Jidion Real Name, Social Media Earnings, Controversies, and More

Jidion Real Name, Social Media Earnings, Controversies, and More


JiDion, originally named Jidion Adams, is a popular American YouTuber. Famous for his vlogs and prank videos, there has also been much curiosity around topics like JiDion real name and JiDion Demarcus cousins. This is primarily because the YouTuber’s cousins are also quite famous on social media.

JiDion’s popularity on social media surpasses that of many other YouTubers who are his contemporaries. JiDion Instagram following is almost 2.1 Mil. Also, JiDion YouTube following is almost a whopping 7 Mil.

JiDion Age Family

As born on December 12, 2000, JiDion age is around 22 years old. He was born in Houston, Texas, to a homemaker mother and a businessman father. Their names are unknown, as JiDion does not bring much of his personal life into the limelight. The young and popular YouTuber is known to be unmarried.

Though born into a Christian family, the social media sensation does not claim to have a strong religious inclination. However, he identifies himself as a Christian.

He has had a keen interest in sports from childhood. He has completed his education at a local university in Houston. With the aspiration of soaring to the position of a celebrity, Adams kickstarted his social media career in 2018.

JiDion YouTube

JiDion is the most active and popular on YouTube. The JiDion YouTube following is around 6.56 million. On his YouTube channel, JiDion describes himself as someone who likes talking to strangers.

His channel has been active since 2018. So, the social media sensation kicked off back when he was in high school.

He mostly posts prank videos like “Asking strangers to buy me beer even though I am 21″and “Fake referee at basketball tournament prank.” The number of views on these videos ranges from 3 million to over 10 million.

However, the video of his fanboy moment on meeting NBA player Demarcus Cousins in 2022 caught the online world by storm. In the video, JiDion tried to establish the clear and uncanny facial resemblance between himself and Cousins.

He then went on to the stadium where Demarus was playing and managed to catch the attention of the NBA star in the middle of the match. This was when Cousins walked up to JiDion and shook hands with the YouTuber.

Another video that enjoys immense popularity on YouTube is titled “Funniest pranks of 2020” which captured all the prank videos that JiDion had done throughout the year. His antics in the outside world create a lot of buzz on social media, thus leading to his massive fan following.

Apart from catching Cousins’ attention mid-game, he also created quite the stir when he pretended to get a haircut at a Houston Rockets game though he was bald.

Jidon Adams Controversies

As we all know, the online world is quite unforgiving. Make the smallest mistake and the world will ensure you get no respite. The fans turn into foes overnight, leaving no stones unturned to ensure you realize you have gone wrong.

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Very few social media stars have escaped the wrath of their fans on the platforms whenever they have gone wrong. Quite often, these incidents have turned into controversies. JiDion himself has not been saved from such situation either.

The YouTuber was banned from Twitch in January 2022 as an allegation of extreme harassment was leveled against him. He was accused by another Twitch sensation named Pokimane, who stated that JiDion made lewd remarks about her looks and relationships.

Some other controversies in which JiDion managed to wrap himself happened in the same year. In June 2022, he was ousted from the Tower of London when he tried to interact with one of the royal guards there.

In July 2022 TommyInnit (another YouTuber) accused Adams of harassing his fans at the TwitchCon. To top this off, JiDion was banned from Wimbledon in the very same month. This is because the YouTuber engaged in disruptive behavior, such as sounding an airhorn during a quarterfinal match between Jannik Sinner and Novac Djokovic.

He was also evicted from the US Open men’s finals after getting a haircut during the match in September 2022.

Jidion Real Name, Social Media Earnings, Controversies, and More

JiDion Net worth

As of 2023, the JiDion net worth is estimated to be around $1.4 million. All his income comes entirely from his social media activities. His immense popularity has also earned him an enormous net worth which is remarkable for his age.

His fame is spread so far and wide across social media that it keeps attracting collaborations for his channel. This has majorly earned him capitalizing on his social media counterparts’ fan following. One famous social media star JiDion has collaborated with is Baylen Levine on YouTube.

Despite the many controversies like JiDion Demarcus Cousins, the social media star has always stayed in the limelight due to his fans’ interest in topics like JiDion real name, quck and so on.

Adams reportedly earns roughly $1.25 million yearly and approximately $110,000 on a monthly basis. This is just from his social media activities where he easily amasses around 50-60 million views every month.

JiDion also runs his own merchandise business. He sells tee-shirts and hoodies on his website, which he runs “shopjidion.com.” However, he has recently started another website where he sells other merchandise.

Another significant achievement of JiDion is his inclusion in the Prime Squad. It was announced by Logan Paul recently. The Prime Squad is a group of up-and-coming social media talent sponsored by Prime. This is also bound to earn him quite some bucks!

Lesser known facts about JiDion

While fans are usually always inquisitive about JiDion real name or JiDion age, very few know that JiDion has a community on Discord. The community comprises roughly 5K members. Discord is a platform where you can make a social community based on any common or shared interest or topic. You can also add various members to the community.

While he is essentially known as a raging YouTuber, he has also garnered a sufficient fan following on Twitter over the years. With a fan base of around 414K and 1.3K Tweets, he is also quite a star on Twitter.

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Though Adams does not have his own podcast yet, he has made a guest appearance in quite a few podcasts. He once appeared on Fanum’s peer-to-peer podcast.

Though JiDion YouTube is majorly famous for the vlogs and prank videos he posts, he has also released a music video on his YouTube channel titled “Thick Chick.” He partnered with GaryShawn on the video. It has gained immense popularity and has about 2 million views on the platform to date.

Another remotely known fact about Jidion Adams is that he was invited to play a football match for charity which was to take place between Sideman FC and YouTube AllStars. While the match took place, Adams could not participate in it. It is because he had lost his passport at the time. Adams was evicted from his house days before the match was slated and lost his passport amidst the hustle-bustle.

Finally, before becoming an all-time famous social media star, JiDion did many odd jobs at UberEats, Lowe’s, etc.

Jidion Real Name, Social Media Earnings, Controversies, and More

JiDion Adams’ critics

While JiDion enjoys massive popularity for his prank videos, he has also invited criticism from many for pranking random strangers. His first so-called hate video was posted by a particular AugustTheDuck.

This YouTuber posted a video on Adams in 2022 titled “JiDion is bad.” He basically conveys how JiDion is someone who simply messes with people. However, an additional and noteworthy moment in the video is when he shows some of his interactions with Adams.

This video has almost 1.84 lakh views on YouTube. Despite his vices being spelled out in detail on the video, JiDion reacted with gleaming eyes. He was incredibly proud that someone paid him enough attention to create a video on him.

So, yes, there is no doubt that Adams is slightly eccentric. But what’s noteworthy is that he couldn’t have garnered the following that he has without his eccentricity.

Jidion real name Demarcus Cousins

Though his name is JiDion Adams, he has misled his fans repeatedly about JiDion real name. So why exactly do fans get confused about what is Jidion real name?

Well, it’s because JiDion often refers to himself as Demarcus Cousins III. This is because of the slight resemblance between Cousins’ and Adams’ facial features. This is also why people wonder about JiDion real name Demarcus Cousins. But putting all such rumors to rest, JiDion’s name is not Demarcus Cousins.

Jidion Real Name, Social Media Earnings, Controversies, and More

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is JiDion’s real name?

JiDion’s real name is Jidion Adams.

2. Is JiDion real name Demarcus Cousins?

No, JiDion real name is not Demarcus Cousins. He only bears little resemblance to Demarcus Cousins. Also, the YouTuber sometimes refers to himself as “Demarcus Cousins, III”.

3. What type of content does JiDion make?

JiDion usually makes funny vlogs and prank videos on his YouTube channel. He also collaborates with other YouTube stars from time to time.

4. Has JiDion stopped uploading YouTube videos?

No, JiDion YouTube is very much alive. He posts regularly on his YouTube channel and is active on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

5. Is JiDion active on Twitch?

No, JiDion is no longer active on Twitch, as he was banned in 2022 for doing a hate raid on another vlogger.

6. Why did YouTube ban him?

In 2022, there was a ban on huis YouTube account after posting gambling-related content. However, the ban was temporary and he made amends to resolve the issue.

7. How old is Jidion Adams?

Jidion Adams was born in December 2000 and is currently 22 years old.

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