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Grace Charis Age, Golf Career, Social Media Presence, and More


Get ready to be pleasantly surprised by Grace Charis — a rising model, a golf girl, and an entertaining force on OnlyFans. Her appealing expression and sense of style set her ahead of the competition. The adult content creator cum model’s magnetic personality pushes youngsters to search for Grace Charis age, weight, boyfriend, and many more secrets under the blanket.

The rising American model is a secret crush for many fans and followers. They always try to crack her relationship status as well. Internet divides after her bold decision to join the adult content site OnlyFans. She draws flak from golf lovers, even though some think it will ruin their careers soon.

Recently, Grace has been making waves of news, attracting both positive and negative attention. With her exceptional combination of beauty and skillful mind, she leaves a lasting impact on her followers.

Here we will shed light on her journey, illustrious career, controversial moments, and much more.

Grace Charis age, profession, bio, in a nutshell

NameGrace Charis
Date of BirthAugust 23, 1996
Grace Charis age26 ( as of 2023)
ParentsMr. and Mrs. Charis
SiblingsYet to known
ProfessionAmerican Golfer, Social Media Influencer, OnlyFans Star, Tiktoker
BirthplaceNewport Beach, California, US
Net worth$1 million
Favorite FoodItalian dishes ( Pasta, Cannoli)
Height5' 6" or 167 cm
Weight121 lbs
Grace Charis measurements33-23-35

Grace Charis age, childhood, and family

A prodigious talent in American golf, Grace Charis has displayed her skill in multiple fields since childhood. However, she has no intention of joining golf until college. Hailing from Newport Beach, the Californian girl who is going to turn 27 years in August 2023 is appealing and dynamic.

Grace always makes a thin line between her public and private lives. Despite claiming to be open and honest to fans, it is not possible to know much about her early life or her parents. In a Daily Star interview, Grace claimed she was not such a popular child in school. Even she was focused on academics, science teams, and decathlons.

Some claim her father is a businessman in California. Since her childhood, the TikTok star has had a remarkable presence in various sports activities. However, she rubbishes media claims about her passion for golf from childhood! She claims to decide her footprints in the golf world for her mother’s inspiration after her college. Moreover, critics said her glamourous appearance and dressing sense attract many men with flirty reactions.

Grace Charis as a golfer and her career

From TikTok and Instagram to OnlyFans, she is unstoppable and always emerges as one of the top content creators. Her golf-oriented thirst trap on social media invites flirty comments from male fans. It is believed to be a prime reason for her to join the adult platform. Fuelled by a powerful drive for success, she always brushes up on her versatility in a different medium.

Golfer Grace

Although her choice of attire, including low-cut tops and short skirts, draws the attention of internet traffic – but the blonde beauty admits that her golf tutorials receive significant engagement with flooded comments. During her college ‘Grace Charis UCLA golf’ became a brand in the sports section.

Competing at the collegiate level, Grace showcased her talent at the University of California Los Angeles or UCLA golf course. In addition, she joined Singapore National Golf Team during her early days. Now she runs an academy for golf tutorials, and it is expensive.

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Social media content creators Grace Charis

In a limited time, Grace has enjoyed a notable presence across all social media platforms. She transfers her gorgeous presence and golf skills to major platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. She has built a dedicated fan community across the internet through her organized posts and unique style.

The golf girl has millions of followers and subscribers on those platforms. Her online presence and content creation are growing day by day. Her fashionable presence on the golf course with articulated sportswear nurtures millions of hearts.

Grace Charis OnlyFans

Despite criticism from golf lovers and orthodox fans, her growth in adult content platforms is jaw-dropping! She makes breathtaking progress with an income of $100k from two OnlyFans accounts.

She has 500+ videos and 11,000+ images in Onlyfans; it gains 200k like with countless purchases. Moreover, due to public demand, she opened another OnlyFans with the tagline “The hottest college golf girls in one place, hosted by @gracecharisxo.” Definitely, it’s a goldmine for the golf girl. Surprisingly, she accepts NFTs also.

She also sells some trendy products like thongs and lingeries through her website. As a rising model in the US, she has good earnings from collaboration and promoting various brands like Reebok, American Eagle, Estee Lauder, and many others.

Grace Charis Net Worth

Grace Charis has achieved an insane level of financial success through her diverse presence on social media platforms, including OnlyFans. Her lucrative earnings from these platforms are impressive enough. As per some sources, she made around $3 million as of 2023. According to experts, she earns nearly $600k from her various channels.

Grace Charis Net worth 2023$3 million (estimated)
Grace Charis Net worth 2022$2 million
Grace Charis Net worth 2021$1 million

Facts about Golfer Grace

  • Grace Charis had no interest in golf sports up to her college. Her mother influenced her to join.
  • Grace Charis age will soon be 27 and she is an expert golfer given her age.
  • She often diverts fans on YouTube or Instagram with braless or NSFW content! It is apprehended that she wants to divert the traffic from Youtube, Instagram to OnlyFans.
  • She has two OnlyFans accounts, which make her prime source of earning.
  • Recently, the beautiful sportsgirl appears on YouTube with two people; it ends her sole activity in social media. Fans are raising hope to get the relationship status!
  • Golf influencer Charis presented a humorous caddie (who carries a golfer’s clubs) proposition to Tiger Woods ahead of the 2023 Masters tournament in Augusta! Fans also welcome it in a light-hearted manner!
  • She has an obsession with Italian food and style.
  • She has NFTs and she promotes NFTs.

Grace Charis boyfriend

We already find that Grace Charis always keeps her family, friends, and relationships out of fame. So, it is assumed that she has no boyfriend or girlfriend or does not want to make it public to hurt some fans! She used to make a solo presence in maximum videos or images.

The Californian native wants to avoid any media gossip about her personal life to an extreme level, so she avoids group selfies. However, some recent YouTube videos reveal her presence with ‘super boys,’ but we can’t conclude their relationship so early.

Follow Grace Charis

From her selling merchandise products to earnings from videos, social media is a blessing for her. Naturally, she has a gigantic presence with millions of followers across all trending platforms. She also promotes NFTs in her OnlyFans account.

Grace started her journey with Instagram. Now, she has 1.3 million devoted followers there. Additionally, her bold presence on Twitter achieved 552k followers, whereas her TikTok account bagged 3 million followers. Her YouTube presence, with 702k subscribers, makes her position strong among social media giants.

OnlyFans (2 accounts)@gracecharusxo, @golfgirls
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Final thoughts

You can drag a comparison of Paige Spiranac’s story with the stunning rise of Grace Charis. Paige Spiranac, in her 30s, is a golf instructor and social media influencer.

Both share almost similar looks, professions, and dedication. However, the senior Paige thinks OnlyFans or adult content is a ‘career killer’ and denied joining. She was also rumored to join the platform after an indirect Twitter announcement, but she denied it and assured us to produce more content.

Some fans think Grace Charis should also reconsider her decision to ‘open’ everything for followers. Already she drags a flow of criticism from some quarters. Critics lobby also question the long-term impact of her choices on her career.

Being a glamorous sports personality, her style of breaking social taboos hurts many golf lovers. We hope she will continue the win-win situation on the golf course and social media for a long time.


1. Who is Grace Charis?

The multi-talented Grace Charis is a golf player and tiktoker, and, interestingly, she is also an OnlyFans creator. Her charming personality keeps the audience engaged. She has a gigantic presence on various popular online platforms. The striking model storms the internet for her bold confidence and appealing personality.

Grace Charis’s audacious move to expose her sexuality ignited a debate among her followers and media. Many followers clap for her for the bold move to break stereotype taboos. However, a section of golf lovers are not ready to see them as adult content creators.

2. What is Grace Charis net worth?

The 23-year-old Grace Charis has multiple sources of income. She is a popular golf player, tiktoker, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. But her appearance as OnlyFans adult content creator blew up mind of many people and helped her to add good bucks to the balance sheet. Once a player of the Singapore National Golf Team, Grace Charis’ net worth is $3 million (estimated as of 2023).

After her massive popularity in OnlyFans, earning is expected to skyrocket by next quarter. Apart from her talent in multiple sectors, Grace earns a good amount with promotion and collaboration. She has an association with giant brands like Adidas, Raffles Hotel, and some other brands.

3. Does Grace Charis have Instagram?

Yes, Grace Charis has a sound presence on all major social media, including Instagram. Her Instagram id name is @itsgracecharis, with the tagline “Your golf girl.” She has around 1.3 million followers on the account. However, she changed her user name six times!

4. Who is the girl golfer on OnlyFans?

Golf girl Grace Charis is in the news after joining the adult content site OnlyFans. She reportedly earns between $600k and $700$ every year from her various social media accounts. However, it was painful news for some golf-obsessed people that the influential player joined a platform for 18+ contents. Within a short period, quality content and eye-catching presentation made her one of the highest-paid actors of OnlyFans.

5. Why is Grace Charis famous?

The charismatic girl Grace Charis is an exceptionally god-gifted individual. Her skills spread over multiple domains shows her quick excelling ability in various role. From a talented golf player to an influential model to an adult content creator, she maintains different personalities for various roles. Her immense dedication makes her fit for multiple disciplines. You can enjoy her dedication as a golf player, creative model, or OnlyFans creator. She prefers to surpass conventional boundaries with remarkable skills.

6. Who is Grace Charis’s boyfriend?

The beautiful golfer turned adult entertainer Grace Chris has made headlines on Showbiz pages for the last few years. The combination of beauty with the brain has become an internet sensation. Her personal relationship creates multiple rumors on social media. But the Californian star always keeps it secret. So, currently, Grace Charis has no boyfriend or serious relationship. Some media persons who are close to her reveal that she enjoys a blissful life as a single!

Her social media accounts made it clear that she does not like a fume of gossip about her relationship. That’s why she posts solo activities or pictures, not even allowed to post a friend’s circle selfies!

7. What is about Grace Charis measurements?

She has an attractive body shape like other celebs or sports persons. The size of her breast waist-hip ratio is 33-23-35.

8. What is Grace Charis height?

As expected from a sportsperson, the potential golf player is long enough. Grace Charis height is 5 feet 7.6 inches.

9. How old is Grace Charis?

Grace Charis age is a matter of curiosity for many. Even after joining OnlyFans, people search desperately for Grace Charis age. She was born on August 23 1996, which makes her 26 years old (as of 2023).

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