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Russia Coronavirus Cases Over 545,000 and is the Third Most-Hit Country


Russia coronavirus cases on Saturday were 8706 and crossed 520,000. More than 2700 people have died since April. The United States of America is on the top infected countries followed by Brazil, Russia being the third-most hit due to the coronavirus. Currently, the numbers are at 545,458 cases in totality. The number of death is comparatively less compared to the US and Brazil.

Speculation about the data

World Health Organization (WHO) expressed speculation about the official data of the Russian government. But the Kremlin dismissed such discrepancies regarding low death toll. Though WHO said that this fact was still difficult to understand.

Russia’s statistics service Rosstat stated data on Saturday. The result showed 2712 infected by coronavirus died in the month of April. Out of the total of coronavirus cases, 1660 people have died caused by the virus. The rest have had underlying reasons along with it.

Russia coronavirus taskforce published that 1145 deaths happened in April. This data was released on a daily basis in that month. Recent death toll results by Rosstat are substantially higher than that of daily published results.

The deputy prime minister of the task force Tatiana Golikova briefed RIA news agency on Saturday. He assured that the authority will revise the numbers of death published in the statistics. No other confirmation from their side yet.

The statistics of people who died for coronavirus in May have been raised by Moscow’s health department. The process to determine the number of patients who died because of other health complications is going to change.

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