblox Bedwars commands and what they mean? Then, you are at the best place.

The video game Roblox Bedwars was just released for everyone back in 2021. Previously the same game was available on Minecraft.

It has been just a year, and it has already acquired one of the top spots amongst all the gamers. This is for all the right reasons.

Roblox Bedwars is a multiplayer game that involves a lot of strategies when you play it. The main aim of the video game is to protect your bed from the other players of the game.

To protect your bed, all you need to do is collect resources. It also includes playing strategically to destroy the other players’ beds.

Ever since the game’s release, it has managed to always be on the hot spot. Within November last year, it had more than 1.5 million visits and was popular worldwide.

One of the most sought-after things in video games is that the players can create custom matches. What not many people are aware of is what are these custom matches. Hence, before we jump on to know the various Roblox BedWars commands, let us look at what these custom matches are.

What are custom matches in Roblox BedWars?

Custom matches are for when the players seek to play a private match with only the people they wish. There are special codes that only the players would have and would share with the other players they want to play a match with. All the players who have the code can enter and play the same custom match.

The best part of it is that the players get to choose the objective of the match in the custom mode. Many players thus choose to play custom matches for the video game Roblox BedWars. The fact that the players can customize various aspects makes it more fun and increases their interest.

This is where the Roblox BedWars commands come in. Hence, before you start to create the custom matches, you must know that there are many Roblox BedWars custom matches commands. In the section below, we have mentioned all of the BedWars commands Roblox that you must be aware of to play the video game better. Hence, let us have a look at what they are.

Roblox Bedwars commands

What are the Roblox BedWars commands?

As already mentioned, there are various Roblox BedWars commands that you must be aware of before you start to play a custom match. Hence, let us look at all the BedWars Roblox commands that are available as of yet in the game. What we have also explained in detail is what are the meaning and functions of these commands.

/announce (Message)

The first on our list of Bedwars commands is the syntax code /announce. This is used by the players whenever they want to announce a certain thing or message to all the players in the custom match. The message you would send them would pop up in all of the players’ windows as a notification. All you have to do is write your message after typing the syntax code /announce.

/kick (UserName)

The next syntax code in the list of Bed Wars commands is /kick. There can come times when you want to kick a player or remove them from your custom match list. That is when this syntax comes to play. All you would need to do is type /kick and then type the player’s name for the syntax to work.

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However, do keep in mind to use the player’s actual Roblox name ID. this syntax will not work if you use and type the Display Name o the player. A question that might have clicked you is would you get the Roblox name ID of the player. You can get the Roblox ID of the player by searching for them on the player list and clicking on it.

/blacklistitem (Item Name)

The command /blacklistitem is used when you want to restrict the players from using a certain item in the match. You have to type the syntax code /blacklistitem and type the item name. If the item’s name contains more than one word, ensure to separate them with underscores. If not done correctly, this syntax code would not work.

However, use this code to blacklist any item only when you are unsure about not using it in the custom match. This is because when you blacklist an item, it becomes unavailable in the Item Shop as well. Thus, no player can purchase the same from the Item Shop throughout the custom match. It would only be available again when you enter or create a completely new Custom Match.

/disablekit (kit name)

The syntax /disablekit as a Roblox Bedwars Commands is similar to the previous syntax /blacklistitem. This is because if you want to restrict the players from using a certain kit, you can use this code. To make this code work, all you have to do is type the syntax /disablekit and then type the kit name that you want to restrict the players from using in the Custom match.

However, like the previous syntax, be extremely sure before you disable a ceratin kit from the custom match. This is because once you disable a certain item from a custom match, you cannot use it throughout the match anymore. To enable using the same again, you would have to start a completely new Custom match.

/setGeneratorMultiplier (XX Amount)

The syntax /setGeneratorMultiplier is used to set the spawn rate of the multipliers. Using this syntax, you can either decrease or increase the speed at which the Emerald, Diamond, and Iron generate.

For the syntax to work, type the syntax code /setGeneratorMultiplier and then replace the XX Amount with the amount of speed you wish to have. For example, the default number that you can use is 1. To increase the speed and make it a double, use the number 2. To increase the speed and keep it at its maximum, use -inf.

/spawn (Item Name) (Amount)

The syntax /spawn is used when the player wants to spawn any item of their choice. To use the syntax, all you have to do is type the syntax code /spawn first. After that, type the item name that you wish to spawn. Put a space and then type the number of times you wish the item to spawn.

/disaster (toxic rain | tornado | void rise | meteors)

The next syntax code on our list of Roblox Bedwars Commands is /disaster. This syntax code is used if the player wishes for any natural disaster inside the video game. To make the syntax work, type the syntax code followed by the natural disaster you wish to happen.

Some of the natural disasters you can make happen inside the custom match are toxic rain, tornado, void rise, and meteors.

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/setdeathmatchtime (Time / Seconds)

The syntax code /setdeathmatchtime is used to set the time (preferably the number of seconds) that the players would have to wait for before the timer of the deathmatch starts. You can consider it to be a countdown before the Death mode begins.

To make the syntax work, type /setdeathmatchtime and then input the time / the number of seconds you want to set the countdown for.

/togglespawn (Item Name) (True/ False)

You can the syntax code /togglespawn all the times you want a certain to continue or stop spawning. For example, if you want an item to spawn, you would type the syntax code and then the item name first. Then you would type true. However, if you do not want the item to spawn in the custom match, you would have to type false.


Many times in the game, you would use an airdrop to fall on the custom match map. Well, there are reasons for this as well. The lucky drop that falls forcefully on the map contains extremely rare items that are otherwise hard to find manually on the map.

For all those times, the syntax code /luckyairdrop is used. This syntax code forces around ten lucky blocks to fall on the map. These blocks can fall anywhere on the map randomly.

/enchant (EnchantmentName Level)

This command gives a specific enchantment level to a player you wish inside the custom match. For the syntax to function, type the enchantment you wish to grant to the player. Once done, put an underscore ‘_’ and then type the level of the enchantment that you wish to grant. Once you type the syntax code correctly, it will work.

/tp all

This command is used when you want to teleport all the players to a certain place. This place could be a specific point inside the custom match map. This code would teleport all the players of the custom match to the user who inputs this code.

/tp (UserName/ DisplayName)

This syntax helps to teleport you to a different player in the custom match. Type the command /tp and then type the name of the user to whom you wish to teleport.

/tpbed Color_bed

The command /tpbed would help teleport you to a specific team bed. The good thing is that you can choose the color of the bed by mentioning it by replacing the color in the code above.

/cohost all

The syntax code /cohost is used for all the times when you want all the players of the custom match to host the match equally.

/sethealthregen (Player) (Regen_Amount)

The syntax code /sethealthregen is used when you want to regenerate the health of a specific player in the custom match. For the code to work, type the code, then the player’s name, followed by the amount with which you want to regenerate the health.

/give (player) (@all) (@team: team_color) (item) (item amount)

This syntax code is used when you want to give a certain player of the match or all the match members a specific item.

If you wish to give a certain item to a certain team member, type the syntax code /give. Follow this up with the player’s name, then the item, and finally the amount of the item you wish to give to the player.

If you wish to give all the members of the match a certain, then the syntax code changes a little. For that, type the syntax code /give first. Follow it up with @all, then type the item and the amount of the item you wish to give them.


When used, this syntax code would take the player to the area or place from where they started the game, which is the lobby.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that before putting any syntax code, do remember to use the key /. Without this, the code would not work.

This was the list of all the Roblox Bedwars commands currently available in the game. In case a new update with more commands comes, that would be a bonus for all the players, especially in the custom match mode.

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