CBD And Viruses

CBD And Viruses- What You Need To Know


One might often wonder if cannabis can help in the fight against diabetes, or cancers. Or if it could show promise in the battle against various viral and pathogenic diseases. Contrary to belief, even though CBD comes from cannabis, it does not have any psychoactive effects on the body. CBD is known for its inflammatory and pain-killing properties that have been instrumental in the medical field against various health complications. 


Viral diseases have scarred the human race for a very long time. From the black plague in the medieval time to the novel coronavirus in the twenty century, there is a constant threat from such infections to humanity. This has called on for the development of new and better weapons against such viruses. Recently cannabis and its derived products such as CBD oils and extracts have shown some positive prospects in this matter. There have been studies that work on how CBD aids the body against common diseases such as cold sores and common flu. 


However, then arises a question of what are the pros and cons of taking CBD for the above purpose. Studies have shown that edible CBD oil, consumed in quantities usually ranging from 2-2.5mg per day, could have balanced effects in the body leading to overall well being. To answer this question, quantitatively, one has to understand the fact that CBD has a different impact on different people of varying ages, gender, etc. This effect is so distinctive where people of different age groups could react differently to the same dosage of CBD. 


CBD acts upon the active sites within the endocannabinoid system. With this mechanism, it alerts the receptors with the help of enhanced hormonal secretions. Due to this, it is complicated to understand how cannabis reacts with one’s body, as one might not be able to predict until the time the person is under the influence of CBD. Therefore, you must consult a doctor for a supervised medication procedure. But before you approach a doctor, here are a few things one must know about CBD and viruses. 


Brief on what is Cannabidiol  


CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. It has shown enormous and novel potential in easing the fight against ailments such as diabetes, different types of cancers, to name a few. Nowadays, many companies have made cannabis readily available through a variety of products such as CBD oils, or marijuana available online, and other cannabis-infused edibles. Contrary to belief, even though CBD comes from cannabis, it does not have any psychoactive effects on the body. However, due to the increasing illegal availability of marijuana, testing of CBD has majorly been limited to animals, in specific, mice. CBD has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties that could fight the inflammation suffered by those who have diabetes.

How do viral infections affect the body 

In today’s world, more than 1 million deadly pathogens are living on the planet that carries the potential to kill a human. Therefore, in the fight for survival and protection against such viruses, it becomes essential to understand how these viruses affect one’s body. Viruses are a microscopic living organism, typically consisting of genetic material covered with a thick protein shell. These viruses then find a host under suitable conditions to multiply. These viruses drain the host cells and use natural metabolism and increase. The virus eventually ends up incorporating the genetic material into the host cell and then undergoes mitosis to replicate itself into multiple such viruses. After the incubation period of the illness, when it multiples to a vast number, the symptoms would start appearing. Arresting their growth with the help of a robust and durable immune system is the key to fight these infections. Many infections occur during the stage when the immunity is low due to recent suffering from another disease or external stress. This is where CBD can aid the immune system to fight infections and keep the body safe from adverse symptoms.

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Treatments for such infections

Traditionally, various such viruses do not have vaccines. One such grave viral disease is hepatitis. However, the state of the art techniques of treatment and medication concentrate on getting a viral infection. Many such antiviral treatments are not ready to meet the immediate needs of the time. CBD works with a motive of preventing rather than curing. In ancient times, mothers used to mix cannabis extracts to almond milk and in the plant juices and feed it every day to their growing babies between the age of 1 to 6 months. The medicinal potential of CBD  shows both preventing and curing properties. Unlike the conventional painkillers available on the market, which have a sedative effect, CBD makes efforts to neutralize the pain arising from such infections and provide relief for a longer duration of time without any sedative effects.

CBD as a super anti-pathogenic drug

CBD has always been an essential weapon against many pathogens, be it bacteria or virus. Research has shown CBD’s high potency as an antibiotic against various bacteria. These studies have shown inhibition of the growth of a class of bacteria, namely Staphylococcus, which causes skin infections, and Streptococcus, which causes strep throat. The studies predict that CBD can kill the pathogens in less than 3 hours of disease as compared to various other antibiotics such as Vancomycin and Daptomycin. The mechanism it follows is by initializing the corrosion of the biofilm, which drains the cellular cytoplasm of the bacteria. By removing the biofilm of the pathogen, CBD stops them from attaching itself with the cells of the human body and reproducing. 

Similarly, CBD stops the viruses from attaching and replicating its genetic material with the host cells. However, the mechanism varies pathogen to pathogen and makes it more difficult to resist. The unique tool makes CBD very difficult to cause resistance through mutation of the bacteria. However, CBD is a very pathogen-specific drug. For instance, CBD can be a deadly antibiotic to the gram-positive bacteria. Still, it does not attack gram-negative bacteria such as E. coli, which causes infections in the urinary tract. Therefore CBD is under a lot of research and development to make it more potent and can infiltrate bacteria and viruses of different types. It is, however, warned that it is an early stage for using CBD as a self-treatment measure. Studies have shown that CBD has a very high potency. One can order CBDfx gummies online and make use of it as an anti-pathogenic. The proper dosage limits and other parameters must be predetermined.  

diseases such as cold sores

CBD as a cure for common diseases such as cold sores

Cannabidiol has been studied to a pervasive level to limit many commonly occurring viral infections with no real cure. In this context, prevention using CBD towards curing cold sores has shown promise for fast recovery. The herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) causes fever blisters. As high as 90% of the American adults have tested positive for this disease. It usually occurs when the immune system of the person is under tremendous stress or at a stage where it is at the weakest. This causes inflammation and blisters, which can cause a lot of torment to the subject. 

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CBD has shown a very high sense of recovery in this context as compared to the traditional treatments and drugs such as Zovirax. CBD not just helps to cure the virus but also works on managing the symptoms that arise from it. CBD is well suited for spurring healthy cells and reducing pain and inflammation. Direct contact with the sores and blisters can help reduce them within days. Not only the recovery, but CBD works on an extensive restoration of the immune system with the help of immunoglobulin simulating compounds. CBD is also well known for tackling stress and anxiety. Addressing the root cause of the weakening of the immunity system that is the external stress, CBD ensures that the immunity of the person remains at the highest alert at all times, preventing a majority of the viral diseases from affecting the body. Many Doctors recommend the consumption of CBD and its extracts to keep one’s immune system healthy and stress-free. Get such CBD products and safe, lab tested gorilla glue strain available at industrialhempfarms.com

diseases such as cold sores

Mechanism of Cannabis tackling viral infections 

Research suggests that the compound that is present in the CBD extracts have constructive efforts towards eradicating viral infections. The cannabinoids, both endogenous and exogenous, can have a drastic influence on the infection cycle. In particular, CBD has shown preventive measures that work towards destroying the viruses during the incubation stage of the infection itself. Various clinical trials and different mechanisms of actions are still under extensive study to understand how CBD has such an influence. The neural receptors which are composed of cannabinoids of both the CB1 and CB2 type help in the enhanced detection and prevention of such external pathogens way beforehand. Since these neural connections are active sites for infections, CBD induces a sense of the line of defense to such sites. CBD, as a source of rich essential nutrients, also aids in this process with a continuous supply of calcium and magnesium to the cells. This becomes pivotal for building up immunity and resistance against viral infections. The receptors that are supplied by the cannabinoids have a mutative influence on the external viruses that weaken them to a point where the host can eliminate them without any struggle. This sense of defense is enhanced through the consumption of CBD, which allows strict facilitation of essential nutrients and minerals to the cells. 

Does CBD show any side effects?

From the preliminary understanding that we have regarding the function of the drug on our body, we can conclude that there are not many downsides of CBD. There are limited side effects, such as induced sedation and diarrhea. But these are found to occur when the dosage of CBD is not adequately regulated. If this persists, it can even affect the liver causing liver damage. Liver damage also happens when the CBD is not correctly broken down by the body, such as that of epilepsy patients. As per the World Health Organisation, CBD is in a non-inductive and non-addictive category of drugs. However, the purity of the CBD product needs to be taken into consideration for the fact that it might have different implications for the human body. Getting your hands on CBD products is easy. We suggest you check out Indica Strains for effective results.

Nevertheless, you must consult a doctor or a Holistic cannabis practitioner to be on the safer side. CBD might have an affinity towards other medications that one might be going through, such as blood thinners, which can have detrimental effects leading to different side-effects such as diarrhea, fatigue, dry mouth, etc. Thus, one must undergo a systematic diagnosis before taking up CBD-based treatment.

The extent that CBD can reinforce one in the battle against various viruses might vary from virus to virus. However, CBD has undoubtedly given a new option in curbing multiple health issues to make one’s life better.  

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