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Mount and Blade Warband Cheats for PC in 2020


Mount and Blade Warband overfill with the content that will entertain you overlong. This game is so thrilling that it took place in the list of best games of 2010. Children are giving so much their time to this game. Yes, we can say that they got addicted to it. However, the addiction is that the game is influencing the whole world to put efforts into fighting skills, diplomacy and controlling a big army.

If you are one of the people who don’t want to put effort into playing this game, you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we will show you some cheats that you can use to play this game. These cheats are going to give you extraordinary power to make things easy. Therefore, why not try some of these best Warband cheats?

How we can activate mount and Blade Warband cheats

Nowadays, everyone finds shortcuts to achieve success in their life. And this also works for games. Everyone is eager to find any cheat to pass out any level of the game. But before using cheats, you have to know how to activate cheats in your game. However, in Warband, you have to assess the game launcher and select configuration. 

After selecting configuration, you will see two options hide blood and enable cheats. Click the ‘Enable cheats’ box to activate cheats. Now press Ctrl+~ to visit the developer console of the game. Here you have to type “cheat menu” that will allow you to enable the debug features.

If the tilde key does not work for some reason, you have to visit your Warband installation folder. Now double click on the module folder and click the native folder, select menus.txt file. Then you will be able to see a line “mno_tutorial_cheat1 31 2 1 0“. You have to convert zero into one to solve the problem.

How to select a God-like character

If everything is going well, then you will be able to activate your cheats. However, after activating cheats, everyone wants to start a new game and select the right to rule and make kings instantly. Below we have given the information to offer your character the powerful features.

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Selecting characters does not require to enable the option of the cheat menu. There are two options to achieve. Firstly, you can start with a brand-new personality, or secondly; you can continue with the same. After selecting, you have to open the character sheet and click statistics. 

Now choose to export the character. Then minimize the window and visit the document folder. However, you will be able to see a Warband folder. In this folder, you will see a subfolder with your character’s name. Now here you can change your character’s name. Moreover, you can also add skills and money, etc.

Now go back to the game after editing your file. Now visit back to the character sheet and select import character to import your file. After importing, you can play like a god-like character.

Warband codes to use during battle

Here are some of the codes for Mount and Blade: Warband that you can use during any battle.

Ctrl+H – Health is vital during battle. Therefore, this will completely heal you during the fight.

Ctrl+Shift+H – This will heal your horse during battle.

Ctrl+F3   – It will make the game more challenging by damaging yourself.

Ctrl+Alt+F4 – This code will help you to knock out all the unconscious enemy troops.

Ctrl+shift+F4 – It will knock out all your enemy troops that are focussed.

Ctrl+shift+F6 – This will also make the game challenging by knocking out all your troops.

Ctrl+F6 – Knock one of your troop to make the game challenging.

Ctrl+F4 – After many presses, it will unconscious your enemy.

Ctrl+F9 – It will slowmo everything during battle.

Ctrl+F11 – It will stop the time during battle.

Ctrl+F5 – In battle, it will all take over your character.

Mount and Blade: Warband codes to use outside the battle

Ctrl+space – It will fast forward the waiting map.

Ctrl+X – It will offer 1,000 experience points to the party member that you select.

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Ctrl+W – This will increase all the proficiency levels of your weapons.

Ctrl+X – Gives you one thousand gold in your inventory.

Ctrl+T – It will help you to see all the hidden things on the world map.

Ctrl+L – Level up your character.

Ctrl+left click – It will upgrade all the available units.

Some Warband cheats.  

Here are some cheats that will make it easy for you to kill your enemy.

Agile warrior – You will get two agility skills from 5 to 7.

Art of war – Gain skills such as trainer, tactics and leadership.

Baron got back – You will be able to win a game against lord who previously beat you.

Bring out your dead – It will get you one of the healing skills.

Calradian army knife – It will kill ten enemies by throwing weapons.

Elite warrior – You will be able to win a round of deathmatch mode.

Force of nature – You and your army will be able to kill your 5000 enemy troops.

Girl power – If you are a female character, this cheat will help you reclaim your throne.

Good Samaritan – It will help a lord or party to win a fight.

Khaaan! – It will kill 75 enemies with horse archeries.

Knights of the round – You can recruit at least six hero characters.

Medieval times – You can win a tournament.

Trojan Bunny Maker – Get the engineering skills to update to five.

The Golden Throne – You can rule all over the calradia.

None shall pass – It will successfully defend your castle.

 Holy Diver – You can kill at least five hundred enemies.

Last man standing – It will help you to win one round in a battle round.

Morale leader – You can raise your soldier’s morale from low to high.

Ruin the Raid – You can win a conquest mode.

Talk of the town – If you are a female character, then you can raise your renown to fifty with this cheat.


The bottom line is that instead of these composite cheats, Warband also offers various powers that make the game easier to play. Keep in mind that don’t try to use these cheats in multiplayer mode. It might ban your profile. Therefore, start playing with these cheats in singleplayer mode and kill your enemies.

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