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Franklin Graham Net Worth, Works, Controversies, and More


An Evangelist, author, televangelist, and preacher, Franklin Graham wears many feathers in his hat. Associated with evangelist associations and relief organizations, Graham is leading a life on the path dictated by God. However, in stark contrast to his seraphic profession, he is also a rabble-rouser. His statements over several political and apolitical issues often give rise to outrage among the classes and the masses. Let us dig deep into his life, and find out about Franklin Graham net worth, personal life, works, and of course, controversies.

Franklin Graham bio

NameFranklin Graham
Full NameWilliam Franklin Graham III
Date of BirthJuly 14, 1952
Age70 years
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthAsheville, United States of America
Height173 cm/ 187 cm (6 feet 1 inch)
Weight89kg/ 79 kg (176lbs)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorGrey
EducationLeTourneau University
Montreat College (A.S.)
Appalachian State University (B.A.)
ProfessionEvangelist, Author, Televangelist, Preacher
Political PartyRepublican (before 2015)
Independent (2015-present)
Net Worth$10.3 Million
FatherBilly Graham
MotherRuth Bell Graham
SiblingsVirginia Leftwich (Gigi
Anne Graham Lotz
Nelson Edman
SpouseJane Cunningham (married since 1974)
ChildrenWilliam Franklin Graham IV (1975)
Roy Austin Graham (1977)
Edward Bell Graham (1979)
Jane Austin Graham Lynch (1986)

Franklin Graham is one of the richest and most influential Christian missionaries and authors. He is the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and of Samaritan’s Purse. He has written many books along with his autobiography, Rebel With A Cause: Finally Comfortable Being Graham.

His net worth is around $10 million and has been more or less stagnant across the past three years as per reports. But how much money does he make every year, month, and in a day? What are his noted works?

We have collected all the information that would interest you. But before we directly jump to Franklin Graham net worth, let us know a little about his early life and education.

Franklin Graham Early Life

Franklin was born as William Franklin Graham III to Billy Graham and Ruth Bell Graham in Asheville, North Carolina, on July 14, 1952. His father, Billy Graham, was also an evangelist. Graham was the fourth of the five children of the couple.

Billy Graham

He went to a private Christian school named The Stony Brook School on Long Island, New York. However, he dropped out and later attended high school in North Carolina.

Later, in 1970, he went to LeTourneau College in Longview, Texas. Graham was expelled from the college because he kept a female classmate out after the curfew hours.

He joined forces with Bob Pierce, the founder of Samaritan’s Purse, in 1973 and went on a six-week mission to Asia. A year after that, he graduated from Montreat-Anderson College (Montreat College) with an A.S. By this time, he converted to Christianity (when he was 22) and was already involved in world relief.

But the turning point in his life came during a trip to Jerusalem, where he repented. He calls it “his new birth”. He got a B.A. degree in 1978 from the Appalachian State University.

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The Grace Community Church in Tempe, Arizona (a non-denominational church) inducted him in 1982.

Franklin Graham net worth

Franklin is the president and CEO of BGEA (the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association). He became the vice president of BGEA in 1995 and CEO in 2000. In 1979, after the death of Bob Pierce, he became the president of the Samaritan’s Purse, an international Christian relief organization. He often goes on Christian revival tours.

Read further to know the details about Graham’s net worth:

  • Net Worth- $10.3 Million
  • Salary per year- $1.72 Million
  • Salary per month- -$143,055.56

According to some reports, Franklin Graham earns $33,012.82 per week, $4,703.2 per day, $195.97 per hour, $3.27 per minute, and $0.05 per second. Here is an overview of his approximate net worth collection.

Franklin Graham net worth 2023$10 million
Franklin Graham net worth 2022$10 million
Franklin Graham net worth 2021$10 million
Franklin Graham net worth 2020$9.5 million
Franklin Graham net worth 2019$8 million

Published Work

Aside from being a Christian Evangelist and political figure, Graham is also a celebrated author. He has many publications to his credit. His published work includes:

  • Bob Pierce: The One Thing I Do (1983)
  • Miracle in a Shoe Box (1995)
  • Rebel With A Cause: Finally Comfortable Being Graham (1995),
  • Living Beyond the Limits: A Life in Sync with God (1998),
  • The Name (2002)
  • All for Jesus (2003)
  • Kids Praying for Kids (2003)
  • A Wing and a Prayer (2005)
  • The Sower: Follow in His Steps (2012)

He co-authored his books All for Jesus and The Sower: Follow in His Steps with Ross Rhoads and Donna Lee Toney, respectively. Lastly, he also wrote an autobiography.

Franklin Graham family

Graham married Jane Austin Cunningham in 1974. Jane hails from Smithfield, North Carolina. The couple has four children:

  • Will (William Franklin Graham IV)
  • Roy Austin Graham
  • Edward Bell Graham
  • Cissie (Jane Austin Graham Lynch)

The couple has twelve grandchildren. They now live in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina.

Controversy’s Favorite Child

Franklin Graham has forever been the favorite child of controversies. Whether it’s his sharp statements or political opinions, he never fails to raise eyebrows. From commenting about Islam after the September 2001 attacks to praising Russia’s “Gay Propaganda Law”, he always stirs the pot.

Let us tell you about some of his controversial stints:

Comments on Islam

Graham was immensely criticized for his comments on Islam after the September 11, 2001 attacks. He went on to call Islam “a very evil and wicked religion”.

He again made a controversial statement against Islam while preaching at a Good Friday service on April 18, 2003, in Pentagon. His statement given to CNN’s Campbell Brown in 2009 gathered worldwide criticism. He was also barred from attending a National Day of Prayer event in Pentagon after the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Military Religious Freedom Foundation expressed anger over his comments.

Graham supported the invasion of Iraq. He stated that Islam is a religion of hatred and war in the August 30, 2010 issue of Time Magazine.

Comments on Barack Obama

On August 19, 2010, he made comments on the personal faith of the then President, Barack Obama. However, he later issued an apology for his remarks.

Taking Two Salaries

Graham Franklin was heavily criticized for taking two full-time salaries from Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse. The issue came to light after he received $1.2 million in 2008, collectively from both organizations.

He later gave up his salary from BGEA. However, in 2015, the world came to know that he is again drawing a salary from BGEA.

Currently, he receives a regular salary from the evangelistic association and enhanced retirement contributions.

Opinions on LGBTQ+ Matters

Opposing a Ban on Conversion Therapy

In 2017, he showed his support for conversion therapy. He criticized the bill proposing to ban conversion therapy.

Supporting North Carolina Amendment 1

The North Carolina Amendment 1, prohibiting same-sex marriage, got a new supporter in the form of Franklin Graham. He also commented on Barack Obama’s statement in support of same-sex marriages.

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Criticizing Pete Buttigieg

Franklin Graham attacked Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg for announcing a run for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020 against Donald Trump. Graham criticized Pete Buttigieg for being homosexual and marrying a man.

He called homosexuality a sin in a long thread of tweets in April 2019. The tweet met heavy criticism. Several quoted Graham as a hypocrite.

Franklin Graham and Donald Trump

Commending “Gay Propaganda Law”

Franklin Graham appreciated Russian President Vladimir Putin for the “Gay Propaganda Law”. He appreciated Putin’s stance on “protecting children from any homosexual agenda or propaganda”. He made these comments before Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and 2022.

The United Kingdom Tour 2020 and 2022

Franklin Graham’s eight-city 2020 UK tour was cancelled after the LGBTQ+ activists staged a protest. Several petitions and requests from the local councils compelled the UK to cancel all the venues booked for Graham’s tour.

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, expressed his views on the LGBT+ community by saying that Liverpool will not tolerate hatred and fully supports its LGBT+ community. However, the tour was rescheduled to mid-2022 after Graham’s organization assured that he would not give a discriminatory speech.

Franklin Graham on Social Media

Franklin Graham is a preacher and evangelist. He has a knack for being on the center stage and communicating with people, preaching and influencing them. Hence, his active presence on social media platforms doesn’t come as a surprise.

Despite his conservative views on the LGBTQ+ community and Islam, many people consider him an angelic figure. His followers believe that he is a true Christian and has a deep knowledge of Christianity and Jesus Christ. He has millions of followers worldwide who love his preaching methods.

His fans follow him on his social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where he shares his pearls of wisdom and even gives a sneak peek into his personal life.

Franklin Graham has 2.9 Million followers on Twitter. He likes to tweet about his beliefs in Christianity. He also tweets about the current issues. His tweets on conversion therapy, LGBTQ+ rights, Pete Buttigieg, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, and Islam have stirred controversies. Graham is on Twitter since June 2019.

He has 1.3 Million followers on Instagram. Apart from posting about his beliefs, thoughts, current issues, BGEA and Samaritan’s Purse International Relief, he likes to post pictures from his private life on his Instagram.

Graham is also very active on Facebook. He has 10 Million followers on Facebook. He makes a good amount of money from these social media platforms. The man once quoted in an interview that he donates the money he earns from social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Franklin Graham?

Franklin Graham is an evangelist, author, televangelist, and preacher. He is the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and president of Samaritan’s Purse. He is the son of the famous evangelist, Billy Graham

2. What is Franklin Graham’s Profession?

Franklin Graham is a Christian evangelist, televangelist, preacher, and author.

3. What is Franklin Graham’s age?

Franklin Graham is 70 years old.

4. What is Franklin Graham net worth?

Franklin Graham net worth is $10 million.

5. What are Franklin Graham’s views on Islam?

In the wake of the September 2001 terrorist attack, Franklin Graham called Islam a wicked and an evil religion. He has given some very bold statements on this religion on various occasions that have stirred controversy.

6. What are Franklin Graham’s views on homosexuality?

Franklin Graham has often put his uncensored views on homosexuality on the table. He has maintained that homosexuality and gay marriages are a sin. These remarks have often landed him in trouble.

7. Is Franklin Graham married? Who is his spouse?

Yes, Franklin Graham is married. He married Jane Cunningham in 1974.

8. What is the qualification of Franklin Graham?

Franklin Graham completed his B.A. degree from Appalachian State University.

9. Who are the parents of Franklin Graham?

Billy Graham, the famous evangelist, is Franklin Graham’s father. His mother is Ruth Bell Graham.

10. How many children does Franklin Graham have?

Franklin Graham has four children. They are Will (William Franklin Graham IV), Roy Austin Graham, Edward Bell Graham, and Cissie (Jane Austin Graham Lynch).

11. Where does Franklin Graham live now?

Franklin Graham lives in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina, with his wife, Jane Cunningham.

Final Thoughts

Although his views on some topics do not align with the modern world, Franklin Graham is a loved and appreciated evangelist, televangelist, and preacher. He has many followers who do not shy away from adopting his preaching.

His preaching methods are loved by many. His followers love to attend his speeches and councils. They consider him a true Christian who is close to God and helps them feel close to God.

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