Work as a Paramedic with a Real Degree


When considering different career options, some people wonder, “How does one become a paramedic?” A paramedic’s job entails helping people during emergency cases, whether simple, chaotic or even dangerous. They are highly trained to endure different challenging situations during or after emergency protocols. Have a look at how to work as a paramedic with a real degree.

In line with the job description, paramedics are the medical professionals considered the first line of defense when there is an emergency. They are there to help patients by conducting basic to complex medical treatments before they are brought to the hospital.

If you genuinely want to be a paramedic, your focus should not be on having a stable job and making money. Instead, you must have a caring and compassionate nature to consider the job of saving lives a tremendously fulfilling mission and vocation.

No Shortcuts to Being a Paramedic

Because lives are at stake, there are no shortcuts when it comes to being a paramedic. Unfortunately, some who have experience in first aid and emergency response resort to fake degrees and try to pass these off as legitimate credentials to “become” paramedics. Such actions could prove to be risky not only to you as the aspiring paramedic but also to the people who will need your help.

Resorting to fake degrees is almost like putting the lives of the people you will help in danger. Such will not get you anywhere. So, instead of purchasing a fake college degree from a diploma mill, you will be better off going through the legitimate motions of becoming a paramedic.

If you search online, you will find thousands of results for the search term, “how to get fake degrees.” Nevertheless, that is not what you want to discover when browsing the Internet. 

So, what legitimate steps must you take to become a paramedic? These are as follows:

  1. You must undergo basic training under Emergency Medical Training (EMT), which is the first requirement to become a paramedic. Such training will allow you to learn and develop essential skills such as administering drugs, giving oxygen, taking vital signs, and more. 

Every state requires that a paramedic passes the EMT first before progressing to the next level. Basic training is the foundation for gaining the essential skills to become an effective paramedic, especially during life-threatening situations.

  1. You must take and pass the examinations related to EMT, such as certified CPR, EMT-basic, and EMT certification. These written examinations will test a paramedic trainee like you if you already have the basic skills and knowledge of necessary procedures to undertake in emergencies. It also determines your preparedness to move up the training ladder to proceed to the course of becoming a paramedic. There is also the option of taking digital medical courses and earning your CPR license online.
  2. You must proceed to EMT and pass the program. Emergency medical training or the intermediate is the second stage before becoming a certified paramedic. This stage will help you advance from basic to complex medical techniques needed during emergencies. 
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Also, EMT-intermediate will require you to allocate a specific amount of time to work in the field. Such is considered a basis whether you will pass the program or not. Also, keep in mind that you need to pass written exams to obtain certification and move forward to the next stage, the actual paramedic course.

  1. You will take a paramedic program from a school or community college that offers courses for paramedics. Typically, the knowledge and skills learned from previous EMT courses are very handy when it comes to the paramedic course. Like the other courses, paramedics are also required to learn basic mathematics, English, and such. 

These are the requirements for passing the paramedics course. Advanced human anatomy and physiology are additional courses that you must take and pass. Such studies also cover in-depth topics about the proper procedure and responsibilities of the different programs such as advanced cardiac support, advanced pre-traumatic care, advanced life support, and many more.

  1. Once you complete the training, you must seriously pass the paramedic exam. Such an exam will help you fulfill your dream to cruise down the road as a paramedic. Although the paramedic exam is challenging, focus and determination while attending the different review centers or programs can help you become a certified paramedic.
  2. After passing the licensing examination to be a certified paramedic, the next thing you need to do is find and apply to the different hospitals, companies, or emergency response teams to keep the skills and knowledge learned as fresh as possible.

Being a paramedic is said to be a rewarding profession. Therefore, if you are caring and compassionate, perhaps you should consider becoming a paramedic.

Benefits of Paramedic Training 

Being a paramedic will constantly put you on high alert. You will get all the adrenaline rush you could ever hope for in such a profession. Everyday heroes, otherwise known as paramedics, treat emergencies such as car accidents, fire, floods, blizzards, earthquakes, airplane crashes, and many more as everyday occurrences. 

As a paramedic, you will be categorized as a part of the health care team. As mentioned earlier, you will be well-trained in tasks like administering oxygen and drugs, responding to life-threatening situations, and even administering advanced medical procedures to save the lives of millions of people.  

Paramedics have significant responsibilities. One wrong move and you might lose a life. That is how challenging your chosen career is. Hence, there is no room for fake degrees in this profession. If you are passionate about this path, becoming a certified paramedic is the way to go. Undergoing the challenges of paramedic training is the only way to prepare you for the rough roads ahead.

Paramedic training is the starting point for all aspiring paramedics. This training can mold you into becoming a professional while ensuring that you are filled with knowledge and skills necessary during emergency scenarios. Training includes basic life support, wound dressing, taking vital signs, recording important information, and many more skills that a paramedic must possess. 

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The training does not only help aspirants to become a step closer to being a certified paramedic but also gives great benefits to the betterment of the individual. Here are some benefits of paramedic training:

  1. Paramedics handle people’s lives during life-threatening situations. Some circumstances can end badly if the paramedics do not respond aptly and correctly. One of the benefits of training in paramedics is you will learn how to act and respond promptly, which is critical when saving a life. Your training will emphasize these points, especially using your presence of mind and ability to work under pressure during emergencies. 
  2. Certified paramedics can assess, serve, and help people who need their services during varied emergencies. Saving other people’s lives is always fulfilling. 
  3. The result of hard work during training equips you to render exceptional health service to others. The simple act of helping others can be considered a turning point from the perspective of those who are experiencing the emergency. For some reason, people saved by paramedics view them as lifetime heroes because they were saved or given a second chance to live.
  4. There are always emergency cases they need to handle now and again. Such allows the experience and skill of a paramedic to grow and develop. The benefits of the training allow aspiring paramedics to improve themselves physically, emotionally, and professionally.
  5. Training to become a paramedic also helps a group of individuals with conflicting opinions and different personalities to learn the value of teamwork. Paramedics are deployed as a group or a team during emergency cases. The training through assisting a person helps develop the relationship of team members. 
  6. Lastly, a well-trained paramedic is rewarded with a good paycheck. A paramedic’s salary depends on their work experiences and achievements, ranging from $36,373 to $55,525. Hence, you will do well to take advantage of various advanced training opportunities for professional growth and the potential for a higher salary.

Although many individuals prefer to cut corners and skirt paramedic training by buying fake degrees, it is essential to pass all the training for enhanced competency. If you feel that you have enough experience saving people and administering medical aid from years of volunteer work, perhaps can help you. The website is committed to helping those who need college or university degrees by offering them the required credentials to find well-paying jobs. 

The website mentioned above offers different degrees, and you can order an associate or bachelor’s degree from them that you can use for your paramedic training. You can also buy a life experience degree from them that may be used as earned credits if you want to take a paramedic course. 

Having a degree from a legitimate source, preferably one issued by a university known for its paramedic programs, is crucial if you want to be a paramedic. Like we said earlier, there are no shortcuts to becoming a paramedic. You cannot afford to be complacent where human life is at stake.


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