Essay as a Mandatory Task

Essay as a Mandatory Task During Studies


An essay is a mandatory task of the student’s independent work. The purpose of preparing an essay is to acquire the skills of independent work with literary sources, a critical analysis of the material read, and the formulation of conclusions.

Think writing an essay is easy? If compared with a term paper or thesis, then really, this is one of the most simple tasks that any student can handle. But, there is one important circumstance by which the “order of essay” is one of the most common reasons for applying to someone who can write your essay for you. CustomWritings can be a perfect custom writing solution available online.

Many students work and study at the same time, gain experience and knowledge in other areas that are more important for them, some already have families. That’s why not every student can deal with writing an essay by themselves.

In such cases, it’s really sometimes better not to take yourself to extremes, but to entrust the writing of your essay to specialists who can do it quickly, efficiently and taking into account all the requirements.

Essay Writing Requirements

Either you are going to order an essay writing or write it by yourself, you should know its structure to be sure everything is ok and you won’t have to redo it several times. Because, you know, redoing always takes much more time than doing it from scratch. 

The approximate volume of an essay is 8-15 pages of A4 format, in rare cases, up to 20. When writing an essay on order, adherence to the volume and requirements of the customer is necessary.

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The unique features of an essay:

  • strictness, invariability of structure;
  • emotionless submission of information. Doing such work does not require an assessment of the facts, but only a reflection of them;
  • use of several topical and competent sources.

These are universal features, regardless of the subject matter. It is important to keep this in mind if you decide to write the assignment yourself or buy it. Of course, the requirements for literacy, design and high uniqueness were not abolished.

You can master the subject perfectly, but you may have difficulty formulating your thoughts in writing or have no idea how to make an essay without plagiarism. In this case, the best solution is to apply to specialists.

Table of contents of an essay is the following:


  • The main part of the text (from 2 to 5 points);
  • Conclusion;
  • References (from 4 to 10 sources);
  • Applications (in rare cases).

A feature of the essay and its difference from other types of independent student works is that the essay, as a rule, is evaluated by the teacher from the first submission and is not subject to return. Therefore, even to such a seemingly insignificant matter as the execution of an essay on order, the performers should be very serious. After all, the resulting grade will affect the final score for the subject, as well as the attitude of the teacher towards you.

Order assistance in writing an essay with a reliable company and you will receive quality and reliability in the shortest possible time at a cheap price!

Who Can Write My Essays for Money?

To buy an essay online, you should just fill out a special form on the website where you indicate the subject, topic, number of pages, send methodological recommendations, if any, and the wishes of the teacher.

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If you place an order during business hours, then, as a rule, within 2-3 hours your essay will be evaluated. For non-standard topics or a bulk order, the evaluation may take up to 24-48 hours.

Naturally, simply downloading the first abstract that caught your eye from the Internet does not make sense, since most likely it will not coincide with the plans and goals. Where to buy an essay? Are there any websites with free essay examples for reading? It is a logical question that the student often asks himself.

Before choosing one or another company, several important parameters should be considered. Choose the company whose activity is not focused on only one type of work. That is, employees should be competent in writing not only essays but also term papers, dissertations, practice reports, etc. In addition, the company should not be focused on a specific educational niche. So, for example, there are companies that are focused only on working with the school curriculum or only on working with the curriculum of higher educational institutions. Companies or agencies that perform multidisciplinary preparation of materials should be chosen.

The second criterion by which you should choose an agency or company is that the employees of the company themselves can select the topics of an essay if you yourself have not done so. Since the student is not always given a specific topic, some difficulties arise with its choice and disclosure of material.

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