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Top American Websites for Fun – Spend Time Playfully


Modern Internet users have a lot of opportunities online. They even face overchoice of programs, applications, and websites for self-development, entertainment, work. Most digital platforms are international and accessible for free. But there is a range of websites that can be used only by residents of specified countries. For example, online casinos, streaming platforms, social networks, etc. The US users have access to the most top American websites for fun that provide qualitative content, the wide function sets for online communication, and having fun.

The exceptional entertainment platforms for Americans

The USA is notable with numerous interesting online projects. Americans have the privilege to use some of them chargeless, having confirmed their US-based location. These platforms aim to provide qualitative entertainment and educational resources for all willing American users.

American top-ranking movie sites

Now online streaming platforms are in high demand. Quarantine dictates its rules for millions of people mured at home. American movie streaming websites are among the top-ranking ones with huge collections of films of any genre, user-friendly interfaces, and exclusive content to enjoy. Top-3 platforms that are available only in the USA are:

  • Tubi TV – is notable with hot-topic novelties of the world’s cinematography in its libraries.
  • PopcornFlix – the website offers best-selling films mostly. But it does not mean that willing watchers would not find some Japanese horror or Italian comedies. The selection of movies is impressive.
  • Vudu – this platform obtains both free and paid video content to watch. Most films are accessible for free. Some premiers can be seen only by owners of premium accounts.
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Besides American movie websites, there are gambling platforms, informational portals, and games that can be enjoyed only by residents of the United States of America.

The US gaming & gambling platforms

It is worth noting that online gambling and sportsbooks in the USA were illegal for a long period. Most states changed their regulations concerning online casinos and sports bets last year (in 2019) in October-November. Other states as Indiana, Michigan, and others approved gambling activities only at the beginning of 2020. 


American authorities decided to launch websites for entertainment that will be accessible only for citizens of the US states. The most popular ones now are:

  • BetAmerica;
  • DraftKings Sportsbook.

However, talented people like those at, collate all the US Sportsbook and Casino websites in one easy to use and informative directory, offering the very best of bonuses, promotions and free bets.

Speaking about video games, most of them are available for each willing player. Nevertheless, several digital products obtain special versions for American users. For example, Sims City – the famous simulator that is liked by teenagers. It has a couple of updates available only in the USA. The same situation is with popular shooters, arcades, etc. They are personalized for US-based consumers. It makes the gaming process more exciting.

American social media networks and chats

Americans are not limited to communication. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and other platforms are used both by millennials and young Internet surfers. At the same time there are many other projects for interaction in the USA:

  1. GroupMe – free chatting with US-based users.
  2. Discord – the chat for gamers.
  3. TalkWithStrangers (American chats) – a website platform for texting and video calls between residents of one state.
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Entertainment platforms that highlight American mentality, humor, and the way of life are highly estimated by modern US society. One more way to spend time with fun is surfing on the free dating websites in the USA. Chat for giggles or establishing online romantic relationships. In both cases there are plenty of options to opt for – private chat-rooms, webcams, flirting gifts, likes, and so on.

Besides websites for amusement, there are a lot of American projects for professional activities. These sites are helpful for office task performance and other challenges workers should cope with.

American educational and work-oriented platforms

The USA is famous for its huge freelance platforms for proactive professional collaborations. Additionally, there are many educational websites for school children and students of universities, colleges. They aim to provide interesting activities, courses to fill boring (at first sight) subjects with exciting practices.

The leaders of the independent rating are Thinkific and Coursera. Both projects contain theoretical content, graphical explanations, courses, guides, and other helpful material for self-development.

Americans are very talkative people with great ambitions and purposefulness. Their entertainment, educational, and collaborative platforms prove this fact in full scope. Do not waste your time – inspire, work, have fun with the US-based websites we have recommended!

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