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Ethics and Aesthetics: Trendy, Sophisticated Yet Eco-Friendly and Ethical Watch Brands That Will Spice Up Your Fashion Style


Nowadays, we feel the heat of the sun as if its radiation burns right into our skin. It is visible that our planet is at the brink of destruction and may go through a collapse in the near future, and the animals are slowly getting extinct and endangered. Thus, everyone is making a move in small ways and doing their best to make a positive impact on the environment and animals.

Many fashion brands are making big waves in the market by using eco-friendly, sustainable, and cruel free materials. Instead of using materials like animal leather, they lean on utilizing vegan products in making their watch straps. There are also watch brands that are advocating tree planting. In every watch sold, a tree is planted. Environmentally friendly watch brands use organic cotton, corn resin, bamboo, and cork to manufacture their watches and stay away from toxic materials that may cause pollution. 

Whether seeking an efficient, high quality, and durable watch for yourself or someone important, maybe for a family member or loved one, it is crucial to also think for the environment and animals when buying one. Check out these watches that will spice up your fashion style.


Zenith is an advocate of The Future is Green Campaign, which is their desire to lessen the environmental impacts by promoting responsible watchmaking through ethical, social, and ecological practices. Because these days, it is not just about how your watch costs or how stylish it is. It is also about what did you contribute to the preservation of the planet. But why not look fashionable and eco-friendly at the same time? 

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Votch believes in the notion that you can still be stylish without inflicting pain to the animals. Their mission is to create a product that does not harm any animals and the environment as well. All their straps are certified vegan. 

Their watches are made from cotton woven microfiber. Their packages are wrapped in recycled materials; by doing so, it creates a low impact on the environment. The Votch brand offers a warranty of one year on all their watches.


This watch brand supports a couple of causes. One of their notable causes is the right for everyone to have access to a clean environment, clean water, and access to a full education. For every watch that you buy, you can extend your helping hand to support these causes. 

Nordgreen uses materials that are locally sourced and by ensuring a long-lasting watch and can endure a lifetime in your wrist. Also, their packaging is biodegradable. In short, this watch brand ensures their responsibility to the planet by using sustainable materials but not sacrificing the sense of style and fashion.


TVIC is an Australian vegan watch brand. What is impressive about this watch brand is its brand name. TVIC means Time IV (for) Change, which is very imaginative and creative but, at the same time, environmentally conscious. This brand was created by two passionate people who believe that the contribution to the world, whether big or small, is essential in building a brighter future for everyone.

TVIC uses a classic style of vegan and handcrafted cruel free materials. In their production process, they use suede brands that do not give off harmful chemical substances to the planet. They also offer timeless timepieces featuring watch straps that are made from pineapple leaf fibers called Piñatext.

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If you are looking for a minimalist watch that also has quality design, then, Triwa is the right watch for you. This watch brand is cruel free and is committed to not using any animal-based materials and also leather in their design. Instead, they use cotton woven fiber with PS, which also are PVC free and recycled materials.

Triwa packaging is environmentally friendly as their packages use nylons and recycled cardboard. This watch brand offers a warranty on the watch movement. So, if you are an animal-loving fashionista and a sucker for minimalist design, get your hands on this watch brand as it is not just environmentally friendly but also affordable.


There are tons of watch brands that help conserve our ecosystem and do things that are not just helping the environment and animals but also care about the well being of the people. The existence of eco-friendly and cruel free watch brands also promotes the existence of our eco-consciousness. Our vigilant mechanism in choosing what is good for the planet and what is not. 

We are dependent on the natural resources that this planet provides, and without these, living would be deemed impossible; living life would be unimaginable. Thus we should keep in our hearts and our minds that we have to take action and take full responsibility in order not to lose the one thing that we rely on. 

When you purchase a watch, always make sure that the watch on your wrist is environmentally friendly and ethical because, as human beings, we have to keep the environment and the animals protected. 

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