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10 Engagement Ring Trends for 2020


2020 brings with a wide range of new and exciting jewellery trends – but none are as varied and as unexpected as the new crazes in engagement rings. The classics are a thing of the past this year – and the stage currently belongs to unique engagement rings – the more unique, the better. From elegant diamond-adorned pearl rings to a new spin on the classics, vibrant gemstones and retro inspiration, here are the top engagement ring trends of the year. 

1. Sustainability


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that due to the social climate of the moment, sustainable bling tops the lists. Sustainability has been an ongoing topic in fashion in the recent years – and jewellery producers and retailers took notice. In 2020, you’re sure to find a great selection of recycled gold engagement rings, sustainably cultured gems and an increased interest from the public (especially Millennials and Gen Zs) to adhere to the new standards of eco-friendly shine and sparkle. 

2. Coloured Gemstones


Bold and vibrant is IN in 2020 and the market is already saturated with everything from emeralds to amethysts and citrine. Whether her favourite colour is lilac purple, sunny yellow or intense forest green, there’s definitely an engagement ring out there designed in every colour of the rainbow. Plus, a coloured bling channels the royal aesthetics (hello, duchess Kate’s Ceylon sapphire stunner) and scores high in uniqueness. 

3. Emerald Cuts


Reminiscent of Art Deco lines, emerald cuts are at high demand when it comes to engagement rings in 2020 and more and more young shoppers prefer the angled alternative to the classic round cuts. Emerald cuts often come alone – but they also look great in teams of three – the more sparkle, the better. If you’re looking for the perfect combo of classic with a modern twist and aiming for a cut without an expiration date, emerald designs are the safest bet. 

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4. Pearl Engagement Rings


Emma Stone started a big trend when she first posted her pearl engagement ring on social media back in December. Her bling: a gorgeous white Akoya pearl ring set in platinum, featuring a diamond halo. If you’re set on proposing this year and on a mission to avoid the predictable diamonds, pearls make excellent choices – plus, you’ll be spending less for the same elegant, timeless appeal. 

5. Rose Gold Finishes


If you’re shopping for a lover of all things pink, it doesn’t get more obvious: a rose gold ring is a perfect match. Rose gold is trending this year when it comes to everything that shines and sparkles, from boho jewellery pieces to layered necklaces and yes, engagement rings. Bonus points: rose gold complements virtually any skin tone, which means it’s a fool-proof choice, with an added note of uniqueness. 

6. Georgian-Inspired


Lavish, intricate, ornate – the Georgian aesthetic has transformed the jewellery industry. And in 2020, Georgian era elements are back, now more eclectic and more sumptuous than ever. If your special someone is a lover of intricate jewellery pieces and tends to stay away from minimalistic designs, you’ve found her match: luxuriant Georgian-inspired engagement rings, loaded with irresistible vintage charm. 

7. Floral Accents


There’s an impressive number of celebs out there who seem to love their floral sparkle. From Princess Eugenie to Katy Perry, everyone seems to have hopped on one of the latest trends in engagement rings: floral bling. When choosing a floral engagement ring, make sure to opt for a simple band and let the bloom be the statement piece. Whether you’re set on clear, traditional diamonds or flirting with the idea of choosing coloured gems, this trend features both options, with an impressive amount of designs already available on the market. 

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8. Unique Statement Rings


The breakup with tradition continues with this next trend. Sometimes, simply ‘unique’ doesn’t cut it. If your love is looking for something completely out of the box, give her just that. An engagement ring with lots of personality, innovative design – a piece that’s personal, customized and simply one-of-a-kind. Whether that involves a geometric band or a futuristic ring in minimalist lines, the range of possibilities is endless. 

9. Emerald Gems


2020 seems to be all about emerald – not just when it comes to cuts, but also when it comes to colours. Go green this year with stunning emerald gems, combined with twinkling diamonds for utter shine from every angle. Symbolizing serenity and new beginnings, emeralds make great choices for engagement rings – plus, they come in a variety of shades, suitable for each and every skin tone. 

10. Double the Shine


What’s better than a solitary sparkling gem? Two sparkling gems, that’s right. When one doesn’t cut it, simply opt for double the brilliance with an engagement ring that features two stones. Symbolizing two becoming one, two stone rings are definitely trending right now – and they offer a great alternative to customers who want to stick with the classics in terms of finishes and gems, but on the lookout for out-of-the-box designs. 

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