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Bong Maintenance: Keeping Your Bong Clean and Long Lasting

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The euphoric feeling that putting your bong to use is an unbeatable experience. However, this wonderful sensation can be threatened by stumbling blocks named maintenance and cleaning. If not well done, or if not done regularly, your bong experience may gradually lose quality because of accumulated residues. Thus, cleaning your bong regularly and ensuring a good maintenance culture should top your to-do list from the moment you buy one. 

Purchasing a bong and getting high is a thrilling experience, no doubt, but that’s just the easy part. As easy as cleaning and maintaining a bong sounds, it’s usually left undone and can be quite tricky without the right materials and knowledge. In fact, bong maintenance is often overlooked by lots of bong users, some of whom would rather replace the bong than bother about cleaning intricacies. However, the wonderful feeling you get each time you put your bong to use could be ruined by a poor maintenance culture, which can interfere with your high and costing you money. 

Cleaning and maintaining a bong can be a difficult task when you don’t know what to do or how to do it. Your bong may accumulate different types of stains due to frequent usage, and not knowing how to get rid of them can be quite frustrating and annoying. This article considers the common bong stains and accidents, their remedies and preventions as well as giving you tips on how to overcome the twin hurdles of bong cleaning and maintenance, in order to preserve bong quality and user experience. 

Common Bong Stains and Accidents

The following are some of the common bong stains and accidents that bong users usually come across and tips on how to prevent them. 

  1. Mold Stains 

Mold stains are perhaps the most challenging type of stains to get rid of. They are not only challenging to clean, but also unpleasant to look at. It’s advisable to avoid them totally and this is best done by replacing the water in your bong daily in addition to carrying out a thorough cleaning every week.   

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2. Water Stains

Water stains are caused by mineral content inherent in unfiltered water. These stains are easily sustained but difficult to clean off. They are gotten through the usage of tap water and other unfiltered water sources. However, there is an easy way around them, which is to avoid using unfiltered or tap water in your bong. While you may clean your bong with tap water, you should always rinse with filtered water to dispose of mineral content residues in tap water. It’s advisable to refrain from using unfiltered water totally as water stains are caused by the mineral content they possess.

3. Scratches

The process of removing scratches from glass has constantly eluded any easy mechanism. Due to the complicated nature of scratch removal, you should always handle your bong carefully, for prevention is better than cure in this instance. This is because the process of removing scratches from glass is usually tedious and time-consuming. Besides, there is no assurance that the scratches will be successfully removed. In addition to being time-wasting, materials needed for the procedure are expensive. You may purchase a bong bag or case to help keep your bong from sustaining scratches. Whether on the road or at home, bong cases serve the purpose of keeping your device clean and in top condition. 

4. Breakage

Breaking or cracking your bong is the worst thing that could happen, literally. Once your bong breaks, it’s totally damaged and has lost its usefulness. This is another bong usage accident that is better prevented than remedied, as you’ll have to purchase a new one should it occur. Breakage is an irreversible occurrence unlike the earlier mentioned stains and so, you should avoid placing your bong on surface edges or in positions where they can fall easily. You can prevent breakage by putting your bong in its case when not in use for safekeeping. You should also handle it with care during usage as breakage can be sustained if you drop your bong.

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Five Simple Steps to Keep Your Bong Clean. 

Here are five simple steps you can take to clean and maintain your bong without breaking a sweat to ensure long term usage and satisfactory experience. 

  1. Empty the bong by pouring away the used water in it. You should rinse or flush out any dirt particles with warm water and empty the bong again. It’s best to empty and rinse out your bong after every use for optimal hygiene. 
  2. After rinsing and emptying your bong, you should pour a cleaning solution into it. Most bong cleaning solutions are a mixture of alcohol and salt components that work against resin stains. This helps you to remove resin particles and saves you time. When the solution is in the bong, cover all openings and shake the bong slightly but vigorously till resin stains are no longer on the glass. Then you should leave the solution to soak.
  3. Sometimes, it may take more than one application of the solution to successfully clean your bong. If you notice any stubborn stains on the glass, wipe them off with a brush or bong scrubber. 
  4. Once you’ve done this, you may empty the bong and rinse it with warm water. If the glass still looks foggy, you should add a little cleaning solution and repeat the process until your glass is clear. 
  5. Your bong is now ready for use and may be filled with filtered water again. 

Some of the essential items needed for bong maintenance include an alcohol and salt-based cleaning solution, a bong brush or scrub and a bong case. You should treat your bong with care to ensure long-lasting usage and preserve the wonderful experience it helps to foster. 

You should also make sure to buy quality bongs by checking customer reviews and buying from trusted sellers and brands. Even with great maintenance, a low-quality bong remains one and no maintenance culture can change that.

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