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Eric Mays Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life, and More


Are you curious about Eric Mays net worth, considering his dynamic career graph and controversies? While many people think the man has a substantial net worth, it’s time to discover the truth. In this post, let’s dig deeper into the details of who is Eric Mays, his life, career, controversies, and more.

Surprisingly, Eric Mays net worth, as of 2023, is $0. Would you like to know what happened to an active politician whose probable net worth was millions? The answer lies in his involvement in several major controversial events that you will learn about in the following sections.

Before going further, let’s learn basic details about Eric Mays, the businessman, politician, and fan-made social media star.

NameEric Mays
Date of birthSeptember 16, 1958
Eric Mays zodiac signVirgo
Age63 years (as of August 2022)
BirthplaceMichigan, United States
ProfessionPolitician (Councilman of Flint City)
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMegan Ritchie
Years active2013-present
Educational degreeGraduate
Eye colorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Net worth$ Zero (approx.)

Eric Mays Net Worth

The current Eric Mays net worth is zero. According to sources, he lost his net worth while fighting his legal battles and is currently in debt. However, he set up a GoFundMe account so that his supporters can help him with the financial troubles he has been going through.

His goal for GoFundMe is around $40,000, and the current collection amount is just over $23,000. All his supporters and random strangers on the internet came forward to help him and are helping him fight through tough times. However, there needs to be more information about Eric Mays salary, the worth of his fixed assets, or other sources of income.

Check out the Flint politician’s involvement in controversies to know more about the downfall of Eric Mays net worth.

Early life

Eric Mays, a famous entrepreneur, and politician, was born in Flint, Michigan, United States, on September 16, 1958. Eric Mays zodiac sign is Virgo, and he is currently 63 years old. As the former Councilman of Flint, Mays has had a promising career in business. Besides, as a politician, his contribution towards the development and growth of his region is undeniable. The man’s impact on the country’s younger generation is quite positive despite all the controversies surrounding him.

Regarding his education, Eric Mays graduated from the University of Michigan with a master’s degree in business and administration. After graduating, Mays started several companies, gaining success as an entrepreneur and investor.

His success in the investing and entrepreneurial field led him to become one of the most popular personalities in the region. Additionally, he had investments in technology, real estate, media, and more. Not only his business investments, but Mays is extremely popular amongst the audience for his philanthropic work. Mays is known for making donations to different causes. However, with the current Eric Mays net worth, he is no longer capable of making donations.

Personal Life

According to social media, Eric Mays wife is Meghan Ritchie. While not much information is available about his wife, some sources reveal that the couple has three children together. After digging deeper into his earlier interviews, Eric Mays’ mother’s name is Rosie B, and he may also have a brother named Malcolm Michael Mays. However, the authenticity of these names could be better.


Eric Mays, a dedicated figure in Flint, Michigan’s political landscape, has been actively shaping his community for over a decade, and his journey continues. In 2013, he made his mark by securing a spot on the City Council. Interestingly, his victory was sealed by a mere eight votes, edging out contender Anita Brown. His service in this role was for over four years.

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In 2015, Eric Mays’ career was at an all-time high as he vied for the esteemed position of Mayor of Flint, Michigan. During this electoral tussle, he faced off against the incumbent mayor, Dayne Walling, and notable contenders like businesswoman Karen Weaver and fellow Councilman Wantwaz Davis.

The political career of Eric Mays has had several highs and lows from the time he became the Vice President of the City Council of Flint. He took up the financial committee’s responsibility. Within a few months of holding the chair, the removal of Mays led to a lot of chaos after he became part of a significant controversy.

According to reports and social media footage, his verbal spat with President of the Council Monica Galloway in January 2020 was the reason for his removal. In a fit of rage, Councilman Eric called out Galloway and went ahead to compare her with Adolf Hitler. Things did not stop there, and Mays, in frustration, performed a Nazi salute. Soon, with an accusation of being “out of order,” Mays was removed from the board.


A turning point arrived in 2021, as Mays once again became the Chairperson of the City Council. During this short-term tenure in the Council, Mays was also the acting President of the chamber. However, within a month, Eric Mays’ conduct led to his removal from the position again.

Even during this period, his arguments with other members of the Council became news highlights. One of the most prominent disagreements occurred between Mays and Sheldon Neeley, Mayor of Flint. At the same time, some people are trying to highlight his negative behavior, supporters like his attitude of asking the right questions regarding the betterment of his region and people.

The latest controversy occurred on April 5 when Eric Mays was removed from a council gathering. It did not just end at that, as he was convicted of disorderly conduct and is currently undergoing a sentence. This situation resulted in the Council needing help accomplishing its intended tasks for the second consecutive week due to the reduced number of members present.

Mays, who represents Flint’s 1st Ward, was asked to leave the meeting by Judy Priestley, council member for the 4th Ward and Chairwoman of the Finance Committee. The decision resulted from Mays’ disorderly conduct, which was highly disrespectful.

As he exited the meeting, Mays continued to express his frustration by using a racial slur directed towards Quincy Murphy, council member for the 3rd Ward. This exchange followed an earlier argument between the two during the meeting. Mays referred to Murphy as a “handkerchief-head Negro,” accusing him of trying to align with those outside their community.

Counteractions by Eric Mays

According to Eric Mays, he was not guilty or regretful of his actions. Instead, according to his statement, the other members were trying to suppress his voice repeatedly. He further claims that this prevented his freedom of speech and that he was a victim of unequal treatment. He also reflected upon the chances of legal actions and suggested that he may take steps against his colleagues.

In the past, Mays even took legal action against the city council. He filed a federal lawsuit in 2021 alleging violations of his constitutional rights and those of his constituents. However, this lawsuit was dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge Bernard A. Friedman, who found it baseless and ordered Mays to reimburse the city for legal fees.

Mays is awaiting sentencing for disorderly conduct resulting from another verbal spat during a 2022 meeting. A Genesee District Court jury announced him to be guilty of the charges. To challenge the verdict, Mays filed a court document asserting that a fellow council member, Allie Herkenroder, provided false testimony during his trial.

Eric Mays conviction

His conviction for disorderly conduct on March 10, 2023, was delivered by Flint City District Court Judge Vikki Bayeh-Haley. His final verdict may lead him to serve a jail term of around 90 days. Moreover, he may also need to pay a fine of up to $500. However, more than Eric Mays net worth is required to cover the charges of his legal procedures.

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In response, Mays spoke about his innocence in the situation and expressed disappointment. It’s worth noting that Mays had a previous legal encounter, receiving a 22-day jail sentence eight years ago due to impaired driving charges, a case that Gildneer also prosecuted.

Earlier, Mays found himself in a situation on April 25, 2022, which according to him, resulted from inequality. According to his perspective, his removal from the meeting wasn’t a fair call, and he, therefore, felt different from how other council members had been treated in similar instances.

The details about the incident went public when President Allie Herkenroder, who had cautioned him earlier about his language during the same meeting, directed him to leave. Mays left his seat and attempted to return without proper permission, leading Herkenroder to call to remove him.

Eric Mays later connected with his attorney Ken Scott, who shared his viewpoint. Collectively, they questioned the fairness of the incident. As Mays reflected on the sentence handed to him, he conveyed that he believed the decision the majority of the Council made was incorrect.

According to his statement, the video recording served as highly contradictory evidence. Despite the repercussions he faced, he considered it a relatively minor outcome in the face of what he believed was a council error.

Social media fame

The “You got me messed up” guy may not get along well with his colleagues, but the young generation adores him. On the one hand, Eric Mays’ one-liners during council meetings got him into many troubles. On the other hand, Gen-Z and Millennials have become ardent fans who are even wearing t-shirts with Eric’s face on them. His voice has become a meme going viral on TikTok, and his fellow council members are jealous of his social media fame.

“America’s Uncle,” as youngsters call him, has a fantastic sense of humor, and his punchlines can give any comedy star a cutthroat competition. During council meetings, he often yells at fellow members and almost startles them with his funny voice. However, every time he comes up with his one-liners, the media people present in the room crack up instantly.

Apart from wearing Eric Mays’ t-shirts with his quotes and funny looks printed on them, TikTokers are using his voice to make parody videos. According to some critics, Mays is an ideal politician who is never afraid to speak his mind. The reason why the youth find him entertaining is because of his fearless attitude. Even on trial before the judge, Mays does not think twice before speaking his mind.

The Mays fandom stands strong beside him and may also help improve Eric Mays’s net worth. The donations are coming in in generous amounts, and supporters want the funny man back as the President of the Council soon.


1. What city is Eric Mays from?

Eric Mays was born in Michigan’s Flint City in the United States. He grew up and also served the city as a councilman later.

2.Who is Eric Mays Flint?

Eric Mays, from Flint City, Michigan, is the longest-serving council member of the region. He is no longer actively in position due to disorderly conduct, including racism and passing derogatory remarks.

3. How long has Eric Mays been on the City Council?

Eric Mays has been on the Council since 2013 as the representative of Ward 1, a region on the northern side of Flint.

4. What was Eric Mays sentenced to?

Eric Mays received a 6-month probation for his disorderly conduct and unparliamentary remarks toward his colleague.

5. What was Eric Mays famous quote?

Right after his video went viral on TikTok, Eric Mays said, “When they go low, I go low,” in an interview.

Final Thoughts

Eric Mays net worth is currently $0, and all the money he has is part of the donations he receives online. According to the news, all the amount he receives will go towards repaying his legal fees. Even in the face of adversity, Mays stands solid and fearless. He has also appealed at the higher court against his sentencing and is receiving much support from the people of his region and his fans online.

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