How to Underline in WhatsApp by Learning Simple Tricks?

How to Underline in WhatsApp by Learning Simple Tricks?

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How to underline in WhatsApp- the headline itself will leave many wondering if it is possible. Well, it is very much possible. With so many features being rolled out, WhatsApp brought this feature into existence too. Apart from this, there are several more text formatting features you need to know.

Not a lot of people are aware of text formatting on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms for text messages. The fact that it has so many text formatting options comes as a shock to many. Many app developers launched the beta versions such as GB WhatsApp with extensive features.

If you aren’t aware of the WhatsApp text tricks, let us help you.

How to underline in WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp text formatting is definitely one of the favorite features. However, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow. There are higher possibilities that many people are still unfamiliar with. If you want to know how to underline in WhatsApp, you need the help of third party apps.

Most people are often searching for how to underline text on Android phone via WhatsApp. Well, if you are one of those, we got some of the best WhatsApp text tricks.

How to underline in WhatsApp:

There’s no proper or direct rule for underlining text in WhatsApp. If you want to make your text prominent to the reader, you need to highlight or bold it. But, if you want to underline text in WhatsApp, you will need the help of an additional app, the BlueWords app.

BlueWords App makes it extremely convenient to format the text in WhatsApp. However, it is necessary to choose from the different formatting styles to get the most accurate results. Here are the steps to how to underline in WhatsApp

  1. Launch the BlueWords app on your device.
  2. Open the app and select the Underlined option.
  3. Enter the text you want to send and click on the Share icon.
  4. In the dialog box, click on WhatsApp from the given list of apps.
  5. After WhatsApp opens, choose the contact you want to share the text with.
  6. The underlined text will be shared with the contact.

BlueWords App is a third-party app. Hence, it is necessary to integrate the platform with WhatsApp. Nonetheless, before using any third-party apps with WhatsApp, make sure to check whether there are serious privacy concerns or not.

BlueWords app is a top-rated app bringing about several styles and templates. You can easily choose from any one of the following and proceed.

What are the WhatsApp text tricks?

While you generally need the third-party app’s help for WhatsApp text formatting, there are certain format options for which you will not need any third-party app. Features like monospace, bold, strikethrough, italics have been launched directly by WhatsApp. Therefore, it is essential to check the basics.

These WhatsApp tricks are exclusive and can be of great help in the long run. Moreover, these basic tips themselves make WhatsApp texting so much fun.

Try cool WhatsApp tricks

How to bold font in WhatsApp?

Do you want to make your text prominent so that everyone pays attention to it? Well, if you’re in a group chat, often the most important texts are missed. The only way to avoid missing text is to bold it.

Using the bold font in WhatsApp is pretty easy. You need to use an asterisk (*) before and after the line that you want to highlight. You can bold a single text or some lines. Once you apply these asterisks to the string, the string will appear different from the general lines. Now that your text has turned to bold, you can send it.

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How to italics text in WhatsApp?

Sometimes, we just want to go the extra mile with our text formatting. Don’t we? Well, the best way to make our texts stand out often is to italics them. Italics can help you make your favorite quotes or songs prominent.

If you want to italicize a line or sentence, you need to place an underscore (_) before and after the string. The moment you enter the sign, the text will turn to italics. Now that your text is in italics, send it to your colleagues or friends.

How to strikethrough?

Don’t we all wish to strike out something from our lives? While we can’t generally do that from our lives, we can definitely strike many things out from our WhatsApp texts. Thanks to WhatsApp, they have made texting really fun with the strikethrough feature.

Now that you know how to underline in WhatsApp, you also should know how to strikethrough. To strikethrough the text, you need to apply a tilde (~) before and after the text. Strikethrough is a sign that the particular text is canceled.

How to Monospace WhatsApp?

Monospace WhatsApp is fun and makes it so much more prominent. Indeed, Monospace is one of the most fun WhatsApp text tricks. The Monospace feature seems to add a little space between each character. One small space changes the entire formatting.

If you want to apply Monospace in WhatsApp, you need to put three backticks (”’) before and after the text. As soon as you do so, the text format will turn into a monospace.

All these WhatsApp tricks are fun and convenient. You will want to use these tricks to beautify your texts. If you keep using these tricks, you will surely pass on a lot of important information without your friends missing out on them. Why? It’s a human tendency. When something appears to be slightly different from the general one, we tend to read it regularly.

Can you format the texts on WhatsApp Web?


As long as you are using the signs correctly, you can easily format the texts on WhatsApp Web. However, it is necessary to note that underlining in WhatsApp web may be slightly different.

If you want to learn how to underline on WhatsApp Web, you will need to follow the same steps as that of a phone. You can download BlueWords for desktop from your web and add the extension. However, whenever you are underlining texts on WhatsApp Web, make sure that there are no privacy concerns with the app.

How to make chatting interesting on WhatsApp?

No wonder WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms for correction. But there are certain considerations that you will need to make while using WhatsApp for chatting. Most of us use WhatsApp web. But, do you know there’s a WhatsApp desktop as well?

WhatsApp desktop works similarly to WhatsApp web. It is an app that will efficiently run on your Mac and PC devices. Comparatively, WhatsApp Desktop is fast and reliable. If you are tired of using WhatsApp web on your browser, just install the app and get going.

Moreover, WhatsApp desktop provides more benefits and features than WhatsApp web. In many cases, WhatsApp web may just limit you, especially in terms of notifications. But there is no such thing on WhatsApp desktop. So, if you have been using WhatsApp on your phone for a long, just sign up for it via your desktop too.

Install WhatsApp and use exclusive text features

Features of WhatsApp desktop

Here are some of the really cool features of the WhatsApp desktop:

Customize Notifications

One of the greatest features of the WhatsApp desktop is its ability to offer notification customization. Audio-visual notifications can be highly annoying. But WhatsApp desktop just helps to customize it.

If you don’t want to hear sounds because they’re disturbing you too much, disable notification sound. But, if you want to disable the alerts, you can unselect the Desktop alerts option. Moreover, you also have the option to mute it for a particular number of hours or days.

Faster navigation

The tab key does play an essential role in boosting navigation. If you’re a keyboard ninja, WhatsApp Desktop is something you will love. Most of the features of the WhatsApp desktop are tied to the Tab key.

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Several keys only make it easier for you to view or send messages. The initial two tab phrases are highly beneficial. You can easily switch to typing the name and starting your conversation. Navigation becomes extremely easy with the help of tab keys.

Whether you need an emoji or text, you can click on the Tab key and get going with it. Moreover, these tab keys can also play an important role in transitioning from GIF to Stick to emojis section smoothly.

Emoticons to Emoji- Real Quick

Emoticons sound so old, right? But they are incredibly convenient to convey your emotion. However, with the coming in of emojis, we don’t tend to use emoticons much, although they’re so helpful.

The trend of emoticons isn’t all lost. WhatsApp desktop follows the use of emoticons in today’s time. So, if you love the era of AOL chat, you need to give WhatsApp desktop a try. It will very quickly and smoothly turn emoticons into emojis. So, you are catering to the old trends and are in touch with the new trends.

We all remember the signs for emoticons. All you need to do is enter the popular emoticons and press send. Instead of emoticons, these signs would appear as emojis. Now, you don’t have to go navigating across the emojis section. Type the emoticon, send, and there, you have the emoji.

Emoji Commands

This is best applicable for people who can’t go ‘text’ without using emojis. So, if you are an emoji buff or someone who just loves using emoji in their commands, you need to have a WhatsApp desktop.

The shortcut to getting the emoji tab is Shift + Tab. The next step is to choose the emoji of your type and click enter. In this section, you are going to find a lot of emojis. Furthermore, WhatsApp desktop also supports Slack-like emoji features.

What are some cool features of WhatsApp?

Apart from text formatting, there are some really cool features by WhatsApp. Although there have been several text messaging apps, WhatsApp has taken over us like a storm. Believe it or not, but WhatsApp has been more convenient than Messenger.

Hide your story from particular contacts

Stories are one of the most prominent ways to express your mood. Moreover, it can be very personal too. So, most of us want to hide a few of our stories from a few of our contacts. So, the best thing would be to limit them from viewing our stories.

In the status privacy section, you can hide your Status from the particular contact. You need to click on Status, and then, My Contacts Expect. You will also receive the Only share with option. In this option, only the ones you select will be able to view your stories.

The Only share with option is valid for a limited number of contacts.

Quickly delete the messages.

If you have mistakenly sent a message to someone you were not supposed to send it to, you can delete it for all. This feature of WhatsApp is highly efficient for saving you against major mistakes.

If you want to delete a particular message, select it and click on delete for everyone. However, your action cannot be undone if you delete the message only for you.

Save data allowance

If you have limited data, WhatsApp can save you from the risk of losing it all. You can restrict the download option to get all the benefits. You can therefore click on the download option for sent and received items. Not only do you get to save data for sending messages but also for media.

Read delete messages

If you want to read the deleted messages, you can download an app for it. These apps will offer you access to read deleted messages. Moreover, the app will keep track of all the incoming information and prevent the notification from disappearing.

Auto answer

If you are not available for a certain time, you can always click on the auto-answer. This feature is helpful for professionals who want to add automatic greeting messages.

Disappearing messages

You can turn on the Disappearing message option for a particular contact. The Disappearing timeline is usually seven days. However, these messages will be available on the recipient’s phone.

Final Thoughts

Now, not only do you know how to underline in WhatsApp, but you also know a wide range of features. If you are someone who uses WhatsApp frequently, you need to keep trying these features. WhatsApp rolls out new features with its updates.

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