Megan Is Missing Barrel

Megan Is Missing Barrel: An Insight Into This American Hit


Michael Goi co-created, wrote, and directed the 2011 American experimental psychical fright film Megan Is Missing Barrel. The story is all about the time after Megan Steward leaves North Hollywood. There, she was a popular student at a prestigious university. Moreover, she decided to meet the man she had been corresponding with online, and the investigation began utilizing her outstanding friend Amy Herman.

Goi no longer focuses on a single incident, even if real-life occurrences of child kidnapping previously inspired it. The movie, meant to be a cautionary tale, began production in 2006. However, it was unable to do the distribution the release of its DVD in 2011. Here is a look at Megan is Missing’s conclusion for viewers who were unhappy with how the movie ended.

What is the plot of Megan Is Missing Barrel

Great friends Megan Stewart and Amy Herman, both 14 years old, vanished in January 2007. Researchers gathered online videos, domestic movies, and information reviews about their departures to draw attention to protecting children online.

Megan is well-known among her friends as an honors student in high school. She consequently has a bad relationship with her mother and a drug fixation too. Amy cannot let go of her adolescence and maintains a positive relationship with her parents. Despite their close relationship, Amy is the target of bullying.

To keep Amy healthy and have fun with her impending birthday, Megan extends an invitation to her to the rave birthday party she will be attending. However, according to Megan Is Missing Barrel picture taken during the party’s evening hours, Amy is angry and experiences reprimanding for declining to engage in sexual activities with one of the guys working.

Amy intercedes on Megan, engaging in oral sex with the party’s host in exchange for drugs, leaving her distressed. Moreover, Megan laments the awful incident as they are video chatting. Amy records a video with Megan for her birthday using her new digital camera. Megan tells Amy her story and shows Amy the evidence that her stepdad was in jail for raping her when she was nine years old.

She admits that she and her mother don’t get along because she doesn’t in any way defend Megan for telling authorities what to do. Amy hugs her and comforts her before she has a chance to cry.

Megan Is Missing Barrel

Megan Is Missing Barrel Scene: What you may have missed?

In Megan Is Missing Barrel, Amy finds it strange that Josh follows her and knows the secret location she frequents with her attractive friend. Unfortunately, he also kidnaps Amy when she returns to the region a second time. Amy is wearing only her underpants and is tethered to a leash when we next notice her. She calls out for aid. As a result, the offender is no longer bothered. He shows her that his name is no longer Josh and throws water at her.

After that, Josh takes back Amy’s priceless Billy Bear and makes her eat from a dog bowl while playing with the toy. Then he rapes her, getting her blood on his palms. Later, the man returns and instructs Amy to enter the barrel before her to remain in the shadows in this Megan Is Missing Barrel scene.

Amy panics as it is revealed that Megan’s body is within the barrel. She chooses to go, but Josh holds her in the barrel alongside the body of her deceased companion. Then he goes into the woods and begins to move after a sizable gap in the earth. Amy makes multiple demands for independence, but Josh ignores her and keeps working on the problem.

He is also told by Amy that she likes him and that nobody will ever care for him in the same manner that she does. Josh, who is still pushing the barrel into the hole and covering the scene with dust, is unaffected by these words. The final scene of Megan Is Missing Barrel shows a historical snapshot of Megan and Amy discussing what would have been a good future for them.

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Dramatic & Horror Films Similar to Megan Is Missing Barrel Picture

This selection will be just up your alley if you enjoy horror films. We all enjoyed the movie and the Megan Is Missing Photos Barrel, which has become a terrific film. Moreover, it is a must-see for those who haven’t because of the unexpected horror twists and turns. But you’re at the right place if you’re looking for more of these kinds of movies to watch. Some of the best movies like Megan is missing is part of the list below.

If you enjoyed Megan is Missing or horror in general, it should be on your watch list. This is why we advise looking through this list to the finish to find the movie you want to see. So, without further ado, here are the details:

Blair Witch Project

Another camera-recorded horror film that gives the audience all the essential ingredients of dread and horror is this one. Three kids are the central characters in the 1999 film, The Blair Witch Project. The remarkable thing about these three students is that they choose to go to the nearby black hills in quest of a phantom known as the Blair witch.

According to tradition, Blair Witch resides in these hills and murders anyone who trespasses there; as a result, she should not be made fun of. Unfortunately, three intellectually motivated filmmaking students trudged across the hills and were never seen again.

However, a year later, villagers find their video and camera equipment, which is then processed to show the gruesome events of The Blair Witch Project. The movie features many intriguing twists and turns you’ll want to see, making it the ideal choice to watch after finishing Megan is Missing. This movie is a must-watch if you haven’t seen it yet.


The second film on the list is called Creep, and as the title suggests, it will give you the creeps. However, this film differs slightly from other horror films you may have seen. You get goosebumps from the movie’s cam-recorded vibe, precisely what you’d expect from a horror film. However, things go beyond that, as well. But first, let’s look at the storyline before we continue to explain everything.

A videographer and his customer are significant characters in the movie. The customer called the videographer after finding him in a newspaper ad and asking him to create a film for his expectant child. However, as the film progresses, more and more secrets about this quirky client are revealed.

This movie is spooky due to the sequence of events, making it the ideal choice to watch if you like Megan Is Missing. We highly recommend watching this movie if you haven’t already done so. This film will give you many unexpected turns and jump scares, making it entertaining.

Friend Request

This following film is not precisely a camcorder recording, unlike the previous films we have just discussed. However, one of the best films to watch after finishing Megan is missing is a buddy request because of its intriguing plot and expert setting. If you enjoyed movies like Megan is missing, you must see this one because it features Megan, who goes missing after meeting an online buddy.

In the storyline of “A Friend Request,” a socially outgoing girl named Laura receives a friend request from a socially uncomfortable girl named Marina that no one notices. On the other hand, Laura added her on Facebook and met her on campus.

She deliberately does not invite Marina to her birthday celebration, and everything goes wrong since she is ignorant of the strange things. Laura loses all her friends and popularity due to the movie’s severe turn of events. Instead, more people grow to despise her. Anyone who watches Megan is Missing will love this movie’s fantastic conclusion.

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Megan Is Missing Barrel


The most recent film on the list, the next one, is a must-see. A group of friends is planning to hold a seance with a medium their buddy recommended in this film. However, things don’t precisely proceed as expected. A friend makes a huge issue for everyone else in the meeting by being excessively humorous.

This friend creates a false narrative about a after being asked to communicate with a spirit. The medium discloses that any ghost can pass through the mask one of them has made, even though this story is a fabrication. And then, much to their surprise, a dark ghost appears.

The film finishes when this spirit murders the last person at the meeting. Of course, you’ll love this movie just as much as Megan is Missing, so that’s a given. But, in addition, you will adore this film because it has many thrilling and intriguing turns.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is one of the oldest horror franchises, so it is necessary to include it on this list. A demon haunts and kills numerous members of the family and several onlookers in the Paranormal Activity film series, which centers on a family haunted by the demon. The sheer raw nature of the paranormal activity makes this strangely scary.

It will give you goosebumps through the screen as if the events were happening before you because the entire movie is filmed. People get nightmares after viewing this movie because there is no staged setup, and it feels authentic. We strongly advise seeing it even though there is a slight resemblance of paranormal activity to Megan being gone.

Paranormal Activity is going to be the movie you must see. Furthermore, if you enjoyed the movie Megan is Missing, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the paranormal activity. Therefore, you should watch it as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

The Taking of Deborah Logan

The next film on the list is another chill-inducing horror film in the documentary format. The story centers on the graduate students Mia, Deborah, and Sarah, a mother, and daughter. As she records their lives, Mia notices certain unusually bizarre events that lead her to realize that Deborah is under the grip of a supernatural force.

This film must be on your watch list if you enjoy horror films that build slowly but well. The complete camera sequence of Megan is missing, but the movie’s cam recorded vibe is identical. People like Megan is Missing Barrel will also enjoy this film because a dark character is featured. We urge you to watch it immediately if you haven’t already.


We recommend seeing this following film since it will send chills down your spine. Unfriended is a film that, although sharing a lot of similarities with the one we just described, differs in a few small ways. The story of Unfriended centers on six females video chatting one night when one of their friends, who committed suicide a year prior, sends them a message on Skype.

But initially, they dismiss it as a stupid joke being played on them. The girls are shocked when they discover that this seventh entity is disclosing their deepest secrets. They start engaging in many hostile acts, which causes a lot of drama and jump scares. This movie, captured on a young teen girl’s desktop, redefines the “found footage” horror subgenre and is a terrific choice to watch if you liked Megan is Missing.

The fact that the events in this movie seem normal and like they might happen to anyone leads us to recommend it to you. You won’t be disappointed if you check them out if you haven’t heard of this movie yet.

Megan Is Missing Barrel

Final Thoughts

If Megan Is Missing Barrel is a movie you like, it is evident that you are into intense horror stories. The list you find above considers your choice and will not fail to entertain you further. So, it is time you choose one of these for your next movie night.

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