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Winning Tactics That Will Help You in Rummy Tournaments


A rummy player is not always a rummy winner. Playing a rummy card game in rummy tournaments is one thing and winning it is completely different. It is important to understand some core principles that govern Indian Rummy Card Games to master it. Winning players use some methods and tactics that others aren’t aware of. Here we have shared the same unique strategies with our readers. These tactics will equip you to win rummy tournaments on Khelplay Rummy. It will also help you grasp some important lessons of life in a jiffy.

The Need to Arrange Your Cards

Arranging the cards in your hand may seem like an unnecessary chore. Yet, it is an extremely helpful habit that the winners inculcate in themselves. Be it online rummy or offline, arranging the cards in a proper fashion helps you easily remember the cards. This makes you play your move quickly. It also assists your memory.

The usual arrangement of cards is such that the most important cards form the main visual area. The cards to be disposed are arranged at one side of the hand. The joker cards are placed to the other end of the hand. The sequences to be formed hold the main visual area.

The Priorities in Rummy Card Game

Just like in life, in rummy too you need to have set priorities. A good player knows the priorities in rummy games. He always focuses on creating the life first. He moves ahead to complete melds and other sequences only after the life is formed. This is because unless the life is formed in Indian Rummy, the player’s hand is regarded as a full hand. 

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The definition of life may vary a bit based on the type of rummy card game you are playing. In 10cards rummy game, one pure sequence forms life. In all other variations, one pure sequence and one real sequence together form life.

The Way to Manage Points

The expert player focuses on reducing points in the hand as soon as life is formed. In each turn where he does not get a useful card, he replaces a high point card with a low point card. This continuous process ensures that minimum points are remaining towards the end of the game. The points in a player’s hand holds significance in all variations of series rummy card games.

Secrets to Using Jokers in Rummy Effectively

Jokers in rummy are just like wild cards. They help to complete most of the sequences and melds if used effectively. There are 3-4 joker cards in a deck of cards. Apart from these, blank cards may also be treated as jokers. A card is randomly pulled out by the player next to the dealer. This card is referred to as pulled-out joker and can be used just like the joker. If the player pulls out 7 of hearts then all 7s are treated as pulled-out jokers.

An Eye on the Opponent

All good players observe the opponent moves keenly. They try to understand the hand of the opponent by observing his moves carefully. For example, if the opponent throws away a joker, it could indicate he is having difficulty completing the pure sequence. If the opponent disposes off the low point cards, it could indicate that the opponent’s hand is close to completion. When an opponent disposes any card, we can fairly assume that he does not need cards adjacent to this card and of the same sign. The assumptions prevent experts from disposing cards that opponents require to complete their hand.

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The Willingness to Quit

While most people view quitting the game as cowardice, this is not the case in rummy card games. In Indian Rummy, you may quit at the beginning of the game choosing first drop and later in the game choosing second drop. Good players do not hesitate to accept that their chances of winning are few. Choosing first drop or second drop prevents these players from losing excessive points. In all series rummy card games, the points play an important role in deciding the winner.

Winning a game of rummy in rummy tournaments requires some skills and knowledge. You need to be observant. You should be continually changing the arrangement of cards to make optimum use of jokers. You will gain expertise in the game with a good deal of practice. Choose practice chips on Khelplay Rummy to practice the game. When you are sure you have gained expertise in the game, you can use real chips and play.

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