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Twitter Post Size: How to Write an Effective Tweet?

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Do you struggle with your Twitter marketing? Are you not sure how attractive you need to make your Twitter post size? Well, it can be tough for anyone. To get your tweets into the Twitter website traffic, the post size must be perfect with attractive content. So, if you are anywhere in the struggle to make your Twitter post size perfect and interesting, start reading our blog! We are here with all the tips and tricks to make your tweets informative and attractive! Start scrolling down, and you are indeed going to find some interesting information!

About Tweets on Twitter

Twitter is a website where the main goal is to post and get information. So, you must design your tweets to get into the Twitter website traffic.

By the curators of Twitter, it says that it is a place to know what is happening. So, it becomes essential that you compose and write your tweets so that it shares the information yet fits into the word limit perfectly.

Twitter is not like other social media platforms where the sole purpose is to connect with people online.

But Twitter is a place where people usually search for the right information. If you hold an account in the headlines, it basically has to have interchangeable headlines.

We will take you through all the details that will help you curate your tweets well. Check out how to make your Twitter post size perfectly!

Twitter Post Size

Check out the following ways to make your Twitter post size perfectly:

Be Precise with your Tweets

Who does not want their tweets to be exact and precise? Twitter is a place where the information is a hose fire of loaded information that comes to you the entire time. Moreover, it is essential to know what is interesting information you are providing to your viewers.

Some people tend to scroll down Twitter faster than they check out any other social media platforms. They usually swipe the Twitter page at jet speed. So, it becomes necessary for you to put up a potent post that meets up the expectations. People tend to press the back button too soon that may make others’ heads start spinning.

In case you miss out on this opportunity to please your reader, the credibility is destroyed. So, you can be sure you will not get any more clicks for that specific Tweet.

Moreover, if you provide an irrelevant link, people tend to press the back button soon. It is similar to what happens to several things present on Google.

If people spend a relevantly low amount of time on a particular page, the ranking signals start getting affected. More so, it also tells you that the content is not as valuable or important. All of this starts to dig into your SEO.

Utilize as many data and Numbers in the Tweets

One of the most efficient ways to make your tweets catchy and engrossing is to be extra specific. And to do that, you can make full use of numbers.

Let us tell you how numbers engross a person into posts or tweets. For example, a post that reads ‘How to earn more money?’ and ‘How to earn $500 in 10 hours?’

Which of the ones above catches your notice? Isn’t it the one that tells you ‘How to earn $500 in 10 hours?’. Well, that is because the numeric characters attract a person’s attention more than words. Moreover, the phrase also tells you how to earn money in a specific period. So, it is natural that people will click on that and will be eager to know what the post tells.

Plus, it also helps to build up confidence in the person that tells him/her the specified steps that come into action next.

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Always keep a note of placing the numbers rather than spelling out the entire phrase. Words may not be as effective as numeric characters. Additionally, you are getting more space to fill in words, and you can get every information in the right Twitter post size.

Make your tweets curious

Curiosity has immense power. It can motivate human behavior. Several studies conclude that humans are hardwired with curiosity. They tend to go far to satisfy their curiosity to a level even if it is hazardous and might affect their character.

So, it is indeed a smart way to plan your Twitter post size in a way where people engross into your posts and get curious about it.

Setting up a Facebook profile picture size is different from selecting a Twitter image. Apart from making your posts curious and innovative, it would help if you made your Twitter profile picture curious as well.

You may be in a perplexed state where we ask you to be specific and still make your post curious. Curiosity cannot be created when you are thinking about being exact. It is indeed difficult with the limit put on the characters used for a Tweet. But it is not impossible. It can be tough, but it indeed is not something that cannot be accomplished.

You can create an ambiance of problems by being ultra-specific and finally conclude by leaving them with a curious solution. Several people online have proven to make their tweets extremely interesting. Start searching for several people, and you are sure the be in awe to see how their tweets have gotten so much attention.

Start Questioning your Viewers

Why not try questioning your viewers? It is a useful and innovative way to engross your post readers. People, in general, read the question and finally respond with an answer. In that way, you will make people engage in your post. More so, they will start answering your questions, and you can also get a few followers in that way. Once you and engross someone in your post, you are making the reader think. So, you are making them think, and that pulls you halfway into the click.

At times, your tweets may have an obvious question that has a simple answer to it. But the question itself makes people engage in your post, and that will indulge them in clicking. Creating curiosity and providing questions in the tweets both go hand-in-hand.

Readers usually build up a notion in their minds, even if they know the answer. They tend to get curious, and that’s where you know your post has perfectly caught the reader’s attention.

Make a powerful word choice in your Tweets

Words have immense power. The word choice you make matters the most when you convey something to people you don’t know. Since readers do not know you in person, the posts reflect your personality, the way your thought processes, and so much more.

So, it is tricky to catch the reader’s attention with a limited time span of about a few seconds. If you keep your words boring, it is indeed not going to attract anyone’s attention. To make your tweets a breakthrough, try to use powerful words.

When you are telling someone to do something, people tend to take things lightly. But when you tell the same person to crush it, the words ring like bells in the head. So, it is essential to make the right word choice.

For example: When you say ‘ how to cook,’ it will not catch everyone’s attention. But if you write the post ‘how to cook in 3 steps quickly’, it will attract people’s eyes. It will indulge them in clicking the post to check more.

Several people use search engines and tools to check if their headings. You can go online and check out various sites that will offer you catchy headlines. Moreover, these sites also come with several powerful word options that will help you understand how to place them correctly. So, if you are eager to make your Tweets the best, it is time you make your headlines effective and powerful.

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Give your words in the Tweets

Besides being specific, using powerful words and numbers, you can give your words in your tweets. To be extremely specific, you can make a promise to your readers. When a reader clicks on a link, they are eager to know you are about to offer to them. So, it becomes essential to curate your tweets in a way, and you promise them something.

When you give your words to your reader, they expect from you. So, it becomes essential you tell them the promise and also meet up to it. Once you start keeping your promise, you are sure to have a fan all your life.

There is a virtual trust that develops between you and your reader. So, start making your tweets attractive and meet up to your promise, and you are indeed going to be happy getting a reader all your life.

Allow action through your Tweets

Variation is the key to attract readers. You can let your tweets be of several kinds. At times, it is best to be specific and tell your reader to do an action.

It does not imply you have to be obnoxious, bossy, or pushy. All you need to do is tell people the following steps to perform. It works fantastically to attract people, as some of them like direct actions.

When you are addressing a virtual world, you must keep in mind the various mindsets people come with. Some like it simple, few enjoy curiosity, and most of them like it through actions.

Actions too can attract several people. You don’t have to spend hours every day curating a Tweet. At times, you can put in a link and ask them to check it out.

It can be engrossing wallpapers, 3d pictures, game links, bonus cards, and so much more. All you need to keep in mind is the reader needs to enjoy and be happy getting that link. Once you are sure they are going to love the link, you’re good to go!

Also, try to specify that the link says to download it here. When you say download it here, it gets the attraction of readers. On the other hand, if you say ‘available now,’ it implies that they may download it later. So, to engross your reader, emphasize the tone of your writing. It is a slight difference but leaves a vast impact on your tweet rating.

Quick Peek to get the perfect Twitter post size

Now that you elaborately know how to get the Twitter post size correctly, let us quickly glance through them again!

  • Being precise is the key to get the most Tweet engagement. If you wish to get into the Twitter website traffic, you need to curate your tweets precisely.
  • Try to include numbers and data in your Tweets as much as you can. It attracts people and makes them engrossed in your Tweet. So, always remember to include numbers.
  • Curiosity can engross people. It is a weakness of human nature. People tend to break all barriers to get the answers to their curiosity. So, why not utilize this weakness of human behavior?
  • Include questions in your Tweets. Even if the questions are simple and the answer is obvious, start with the questionnaire.
  • Select powerful words. You are interacting with a virtual world. So, you can include powerful words that will draw the attention of your readers.
  • Make a promise to your virtual friends. Once you meet up to your virtual friends’ promise, you are sure to gain a fan that will last all your life. Always meet up to the promises you make.
  • Finally, to bring in a slight variation in your tweets, try to include links. But always remember to create urgency in it. Try not to write it as you are commanding your readers. But it is a nice way to help them engross in your post.

Final Thoughts

Apart from following all the tips, we have given above, do not miss out on selecting an attractive Twitter image for your profile.

The Twitter profile photo size is the first impression people will have of you. So, get your image right and curate your Tweets well. Soon, you will be in the Twitter website traffic that will gain you, several followers. Happy Tweeting!

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