Rose Dorothy Dauriac - All About Scarlett Johansson Daughter

Rose Dorothy Dauriac – All About Scarlett Johansson Daughter


Rose Dorothy Dauriac was born on August 30, 2014, and she is the only child of the famous actress Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac. Various media outlets reported that her parents met in 2012, and Rose came into their life in 2014. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long, and the couple got separated in 2017.

They both fought for the custody of Rose, where Romain wanted to raise her in France while Scarlett wanted her daughter in the USA. The couple even discussed options for joint parenting, but Scarlett denied the fact saying it would be difficult. Finally, the court settled their case favoring the mother, and Scarlett got the full custody of Rose Dorothy Dauriac. Currently, she lives with her mother.

Her mother “Scarlett Johansson” is a popular actress known for her tremendous acting skills, bold roles, and stunning beauty. She was also the highest-paid actress from 2018 to 2019 worldwide. Moreover, she got many rewards for her skills. On the other hand, Rose’s father “Romain Dauriac” is a French journalist and owns an advertising agency in France. Romain came into the eyes of the media after he got married to Scarlett.

Who is Rose Dorothy Dauriac

Because of their stardom, popularity, and controversies, Rose has always remained in the limelight despite being eight years old. She is still a kid but lives under media eyes, and you can find multiple news reports and articles about her on the Internet. Rose is a star kid who enjoys all the perks of taking birth to a family of celebrities, but she hardly interacts with the media.

Reports say Rose always wears fancy clothes and is a little girly. You will often find the child accompanied by her mother, which is another reason people continue to search for her online.

Who is Rose Dorothy Dauriac father

There aren’t many details about her father, “Romain Dauriac,” and even he doesn’t have a biography on Wikipedia. It seems like Romain doesn’t like to share details with the media. However, we researched some websites and learned some major details about him.

Romain was born on July 3, 1982, and is currently 40 years of age. Per the last update, Romain is approximately 6 feet tall and weighs around 75 kgs. He owns around $1.5 million and is popular in his field of work. Earlier, Rose’s father was an editor in a French Magazine.

Their marriage was a big deal for the entire industry; a big event was organized where renowned community members took part. It all happened in a hurry. Pretty much everyone was excited about the marriage.

Rose Dorothy Dauriac - All About Scarlett Johansson Daughter
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Rose Dorothy Dauriac mother

Her mother is Scarlett Johansson. She was born on November 22, 1984, and the well-known actress had a successful career. She got many awards and a place on the Forbes Celebrity list (multiple times). Also, she was the highest-paid actress from 2018 to 2019 worldwide.

In 2003, Johansson shifted to bold roles and did many adult roles in Hollywood movies. Due to this, she was labeled as a sex symbol. She is also referred to as one of the most attractive women, and maybe that’s why the media is always behind her to cover her next move.

She is also a brand endorser who supports several charitable causes. In 2020, Johansson married Colin Jost, and she is a supermom to raise both of her kids.

Currently, the actress is 38 years old and holds a massive net worth of US$165 million as per the last update. The actress has two kids, one with Dauriac and another with her current husband, Jost.

Rose Dorothy Dauriac age

Rose is just eight years old and is popular for being a star kid. She is too young, and Scarlett ensures she doesn’t get exposed to media a lot so that the kid can peacefully enjoy her personal life. Still, no official Wikipedia page is assigned to her, but various news websites have covered her details, so we can easily find her biography elsewhere on the Internet.

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Her grandparents are Karsten Johansson, Melanie Sloan, and Jean-Francis Dauriac. She also got an aunt named Vanessa Johansson, and Rose is a single child with no siblings, but currently, she has a step-brother.

Rose has the zodiac sign of Virgo. Since birth, the kid has been in the spotlight because she is a star kid and has been surrounded by controversies and conflicts for a long time.

Why are her parents separated?

Indeed, Rose is a star kid, and controversies always surround her. Another reason for her popularity was the separation of her parents. Although there was no official announcement about the separation, a few websites covered the story, which claims that.

Scarlett decided to split up. The actress thought both of them didn’t have many things in common. A report published in US weekly says, “Some close to Dauriac claimed that he was pretty sure about this is going to happen some or the other day. Further, he said the couple never made sense as they were completely different and barely spoke the same language.”

Also, some sources claim that the language barrier was another main reason for the couple’s communication gap.

Earlier, Johansson revealed that Romain Dauriac was poor ins speaking English which created challenges in communicating among the couple. Further, Scarlett revealed they both met through a common friend in Paris and later became friends. They both used to meet each other in Paris in the early days of their relationship. Then Romain Moved to New York.

In the early days, they were in love, so the language barrier was not an issue, but it might have hit the couple hard later in their life.

Rose Dorothy Dauriac - All About Scarlett Johansson Daughter
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Who Rose Dorothy Dauriac lives now?

After the couple’s separation, Scarlett got custody of her daughter, and currently, Rose lives with her mother. You will find various images circulating on the Internet where Scarlett usually carries her daughter; she goes outdoors.

Some reports claim she is a supermom or one of the most dedicated mothers in Hollywood. Recently in August 2021, Scarlett welcomed her second child, a son named Cosmo, with her current husband, Colin Jost. Scarlett is taking good care of both kids, and she is pretty good at that.

In an interview, the actress revealed that the idea of building a family and having that work is what she likes. Scarlett said she always wanted a father for her daughter but ended up with the wrong person.

Scarlett is happy with her current family conditions and loves to spend time with her children. Also, when she was asked to co-parent Rose with his biological father, Romain Dauriac, she refused to excuse that it was hard and thought about that.

Career plans

Currently, Rose is just eight years old, and it’s pretty early to judge anything about her career plans. Although she already got a strong base for acting, we might see her soon playing child roles, but there is no official confirmation.

A lot of people are interested to know what Scarlett’s daughter’s career looks like, but in reality, there is no surety even if she is willing to work as an actor or not. We must leave the career choices to herself; again, it’s very early to judge what the star kid would be doing later in her life.

Also, Scarlett is aware of the talks going around related to the career plans of her daughter. Let’s see when she officially reveals the plans for her kid. We might have to wait for a much longer time.

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Paparazzi love Rose Dorothy Dauriac

Though Rose is only eight years old, the media is behind her, and you will find updated news about what Rose is up to, her choices, plans, etc. So, why does the media is behind this little kid?

We dug a little deeper to find answers, and we can say there are three main reasons the media is always talking about the rose:

  • One of the main reasons for Rose Dorothy Dauriac’s popularity is the controversial relationship between her parents. She was born before they were married. Three years after Rose’s birth, they got separated. All big news agencies covered the report, giving her popularity a rise.
  • Rose has been a disturbed kid since early in her life. It’s difficult for any kid to see their parents getting separated. She was only three years old when her parents separated. People sympathize with her condition, and the media loves to show that.
  • Rose is a star kid. Her mother is among the most popular actresses globally. Naturally, the media will cover every minute aspect of the kid.

We understand that most of you want to know all the major details about Rose Dorothy Dauriac. That’s why we brought this in-depth article for you. Read till last to know all updated details about the star kid.

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Interesting facts about Rose Dorothy Dauriac

Since birth, the star kid has been surrounded by controversies, and there are many interesting things that you must know about her:

  • Rose was born two months before her parents got married. Also, the couple didn’t last beyond three years. She is a product of the couple’s love affair.
  • Dorothy is the name of her grandmother. Rose was given Dorothy as their middle name in honor of her maternal great-grandmother, Dorothy Sloan.
  • Rose loves being girly and prefers dressing as a princess instead of being decorated with superhero cloaks. During an interview on “TheEllenShow”, Scarlett made some fantastic comments about her. She referred to her daughter as her little buddy and said she’s very, very, very girly, like a painfully girly.
  • Rose refers to her mom as a real superhero because Scarlett shot Infinity War, and her daughter thinks she fights with people for a living. Pretty Interesting!
  • Rose love to watch movies, especially those fairy tale themes that include costume like a princess. She enjoys being girly, and Scarlett loves that.
  • Scarlett shields her from media to let her daughter enjoy a normal life. Even there is not much information available about her on the Internet. She masks the girl and makes sure Rose does not expose much in the media so that she can peacefully enjoy her personal life.
  • Rose’s father, Romain, fought for her full custody. He wanted to take “Rose” to raise her in France. According to him, his ex-wife suggested that combined parenting would be a difficult task.
  • As per the CelebsMoney website, Rose has a net worth between $100,000 and $1 million. Also, her mother was the richest actress from 2018 to 2019.

There are many interesting facts about the kid; maybe we will learn more about the Rose with time.

Final thoughts

Rose Dorothy Dauriac is a star kid receiving media attention since birth. She was born on 30th Aug 2014, and currently, she is just eight years old. There are only a few details available about her on the Internet. Also, she doesn’t have a biography page on Wikipedia.

Her mother shields her from the media, so rose can enjoy her personal life without distraction. There is no official news about rose joining her mother as an actor. Time will reveal most details. All we can do is wait and watch.

Many new websites occasionally update details about Rose, her biography, what she is doing in her life, and more. If you want to know more in-depth and updated details about them, don’t forget to browse those news websites and magazines.

Also, we will keep updating you about every new progress in the story. Let us conclude it here for now. Please let us know if we missed something important in the comments below.

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