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YNW Melly Release Date and All About the Ongoing Lawsuit


Even though the 24-year-old rapper YNW Melly allegedly murdered his two friends and staged it as a drive-by shooting, fans are eagerly waiting for the YNW Melly release date.

In this article, we are digging deep regarding all the details of this murder case, his criminal background, the trial, and all the updates associated to YNW Melly release date from jail.

Who is YNW Melly?

Before we get to the YNW Melly release date, you must also know some background about YNW Melly.

YNW Melly was born as Jamell Maurice Demons on May 1, 1999, to a single mother, Jamie Demons King, in Gifford, Florida.

He is a famous American rapper and singer, best known for his soundtracks “Mixed Personalities,” “Murder on My Mind,” “223’s” and “Suicidal.”

He broke out with the song “Murder on My Mind” with 200 million streams on Spotify with more than 10 million monthly listens.

YNW Melly’s Criminal Background

If you look at the early life of this 24-year-old rapper, he grew up in a poor part of Gifford where he and his single mother had to struggle for basic necessities.

He ends up joining the Bloods gang at a very young age.Along with that, he began creating music and uploading it on SoundCloud when he was just 15.

Before YNW Melly’s murder case, police arrested him in late 2015 for shooting at students near Vero Beach High School.

Demons had a criminal track record with frequent convictions for discharging firearms in public, aggravated battery, assault, and other charges. He even had to spend months in prison for these charges.

He was first arrested in 2019 when he was 10 for stealing 15 burgers.

In 2017, authorities arrested the rapper again for violating his probation after he had served jail time for months. Another arrest was regarding the possession of marijuana and firearms in 2018.

Police again arrested Demons for the possession of marijuana in 2019. And finally, he was charged with double homicide and staging the crime in the same year.

What is YNW Melly’s Case About?

Apart from his music, YNW Melly also has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons, especially after 2019.

The major one was the premeditated first-degree murder case in which he was charged with killing his two close friends, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser.

The case of YNW Melly was addressed as Jamell Demons vs. The State of Florida. It is an ongoing criminal case in the 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida.

As per the case, YNW Melly is on trial and charged with the murder of his two friends, YNW Sakschaser and YNW Juvy. In the second trial, he was also charged with Witness Tampering as well.

Right after the day, YNW was charged with the murder. The following day, he took to Instagram to announce his surrender to the police for murdering his two friends.

Also, the cops didn’t just arrest YNW Melly in this case.The police also arrested Corten Henry, aka YNW Bortlen, charging him with being an accomplice in the murder.

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Police arrested YNW Bortlen was arrested because as per their investigation, he was the one to assist YNW Melly in murdering their two friends.

What Was YNW Melly Crime and Sentence?

YNW Melly was first arrested regarding the fatal shooting of his two friends Anthony Williams aka YNW Juvy and Christopher Thomas Jr. aka YNW Sakchaser.

Initially, the case revolved around these two victims being shot and killed at a location in Miramar, Florida. The incident took place at a residence in October 2018.

Apart from Demons, Police also accused Cortlen Henry, aka YNW Bortlen of staging this double homicide as a drive-by shooting.

Apparently, Henry was the one who drove these two victims to hospitals, where they died due to their bad injuries.

What Happened In The Trial?

The jury selection process for the State of Florida vs. Jamell Demons began on April 11, 2023.

On June 12, 2023, the trial itself started when Prosecutors demanded for the death penalty for the then-accused rapper YNW Melly.

The defense and prosecution side gave their opening statements on June 12, 2023.

Kristine Bradley was the prosecutor in the case. Her opening statement was about explaining the whole situation where YNW Melly and Henry murdered their two friends, Anthony and Christopher.

She also stated that both of them also tried to stage the murder as a drive-by shooting.

The prosecution claimed that Demons himself confessed to his accused crime by mentioning it on Instagram Direct messages. He basically responded to a question regarding his two friends’ death with his statement, “I did that. Shh”.

The defense attorney of this case was David A. Howard. He made his point that there was no motive for the rapper YNW Melly to murder his friends. David also tried to prove that there is a reasonable doubt in the case.

He also pointed out how the prosecution took four years to investigate. And they suddenly came up with Melly killing his friends accusation without any proper reasoning.

The defense focussed on how the prosecution was just guessing, and they didn’t know what they were talking about, which created itself reasonable doubt in the case.

Is YNW Melly Still in Jail?

YNW Melly, aka Jamell Maurice Demons, is not free and is still in the jail. He is waiting to go for his second trial.

The rapper is in the jail since February 13, 2019. He voluntarily surrendered himself to the police after police announced him wanted for murder.

YNW Melly is imprisoned at the Broward County jail located in Florida. Demons has been continuously pleading not guilty and not admitting his alleged criminal charges on him.

As per him, he has no idea about the death of his two friends. The prosecution tried to convince the court that Melly and his friend Courtlen conspired and staged the homicide as a drive-by shooting together.

It seems he will stay in jail for some more time until there is another update regarding his release date.

How Long YNW Melly Will Be In Jail For?

It is still unclear how long YNW Melly will have to stay in jail. From his lawyers, there have been consistent attempts for release, but it has failed so far.

He even came close in September 2023 when the court rejected his bond application at the end moment. If court had approved his application, he would have been released from prison by now.

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His lawyers contracted a pre-trial release during the pandemic.  They claimed that he is suffering from breathing difficulty, body aches, chills, and other issues.

The defense also claimed that the authorities were not making any attempt to treat him and help him recover.

They made their case on the fact that Melly’s situation is not improving in the jail. They in fact, claimed him getting worse day by day.

After all this, court still denied his pleas and ordered him to receive treatment from the prison authorities’ health facilities.

YNW Melly Release Date From Prison

There is no official YNW Melly release date announced yet. The last update received regarding the YNW Melly murder case is the date for the subsequent trial.

The next trial for this case will occur in October 2023. As of now, the trial is already started. Overall, it won’t be wrong to say that YNW Melly release date will shift to 2024 now.

Even though there is little chance for his release in the upcoming months, there was a missed chance back in September 2023. He filed a bond application but the court rejected it. This could have led to his release.

The fans are waiting for the YNW Melly prison release date from the prison and hoping the day will come soon.

Trial dates have been consistently changing.

At first, the court decided the date, November 30, 2021, but they changed it  to March 7, 2022. Then, moved again to May 23, 2022, and finally, they shifted the dates again to July 6, 2022.

Then, the court announced a mistrial on July 22, 2023. It was because the jury wasn’t able to come to a unanimous decision. Hence Melly had to wait further for another trial.

The charge YNW Melly is facing is first-degree murder. It is a capital crime where the penalty usually is execution if found guilty.

However, until the Florida Supreme Court decides, it will be too early to say anything regarding the death penalty.

Even then, Melly’s lawyers are preparing for the scenario where the rapper is found guilty to save him from the death penalty or a harsher imprisonment sentence.

Final thoughts

Fans will have to wait at least until the end of 2023 for the release or any update regarding the YNW Melly jail release date.

Even though, in YNW Melly’s defense, his lawyers have been constantly trying to get him released through pleas and other attempts, there is no luck for him so far.

He came close to his release date once back in September 2023, but the court denied his plea.

It is essential to acknowledge that such legal procedures are complex. It takes a long time to come to a conclusion.

Until there is any news or update regarding YNW Melly release date, all his fans can do is enjoy their music. They can keep remember him in their thoughts.

Also, it is imperative to have faith in the justice system and wait for a fair resolution regarding this case. Till then, fans can certainly continue to support the rapper from afar.


1. How Old YNW Melly is today?

As of today, YNW Melly is 24 years old, as he was born on May 1st, 1999.

2. How YNW Melly Releasing His Songs Despite Being in Jail?

Before going to jail, YNW Melly recorded his songs. Those songs were released when he was in jail. During visitation, person who comes to meet him record his songs through phone. Additionally, he also have phone privileges.

3. When Will YNW Melly Be Released From Prison?

The YNW Melly trial is currently going on in the Florida Supreme Court. There is no official announcement regarding the YNW Melly release date. However, a fair resolution in his case will be in 2024.

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