NBA YoungBoy Net Worth, Career, Relationship, and Controversies

NBA YoungBoy Net Worth, Career, Relationship, and Controversies


NBA YoungBoy, also known as Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, was born on 2oth October 1999. He belongs to Louisiana and has often referred to Louisiana as a place with crooked cops and a very different culture. However, despite not having his father in the picture he has managed to make a name for himself and most importantly amassed a massive NBA YoungBoy net worth.

What Is NBA YoungBoy Net Worth?

NBA YoungBoy net worth 2023 is estimated to be roughly around $6 Million. At the mere age of 24, not only has he managed to make a successful career as a rapper, songwriter and singer but has also gathered this whopping NBA YoungBoy net worth.

Between the years 2015 and 2017, NBA YoungBoy released around seven to eight mixtapes. All of these were massive hits as a result of which he gradually built his fan base. He has also collaborated with popular contemporary rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd and Kevin Gates.

Thus, not only has he proved his mettle with the NBA YoungBoy net worth but his fans can also vouch for his talent.

Childhood and Growing Up

His father was convicted in a criminal case and sentenced to prison for 50-plus years. After this, his mother moved away from Louisiana too. She then sent NBA YoungBoy to live with his grandparents on 38th and Chippewa Street. He lived there with his grandparents and half-siblings.

At the age of four, YoungBoy fell off his bed while sleeping and broke his neck. As a result, he had to wear a halo brace until his spine healed completely from the jolt. Hence, the rapper has scars from the fall even now many years later because of the massive injury.

Family life

YoungBoy had a particularly close bond with his grandmother. HE fondly remembers her even now. He has often mentioned in interviews that his grandmother would spoil him every chance she got and whenever she could afford to. With so many kids living in the house with an old couple, money was mostly tight.

He even mentioned that his love for his grandmother is endless and she is the only woman from whom he has received genuine love. He never felt the same kind of love in his life after her death. The only kind of love that he could equate to his love for his grandmother is the love he received every time he walks onto a stage to perform.

He often says that apart from his grandmother, the only other family member that he is close to is his elder brother Pierre. As the oldest among the ten siblings and half-siblings, Pierre was the most responsible one. Also, in the absence of their father, it was Pierre who bravely shouldered the responsibility of his siblings along with their grandparents.

When YoungBoy was only seven years old, he walked up to his brother and told the latter that he wanted to be a rapper. This was quite uncanny for Pierre as YoungBoy’s mother was also a rapper.

NBA YoungBoy Net Worth, Career, Relationship, and Controversies

Introduction to Street Life

In the next few years, YoungBoy began writing his raps. However, he was still too young to take rapping more seriously than just writing his raps. As his brother got older, there was no doubt that they would get attracted to street life.

But they didn’t adapt to street life completely out of their willingness. Initially, they tried to sustain themselves by earning legitimate money. They would cut and mow lawns for their neighbours and would get paid $7 each. However, the legitimate money that they earned wasn’t sufficient enough to live a decent life.

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This is what eventually pushed them towards thug life or street life. They began by stealing cars and bikes in uplifted neighbourhoods. They eventually got promoted to breaking into other people’s homes to execute the robbery.

This was followed by dropping out of school when he was in ninth grade. At this juncture of his life, he could probably never imagine that he would eventually become a famous rapper leading to the massive NBA YoungBoy net worth in 2023 that even caught the attention of Forbes.

NBA YoungBoy rap career

Once he dropped out of school, he started getting more serious about rapping. Sadly, this also coincided with the demise of his dearest and much-loved grandmother. She passed away due to heat failure and YoungBoy moved in with his older half-brother, Pierre.

Living with Pierre and his mother Monique was quite a pleasant phase of his life as Monique treated YoungBoy like her own child. YoungBoy, also popularly called Control, often addressed Monique as Mom.

At the age of 12, Pierre and Control started to get more serious about life. This is when Pierre consoled and comforted Control by telling the latter to not worry too much and that they wouldn’t go broke again.

Little did they know at the time that this would mark the beginning of their journey into the NBA slogan. While this initially started with just Control and Pierre, more of their half-siblings and cousins joined in eventually.

It was Monique who witnessed them spend their blood and sweat day in and day out. She eventually funded their first official studio session. She also helped them with recording equipments like a microphone and so on from Walmart.

Soaring to greater heights

Having grown up with aspirations of being a rapper, Control sincerely looked up to popular rappers like Lil Fat, Fredo Bang and G-Money. You will be amazed to know that G-Money was his first mentor.

With the guidance of G-Money, Control gradually carved a place for himself in the world of rapping. He developed his style of writing raps and well as singing them. He then released his first official song on YouTube titled “For A Reason”.

In his very first song, his immense talent was palpable. The song now enjoys millions of views on YouTube apart from the subscriber base of 12.4 Mil that Control already enjoys there.

As they grew and NBA YoungBoy net worth kept getting fuelled further, Pierre eventually became known as NBA3 and was the manager handling all of their business.

Once Pierre started handling the business single-handedly, he started printing thousands of CDS of their songs. He also ensured that these are distributed vigorously all over the world. This eventually fired up their very first fan base.

NBA YoungBoy Net Worth, Career, Relationship, and Controversies

NBA YoungBoy criminal controversies

As soon as Control started getting a taste of stardom, he experienced his first encounter with the police.

First encounter

He was sentenced to six months in a juvenile home after he was caught breaking into a house in his neighbourhood.

Control often says that while the jail term was not the best or most fond experience for him, it helped him prioritise things better. Even if it didn’t help him understand his dreams better, it made him understand what he would never do.

With the free time he got in jail, he wrote many of his raps there. This plan worked out for him perfectly because while Control was in juvie, Pierre was busy with the promotion of the existing albums. Once Control was out of jail, he recorded and released his new raps one after the other. This increased their popularity even further and their small fan base gradually began to expand.

After his jail term, he not only released singles but also mixtapes. The first mixtape that he released was titled “Before The Fame”. It was also quite appropriate given the situation at the time. Needless to say, this eventually led to the enormous NBA YoungBoy Net Worth of $6 million that we mentioned earlier.

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Second encounter

On 28th November 2016, Control got arrested in Austin, Texas where he had gone to do a show. He was accused of first-degree murder and was assigned a bond amounting to $200K. Though he was still just 17 years old, he could easily be tried as an adult for these charges.

Overnight, he witnessed his raging career fall apart when he went from being a rap sensation to a criminal being trialed for murder. However, it still didn’t hamper his career as badly because he concluded 2016 with two major albums named Mind of a Menace 3 and Before I Go.

Very few rappers could get away with murder accusations. Control happens to be one of them as his brush with the law didn’t take down his career at all. On the contrary, it turned him into an even bigger sensation.

However, he faced the trial till the end of 2017 which in itself was a traumatic experience. He concluded the trial by taking a plea deal as this helped him escape prison.

NBA YoungBoy career success

As a young and budding rapper, he put rappers like Jeezy on a pedestal. He was especially besotted by how Jeezy would release back-to-back mixtapes. This mesmerized him so much that we wanted to replicate Jeezy’s style and fill the streets with his music.

This is when he started releasing his mixtapes consecutively with very little gap between every two mixtapes. The initial ones that he dropped were “Mind Of A Menace 1 and 2”. He released “Before I Go”.

This helped him attract the limelight from the media and fans. But it also helped him catch the attention of mainstream rap artists. During this time of immense fame, not only did he bombard the fans with releases but also bombarded NBA YoungBoy net worth.

Once he touched the pinnacle of fame and popularity, the first few artists who collaborated with him were Kevin Gates and Boozy. He also co-signed with Meek Mill who is also one of the first rappers to discover Control. He also gave Control the name YoungBoy at the nascent stage of the Latter’s career.

NBA YoungBoy Net Worth, Career, Relationship, and Controversies

NBA YoungBoy 38 Baby

In October 2016, he released his mixtape titled “38 Baby” which also became his breakthrough album. One of the songs of the album also titled 38 Baby also earned him his first gold recording plaque.

With the immense success of his tapes and the buzz these tapes created, he entered the hearts of millions of new fans. This also built a whole new level of a fan base for him.

People drew to his music as he had a unique quotient in his music. His tapes could be best described as raw, spiritual and emotional all at the same time. Needless to say, his childhood struggles are reflected in his art as well.

Entering big league labels

With the massive fan following, he soon caught the attention of major record labels who were drooling to sign him on. This is when he also changed his name officially to “YoungBoy Never Broke Again”. He did this to avoid any kind of legal issues with the NBA, the basketball league.

In an interview with XXL in 2016, he mentioned proudly that he aspired to be the next big thing in the music industry.

Still slaying

Right after his trial ended, he dropped yet another album named “Untouchable”. The songs of this album came straight from his heart. One of the songs titled “I Will Never Jeopardize It Again” reflects his gratitude for freedom from imprisonment.

No matter what came and went in his life, his songs kept roaring in the money that made NBA YoungBoy net worth so big. However, he was again on trial after his last encounter with the law in 2016. The law continued nabbing him for some mischief or the other. However, nothing ever came even remotely close to being on a murder trial.

Now that you know all the struggles behind the glossy NBA YoungBoy net worth it is time you reward yourself with some of the most brilliant music that the artist has released to date and enjoy!

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