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Brandon Hatmaker Divorce, Career, Net Worth, and More


Brandon Hatmaker is an American resident. He is not an ordinary resident but a celebrity.

Brandon hatmaker is famous for various reasons. He is a well-known American author and a philanthropist, and Pastor.

This 49-year-old famous author is also popular as a former TV star. However, he is more prominent in America now as the ex-husband of the famous TV star, speaker, and author Jen Hatmaker.

This article will find everything about Brandon Hatmaker, from his birthday to his most outstanding achievements and current positions.

There are a lot of controversies going on about the divorce of these two famous authors.

Every link has something new to say about their relationship and the reason behind their split.

If you have heard of Hen and Brandon Hatmaker relationship, you will be able to relate to this context and find out more about their life here!

About Brandon Hatmaker

Brandon Hatmaker was born on July 15, 1972. He spent his early life in his birthplace, which is Colorado, USA.

Hatmaker is a famous author, TV star, and Pastor. He was married to another well-known name in America, Jen Hatmaker.

Brandon Hatmaker profile

  • Full Name: Brandon hatmaker
  • Profession: Author, TV star, philanthropist, social entrepreneur, and Pastor.
  • Date of Birth: July 15th, 1972
  • Place of birth: Colorado, United States of America
  • Currently residents at Austin, Texas, US
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Relationship Status: Divorced
  • Spouse: Ex-wife Jen Hatmaker
  • Children: Five
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Ethnicity or Race: White
  • Weight ( in pounds): 172 pounds
  • Weight ( in kgs) : 78kg
  • Height (in cms) : 188
  • Height ( in feet) : 6’2
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • University: Oklahoma Baptist University

Personal details and early life

Brandon was born and brought up in Colorado, USA. His father was a pastor, and he spent his childhood in colorado with his siblings. However, Brandon is a famous American nationality holder, always been secretive about his personal life, especially his family.

He never made an in-depth statement about his parents or family, nor did he reveal their pictures. Therefore, no one is aware of who is his father or siblings. It is believed that the Pastor got the urge to become a pastor after seeing his father.

Brandon Hatmaker is a fascinating person, and there is no surprise that he had an interest in various things. Although there is not much information about Brandon’s family, he mentioned that he comes from a religious and strict family.

Brandon’s family always followed religion strictly, which didn’t allow him to chase all his interests. For example, he grew interested in becoming a pastor because of seeing his father pastoring in Church for years. He said he visited their family Church every Sunday to see his father pastoring.


There is no confirmed information about Brandon’s schooling. However, he was a student at Oklahoma Baptist University. Here he completed his secondary education. Later on, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art in 1995.

Brandon Hatmaker net worth

In this era, involvement in multiple professions has become common. But being good at every position is quite challenging. However, Brandon’s balance in all the fields is worth praise. His current net worth is around 4-6 million dollars.

Many people are curious about what Brandon does to earn a living. However, by this line of Brandon hatmaker’s biography, you have read about his professions more than once. He achieved several things and worked in various industries, and undoubtedly all of them made him enough for a good, rather luxurious living.

It will be more comfortable to understand his professional journey if we break it into sections and describe them one by one. Although he has been a pastor, TV star, author, philanthropist, and social entrepreneur over the years, his journey started as a pastor.

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Brandon Hatmaker Pastor

After completing his graduation, he started pastoring in the New Austin Church. However, in 2008, Brandon and his ex-wife Jen Hatmaker co-founded the Church and four other families.

Brandon Hatmaker, the famous American author

Brandon Hatmaker has not only been a good pastor, but he is a published author too. He published several books and became a famous author because of his religious books.

Although he worked as an author for several books, including The Justice Primer: An 8-Week Guide to Social Impact, A Mile Wide: Trading a Shallow Religion for a Deeper Faith, His first religious book is the most popular among readers.

He published his first book named Barefoot Church: Serving The Least In a Consumer Culture in 2011. It was his first religious book, which brought him a lot of fame.

Brandon Hatmaker as a reality TV star

Jen Hatmaker and Brandon hatmaker made an appearance in several tv shows. Brandon had his most significant and the most notable appearances during 2013-2015.

Brandon hatmaker’s first huge and famous appearance was on the TV reality show Brother vs. Brother in 2013. After Brother vs. Brother, he had the two most significant milestones in this tv star profession with the tv shows My Extensive Family Renovation in 2014 and Tiny House in 2015.

Brandon Hatmaker as a philanthropist

Brandon Hatmaker has more enormous achievements, apart from being a pastor, TV star, and author. The legacy collective is a famous organization for philanthropists.

It can be described as a community of diverse philanthropic leaders. Brandon founded the organization in 2015. However, Brandon Hatmaker co-founded this organization. He is the co-founder and a manager of Legacy Collective.

What is Legacy Collective? What is the purpose of this organization?

As mentioned previously, the Legacy Collective is an organization for diverse philanthropic leaders to bring sanity to the world. It was co-founded by the well-known pastor, tv star, author, and philanthropist Brandon Hatmaker.

Legacy Collective looks into some of the significant issues in society. The purpose of the organization is to bring people together. The community of philanthropic leaders looks forward to reducing people’s discrimination regarding racism, sexism, etc.

Jen and Brandon Hatmaker
Image Credit: HGTV

Jen and Brandon Hatmaker divorce

Although Brandon hatmaker is a famous personality himself, he is mainly known as the husband or ex-husband of the famous TV star, blogger, speaker, and author Jen Hatmaker. Before asking whether they had a love marriage or arranged, let us feed your curiosity in detail. Brandon Hatmaker and Jen Hatmaker had a love marriage in 1993. Read along if you want to know what happened to Jen and Brandon Hatmaker!

The story of Brandon and Jen started when they met in their college. They started dating in 1992, and after a year of dating, they realized they had found the one for them.

On December 30, 1993, Jen and Brandom Hatmaker got married. Over the years, the public has encountered their love growing for each other.

Brandon and Jen have five beautiful children named Gavin, Caleb, Ben, Remy, and Sydney Beth.

However, not many people know that out of the five children Brandon and Jen have, Gavin, Caleb, and Sydney are their biological kids. Ben and Remy are adopted children.

But it is incredible to see that all five kids get the same amount of unconditional love and care from their parents. Sadly and surprisingly, this beautiful story came to an end as Brandon Hatmaker, and Jen Hatmaker announced their divorce.

Both Brandon Hatmaker and Jen Hatmaker are famous, and they worked on many projects together. People loved them as a couple, and when they decided to split their ways as husband and wife, it was not only shocking but disheartening to their followers.

Jen is a famous blogger and has many followers. Everyone was sad to hear the news. Unfortunately, none of the couples came out with the reason behind this heart-wrenching decision.

Brandon Hatmaker family
Image Credit: Guideposts
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Why did Jen and Brandon Hatmaker divorce

Jen Hatmaker broke it to the world that they have decided to end their journey as husband and wife. Jen Hatmaker made a social media post where she said that she is thankful to every one of her fans for supporting her for the past two months.

Further, she said it was hard for her to believe that she was saying this, but she and her husband Brandon are getting divorced. She also added that she wouldn’t reveal the reasons since it is their matter. But she is still in grieve, and she is shocked and heartbroken.

The couple ended their married life of 27 years in 2020. 27 years is not a joke, and we can barely understand the amount of pain they felt while taking such a decision.

The post-split-up situation

In 2020, the famous blogger, author, tv star, and speaker broke the news of getting divorced from her former husband, Brandon Hatmaker’s well-known pastor, tv star, author, and philanthropist.

It was difficult for their fans to anticipate their split as a couple. Even Jen mentioned how devasted and miserable she feels to believe that she and Brandon are no longer together after 27 years of marriage with five kids.

Fans were upset and curious as well. A happy and compatible duo like Brandon and Jen Hatmaker was rare to find. Their bonding was unmatchable, and no wonder their fans also felt heartbroken to know that they would no longer be together.

Brandon Hatmaker affair

Their sudden split caused a lot of controversies among the fans. Although both the parties kept silent about the reason behind their divorce, there were rumors of a third-party situation.

The situation got even worse when Brandon took a step back from the Church. Soon after the news of Brandon and Jen Hatmaker getting divorced took over the media, the second wave was right on its way.

There were several dating rumors of Brandon Hatmaker after their divorce, and fans were visibly mad at Brandon for this. However, the dating rumor was neither confirmed nor denied by any of the two.

Image Credit: Celebs In-depth

Brandon Hatmaker resigns

A few days after their divorce, a news channel revealed that Brandon Hatmaker resigns from Church.

Brandon Hatmaker leaves Austin new Church and resigned from his position as a pastor. It was the moment fans went insane over the whole story.

The resignation from pastoring caused a lot of chaos in Brandon’s followers, and they soon reached the point of harassment. People started harassing Brandon so much that he turned his Instagram account private.

Brandon was silent about the divorce from the very beginning. Even the news of divorce was announced by his ex-wife Jen Hatmaker only. However, Brandon had no other option but to break his silence about their divorce at a certain point.

Fans were showing support and love to Jen, and on the other hand, they were showing extreme hate and rage to Brandon because of the dating rumors about him.

So, he made a long Instagram posting where he asked the fans to stop harassing him and flooding his dm with questions about their divorce. He also added that he has a lot of projects lined up, and he will announce those positive things very soon.

For quite some time, it seemed like Brandon hatmaker disappeared from existence. He didn’t come to social media, and he wasn’t seen anywhere. People because curious about him, how he was doing, and where he was during this time.

But to the relief of his fans, Brandon hatmaker is safe and is currently living in his house in Austin, Texas, USA. He is currently working as the manager of his co-founded organization, legacy collective.

What is Jen Hatmaker doing now?

Jen Hatmaker is a fantastic author. She is working on various projects. In March 2021, she published her new book. Jen Hatmaker is living her best life!

Final thoughts

Brandon hatmaker is a famous personality, and you can find him on social media. He has a Twitter handle and the Brandon Hatmaker Instagram handle is also pretty active. Find him on Instagram by searching @brandonhatmaker. Moreover, he has more than 35K followers on his Instagram account and about 1700+ posts in his feed.

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