Gift Ideas for 1 year old baby girl

Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Baby Girl: How to Choose?

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They say buying gifts for girls is always easier than buying gifts for boys, as there are more options available. Let us find out if that is the same when thinking of gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl.

A baby girl begins to smile, interact, and crawl when she reaches one. It unquestionably is an exciting moment for parents, and you must celebrate the occasion well. You will get a variety of toys to gift a one-year-old. But it is always best you choose them wisely so that they are attractive and marvelous for their overall skill development. Today we are here with some appealing gift ideas for a 1 year old baby girl that she’ll love! All the gift ideas below are meaningful and will help your kid enhance her skills well. So, before your baby girl hits her 24th month, go through the list and get prepared to gift your kid the best!

Gift Ideas for 1 year old Baby Girl

Kids at the age of one cannot make out the difference between Christmas or birthdays. All they like doing is unwrapping their gifts and start playing with them. Since this is the time that kids can recognize color, you should gift them something engaging and colorful.

Selecting a perfect gift can be difficult initially, but it won’t be anymore after you finish reading our blog. So, let us check out all the gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl that they will love:

Smart Talking Soft Toy

If you’re looking for educational toys for 1 year old, then an interactive soft toy is a great option. Soft toys are something kids love to play with, no matter how old they grow. You can teach them phrases, colors, sounds, songs, and so much more with an interactive soft toy. Your baby girl will spend hours learning her first words and interacting with an adorable toy. You’ll also find these talking soft toys to have different levels of learning. So, these toys will help you give your baby girl a companion that’ll teach her so many things for the next few years.

gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl

Movable Learning Walker

You can get a variety of options if you’re looking for meaningful gifts for one year old. And amongst them is the movable learning walker. Several brands produce a walker that has multiple functions to keep your baby girl in full spirits.

The learning walkers are movable, and you can play the piano, sing songs, have a pretend telephonic conversation with grandma, and at the same time learn walking. So, if you want your baby girl to start learning early, this is the perfect gift option for you.

Shapes, Food and Color Block Picnic Basket

If you are looking for all the gift ideas for a 1 year old baby girl, then a picnic basket with color blocks, foods, and shapes is a perfect option. You can ask them to play with the basket and make different shapes or monuments. Of course, at the age of one, they may not be able to put together a perfect structure, but it is a great start.

This innovative picnic basket will help develop motor skills and be one of the meaningful gifts for one year old. You can pretend to go out for a picnic in your backyard with your baby girl. In this way, you will encourage her to play outdoors and recognize each of the things. You can try interacting with your baby and pretend to eat the foods from her picnic basket. Gifting kids is not as easy as you need to let them play and teach them new things.

block toys for girl

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A very story that children from all generations love. You can get a gift of the caterpillar and give it to a baby girl at the age of one. She might not be able to read the book at that age, but acting with a toy will surely be fun and happening. Also, the illustrations put on the book is something a kid will love at this age. This lovely gift set will surely help in language and imagination development in the child.

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Bubble Maker and Bath Toys

Babies take their bath very seriously and it is our duty to help them love the routine. And to do that, you can get some lovely bath toys for the girl along with a bubble maker!

Bubbles are an all-time favorite for kids. You can get various options in the store or online that can make bubbles and play nursery rhymes. These toys are easy to use. All you need to do is place them on the bathroom wall and switch it on. It will keep making bubbles and play lovely rhymes too.

Playing rhymes will encourage your baby girl to sing along and have a lovely time in the bathtub. It is best you also get a few floating bath toys that your baby can fiddle with while you are scrubbing them up with shampoo.

Minnie Mouse Gift Set

Girls always find Minnie Mouse fascinating for her colorful and bubbly nature. So, it’s one of the best gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl.

When you purchase the gift set, you will get a book that may talk and light up too. So, it will be quite a fascinating and fun learning experience for the kid. You’ll find these books have a unique design that’ll keep your princess engrossed for a long. Usually, these are specially made for kids at the age of one, so don’t miss out on this ideal gift option!

gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl

Cloth Development Book

Giving your child the idea of books is essential to encourage them to read, which is vital for their overall development. A cloth development book is made out of polyester that is safe for your baby.

Gifting a cloth book will enhance a healthy pattern in your child early, that is valuable. Although this gift might seem to be simple, it indeed is a gift full of wisdom.

Junior Horse Soft Toy

Another excellent option among the educational toys for 1 year old is the junior horse soft toy. You can help develop your baby girl’s motor skills and balancing abilities with a junior horse soft toy. It will enable your child to remain upright and engross in holding onto your horse’s ears.

In this way, you can engage them for hours and engross them in watching television programs for long. You’ll see them sit on their pet horse for long hours and imitate their favorite characters too. But you always need to make sure your baby plays under the supervision of an adult.

Also, it’s an ideal gift if you don’t like your kids to make a lot of noise, which indeed drives parents crazy. With an exclusive bouncy feel, your baby girl is going to love this gift.

Baby Block Building

Gifting educational toys for 1 year old is not a difficult task. All you need to do is a little research, and you’re good to go! A block building toy for kids is significant for growing up imagination skills, motor skills, pattern recognition, and problem-solving abilities.

In the game, you need to match up the blocks and put each of the pieces together. So, it can also help developing eye and hand coordination in the baby. However, the game is simple. It leaves exceptional benefits on the baby that’ll remain right through her adulthood.

Teether and Rattle

Teething is a common phenomenon that irritates a one-year-old child. So, if you want to give your child some relief from their problem, gift them a rattle. Even though it will be a little noisy, it is indeed going to be fun for your baby girl. Your girl will be in absolute awe when she looks at this fun toy. Always get the toy that has materials that are BPA free and safe for your child to use.

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Musical Squeeze Blocks

You can get a variety of options when choosing a block puzzle gift for your kid. Another exciting possibility for gifts is the blocks that make fascinating sounds when you squeeze them. They come in various colors and have multi-functional designs that can leave your baby girl in complete amazement.

You can even carry them easily if you travel as they are light and take up very little space. The different sounds these blocks keep your child curious and engrossed.

You’ll also find companies packaging them in recyclable bags that are also crucial for the environment’s well-being. So, don’t delay in buying your baby girl this spectacular gift.

Kid’s Night Light

Lights are always something that interests kids of any age. You can get multiple options for lights, and one of them is the 360-degree rotational light that comes with four LED bulbs. It gives the kid’s room a starry night feel that can amaze your baby girl and put her to sleep easily. All these lights have a soft projection that doesn’t hurt the eye when she is about to sleep.

Also, some lights come with a cable that allows you to change the lighting as your baby likes them. You can keep it bright at playtime and reduce its intensity when she is about to go to bed.

The star effect in the night creates an atmosphere that she might fantasize and relate from the pictures or videos she has seen before. Children are usually scared of the dark, so you need to choose a perfect light setting for them. And this can be one of the best gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl for her birthday or any other occasion!

kids night light

Princess Tents

The gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl are endless, and one of them is the princess tents. They come in a lovely pink color and allows you to fill it up with some colorful balls that your girl can play with. It also helps in increasing their exploration sense and motor skills.

Always get a tent for your baby girl that is safe to use. Also, check if the tent is light so that you can carry it with you while traveling.

These tents’ décor gives your baby girl a perfect princess feel with its colorful theme and mesh windows. Also, your baby girl develops a feeling of being safe in her space to build up her confidence level. And they are also very adaptable because you can put it up outdoors and indoors as well.

Musical Lullabies

Since a one-year-old baby girl is all out and about the entire house, putting them to sleep can take up some time. The nerves of the baby settle when she is about to go to sleep. So, you can get some lullabies that are soothing and relaxing.

You can always sing lullabies if you wish to, but keeping them can save you from the days you are tired. Some companies specially make lullabies for kids that can beautifully put them off to sleep.

Girls Headbands and Dress-up Accessories

Girls are born up with the instinct to dress up. And once they are crawling around the house, moms are indeed in worry about their accessories. So, one of the best options to gift your baby girl is an accessory set.

It can have chains and fancy headbands that will make your girl look super cute. Some innovative headbands look a lot like a turban and give your little girl a stylish look. Also, the shapes are flexible, and you keep your baby warm when it is cold.

But always gift an accessory set that does not have sharp ends to prevent any accidents. You can always check out the suitable ones for a one-year-old baby girl and then surprise them. All these colorful beads and lovely designs are indeed going to be your girl’s favorite.

Girls Headbands

Final Thoughts

When you think of gifting your baby a present, it is best to pay a close watch on their development skills. The gifts need to be exciting, fun, and colorful to keep your baby in full engrossment. All the gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl mentioned above are specially curated and are perfect choices. But always check the materials the toys and see if they are safe for your kid to use. So, if your darling princess is turning one soon, start your shopping now!

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