Baby Boy Names in Sanskrit

Baby Boy Names in Sanskrit With Meanings and Essence

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Have the tiny steps of a baby boy just entered your arena? Are you wondering what to call the little handsome? Well, read ahead, and we give you a list of specially selected baby boy names in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit has immense importance in Indian culture and is indeed a beautiful language. The names in this language are meaningful and will be cherished by your little one when he grows up!

So, read ahead, and we are sure the list of baby boy names in Sanskrit will not disappoint you. But before we get into details about the names and their special meanings, let us check out something you probably weren’t aware of until now! Read ahead if you’re in search of the best and unusual names in Sanskrit for your son!

What makes parents choose baby boy names in Sanskrit?

A name is the first identity of a person. So, parents look up books, magazines, the internet, and every possible way to get the best to give their little one. The child bears this all their life, and it remains even after that.

So, selecting a meaningful, cute, and unusual name is a desire all parents have! And to meet all their requirements, Sanskrit is one of the go-to for most Indian families. But why?

Well, if that is playing on your mind, go through the points below, and you’ll know why the names in Sanskrit are so popular:

An ancient language

It is not unknown to anyone that Sanskrit goes back to ancient Indian history. Sanskrit was among the first languages that people spoke.

Interestingly, most of the languages in India have been derived from Sanskrit. And it is needless to say that a language of such importance has a significant role all over Indian history and culture.

Name of deities

Another crucial reason parents wish to give their child a Sanskrit name is that it is after the God’s name the parents worship.

Parents believe and hope that the deity that they name their child with will bless the little one abundantly.

Kids carry the characteristic of the deities

Also, parents believe that their child will have the characteristics and attributes of the deities they name their kid after.

Astrological connection

Another reason why parents look for Sanskrit names is that it has a close connection with astrology.

Connection with ancestors

Indian parents also look at the family tree to get the name of their ancestors, and these names are mostly in Sanskrit. So, the parents try to learn about the ancestor’s characteristics and name their child to believe that the traits would pass.

Are these enough for you to know why Sanskrit names are so popular? So, now that you know scroll down and go through our specially handpicked list of baby boy names in Sanskrit! We’re sure you would love them!

Baby Boy names in Sanskrit with God names

You know already that one of the foremost reasons parents search for Sanskrit names is because there is a connection with deities. So, before we get into some unusual names in Sanskrit, let us check out some names in Sanskrit that have a relation with deities.

Here are the following:

1. Advait

If you’re looking for a synonym to Lord Vishnu and Brahma, then go for the name ‘Advait.’

The name Advait also means a person who is unique and stands out among the others. So, if you see your little boy is trying out something unconventional, something that other kids of that age don’t do, then this is your ideal choice.

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Moreover, the name Advait is unique, and no many Indian households have a person with this name. So, choose this and be sure your son will be pleased with his name when he grows up!

2. Bhuvanesh

Every parent desires their kid to reach their career’s epitome, and the world will know them. No parent can deny this! So, for that, don’t you have to choose an ideal name?

Well, then our choice for you is Bhuvanesh! The name means the Earth’s LORD! Also, the name refers to Lord Vishnu.

Some astrological studies also say that people with this name have a good fortune in terms of commerce. We aren’t sure about that, but the name ‘Bhuvanesh’ does have a strong meaning and is great for a person with a great personality.

3. Ekaksh

When you choose the name ‘Ekaksh,’ it refers to Lord Shiva. Another meaning of the name Ekaksh is one-eyed.

So, this name is given to believe that the person who bears this name will be focused and firm about their decisions. You can also say that Ekaksh has a link with one having an extremely strong decision.

So, being a parent, if you’re a worshiper of Lord Shiva and wish your child imbibes the qualities of determination and more, this is a great name.

4. Ishaan

The name Ishaan is linked not with one but three deities. First of all, Lord Ganesha is called Ishaan along with Lord Vishnu. Interestingly, Ishaan is also referred to as Lord Shiva’s eternal self.

The derivation of the name Ishaan is taken from ‘Isan,’ which means the Lord of Sun. Other meanings are a ruler or the almsgiver of riches. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Also, the name is modern and unique! If you like the name ‘Ishaan,’ go for it! Your son will love it when he grows up!

5. Itish

If you’re looking for unusual names in Sanskrit, well, then, here it is! Itish is unique, and you won’t find too many people with this name either.

The name Itish has a strong connection with Lord Shiva. And the meaning of this unique name is ‘The Supreme or Ruler.’

Itish is a great name that you can choose to give your baby boy! And we’re sure he’s going to love it when he grows up.

Vedic Names for Baby Boy

People who search for baby boy names in Sanskrit also lookup Vedic names. Vedic is believed to be the first language that the Gods spoke! So, parents also lookup for some unique names to call their little munchkin.

So, if you’re also someone looking for unique Vedic names for baby boy, read on below:

1. Arit

If you’re looking for Vedic names for baby boy, starting with ‘a’, then Arit is a great name. The meaning of this name has all worth being praised. Of course, some other meanings of the name Arit are honored, or someone who remains one-directional (in a good way).

So, if you like the name Arit, you can very well give your baby boy this name!

2. Harshit

Another great name you can give your baby boy is Harshit. The meaning of this name is joyous or fun-loving. So, if you’re a fun-loving couple and your kid is also the same, you can call your baby boy Harshit.

People also refer to the name ‘Harshit’ as a person who gives others happiness. Of course, it is needless to say that your kid has given you the ultimate happiness. So, you can name your child ‘Harshit’ and be sure he will love this name!

3. Vibhu

The name Vibhu is another Vedic name that you choose for your Sun. And the meaning of this name is excellent.

Also, the name Vibhu has a link with Lord Vishnu. So, this name also counts among the baby boy names in Sanskrit.

4. Mridul

Another name parents can choose to name their lovely delicate baby boy is Mridul. The meaning of this name is delicate or tender. So, it is true that parents consider their kid to be the most delicate one.

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And if you’re looking for a nice name, the name ‘Mridul’ can be a great choice for you!

5. Sarthak

The name Sarthak is a Vedic name that you can keep for boys. The name has a beautiful meaning to it, which parents love and call their kids by!

The meaning of the name ‘Sarthak’ is meaningful for one who is vital in life. In Hindi, Sarthak is also used to express satisfaction. There are several meanings of this name, and it is worth giving it to a child.

Unusual Sanskrit Names

Apart from checking out baby boy names in Sanskrit with God names and other Vedic names, parents also look for unusual Sanskrit names. So, if you wish your kid has the most unusual and unique name, scroll down below!

Here is a list of unusual names in Sanskrit that you can choose:

1. Aadinath

The name Aadinath has some weightage and means ‘God,’ First God or Supreme power. If you’re in search of unique names to call your tiny munchkin, then this can be a great choice.

2. Aagam

Another name you can choose to call your baby boy is Aagam. The meaning of the name Aagam is arrival. And of course, you tiny boy has arrived in your life to give you and your entire family the utmost happiness.

So, if you like this name, go ahead and choose it!

3. Aadi

Many Indian families name their child Aditya and give their child a nickname called ‘Aadi.’ But did you know that ‘Aadi’ itself can be a name? The meaning of the name ‘Aadi’ is first.

So, if your son is the first child, he is indeed extremely special. And this name can be an unusual Sanskrit name that you can call your tiny hero!

4. Abhaya

Every parent wishes their child to be fearless and overcome all the hurdles of their life. And you will be no exception!

Choose the name Abhaya and be sure your son will grow up to be a fearless human being and will overcome all the setbacks that he faces.

5. Achyut

Another unique name that has its way into our list is Achyut. The meaning of the name Achyut is imperishable.

Also, you must know that Achyut is another name for Lord Vishnu. So, you can say that this name has a meaning and a link with a deity you worship.

6. Daksha

The name Daksha means the person who has immense skill. And of course, it is a unique Sanskrit name that many parents would love. So, how could we not add it to our list of names?

7. Deven

If you’re searching for one of the unique names in Sanskrit, you can choose the name Deven. The meaning of this name is also unique as it means someone like GOD.

Well, no one can be like the Almighty, but there isn’t any harm in trying. Is it? At least, trying to achieve it will make us a better person.

So, Deven can be a choice for some of the parents out there!

8. Dhruv

The name Dhruv is unique and has a close link with the language Hindi. Dhruv means the polar star. Also, there are other meanings for Dhruv, like faithful and being constant.

Of course, it is needless to say that it is a unique name!

9. Ekadant

Ekadant has a close link in the Hindu mythological, and it is an alternative name that people refer to Lord Ganesha with.

According to reports, people with this name are focused on their work and desire to succeed in life. Also, they say that the person is exciting but timid. So, if you find similar traits in your little one, go ahead with this name!

Baby Boy Names in Sanskrit

10. Rohan

The name Rohan too is linked with Lord Vishnu. And the literal meaning of this name is Ascending. Some other meanings of the name Rohan are healing or sandalwood.

However, you cannot deny that this is a unique and modern name! So, you can very well go ahead with the Sanskrit name for your son!

Final Thoughts

Now that we have come towards the end, we hope you have gotten all the answers you were searching for.

Each parent, family background, and mindset is different, so we have tried to incorporate possibly all kinds of baby boy names in Sanskrit that you can choose from. So, go ahead and name your little hero!

Of course, don’t forget to let us know what you named your little one! Happy Naming 😊

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