Usain Bolt Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Throwing Birthday Party

Usain Bolt Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Throwing Birthday Party


On August 24, Usain Bolt revealed that he took a test for coronavirus after throwing a huge birthday party bash in Jamaica. He had quarantined himself and was waiting for reports.

The sprinter said that he took a test on Saturday, August 22. It was right after the day he turned 34 and partied with many Jamaican celebs.

The athlete clarified the rumors doing rounds on social media that said he had already tested positive. He said that the reports were not with him at that time and that he was still waiting for them.

The sprinter also said that he didn’t have any symptoms but will still stay away from people out of cautiousness.

Usain Bolt turned 34 – Kasi Bennett organized the big party

Kasi Bennett, the girlfriend of the Usain Bolt, threw a big party for the sprinter to celebrate the day. A video soon surfaced online, showing a bunch of people dancing closely and without masks. None of them were taking any precautions to prevent virus spread.

Jamaica hasn’t been a place where the coronavirus has spread much. So far, there are only 1,870 cases and 19 death since the pandemic started.

Usain Bolt tests positive for COVID-19

On August 25, the Minister of Health in Jamaica, Dr. Christopher Tufton, reported that Usain Bolt tests positive of coronavirus. Bolt was already in isolation since he took the test and will remain so until he tests negative.

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Incidences of celebrities partying and leading to coronavirus spread is not new. The condition is having a severe impact on different parts of the world. Fans and followers have criticized the people who are looked up to for misguiding their followers and glorifying taking risks.

As of now, we hope the sprinter gets well soon, and everyone else who attended the party isolates themselves and have their tests done.

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